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(90-Day Detox) Day 19: Buckwheat Burst My Bliss Bubble

Posted Mar 07 2009 3:23pm 1 Comment

Oh, I know that all those fancy, shmancy internet marketers will scoff at my subject titles, but I don’t care. Today I feel like buckwheat burst my bliss bubble and I want to talk about it.

First of all, it doesn’t matter how well you eat, if you OVEREAT you’re going to feel like cow dung, that’s for sure. I made a big gingery batch of grawnola (did you leave a post asking for the recipe, yet? If not, just leave a post and I’ll sneak you the recipe!) this week and brought two big bags to Mr. Wheatgrass, because he’s a mountain climber and mountain climbers like grawnola.

Anyway, as I was saying, I brought him some grawnola, and snacked on it myself the other morning and the next thing I knew I was just plum full from having eaten TOO MUCH. Like I just couldn’t stop myself. Apparently he suffered from the same reaction. Is it that my grawnola is just simply irresistible? Is it something else about buckwheat that made us react that way?

I don’t know the answer, but I can tell you this much:

I’m taking buckwheat off my menu until we have our teleseminar with Dr. Ritmarie next week a nd then I’m going to ask her a few probing questions about grains (gluten and non-gluten grains). You’ll need to sign up for the teleseminar, darling, because once we’ve given you access to this call, we’ll be charging for it in the future. I suggest you invite all the wheat-eaters you know and get them on board for some gluten elimination education. Here’s the sign up page where you can learn a bit more about what we’ll be discussing on this call.

AND! BIG IMPORTANT REMINDER!! Holy hanna banana this weekend is your last chance to sign up for our St. Patty’s Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Keely is the boss around here and she said registrations close on March 10th! GASP! So that means you better sign up soon, because this one is going to be a dooozie! It’s a 7 day challenge instead of a 3 day challenge and we’ll be giving some great prizes and treats away in the name of the luck of the Irish!

I’m off for a run in the rain. I’ve got some buckwheat to eliminate and nothin’ like a good long run to get those digestive organs bouncing around in all the right places. I’m going to stock up on all things GREEN!

Looove and buckwheaties,


If you don’t take the time to read the comments by other readers on this blog, then you might have missed this success story:

Hi Tera!!

Warm, sunny, happy and glorious greetings from Denmark! Even though me not being a real raw foodist, I am just so inspired by you! I love, love, love reading this blog, and I must say that since I discovered raw, how loosing sugar, gluten and dairy can transform your life, and the many amazing things you can do with your life, the number of raw meals (and amaaazing recipes) in my life has increased soo much. Along with this, I started clutter-busting, and taking responsibility for my life! Going from being depressed, angry, on sugar and all kinds of other bad things, I am now H-A-P-P-Y when I wake up, have tons of energy, make decisions with my stomach and heart instead of my head, and I am taking such good care of my self. I’ve become more gentle, more patient, more beautiful, more sparkling - I can’t explain how amazing it’s been. I’ve been off sugar, gluten and dairy for over 1 year now, with a couple of times where I decided to eat some of “the old stuff”, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I make amazing green smoothies, lovely puddings, great salads, fruit smoothies, almost always raw desserts, flax crackers - you name it!

In Denmark it is still considered controversial even just eating as I do, and the national health institutions try to bring us down all the time. But we formed an amazing community, where we try to communicate how wonderful we fell - just letting other people feel the spark :-) And to quote my boyfriend through the last many years “You’ve just become an entirely different person - in a good way” :-)

I can now see my own potential, I know what I’m good at, I stand up to myself, I aim towards my goals - I can’t say anything but wow, wow, WOW!!!

This post got a bit long now :-S But once again, thank you for bringing more enthusiasm and joy into my life :-)


Julie from DK

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Wow indeed!!! I want what Julie from Denmark has! I've made some amazing strides in my quest for wellness, but she makes me feel like a newbie! How can I achieve what she has?

Kelly, Marysville WA

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