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(90-Day Detox) Day 18: Bliss Bubbles and Other Pleasantries

Posted Mar 05 2009 3:31pm

What would you think if you just woke up and were met with a series of intensely pleasurable experiences–boom! boom! one right after another and you wondered if the goodness would ever stop or slow down!?

What if from the moment you opened your eyes you started feeling showered in a cascade of events that were coated in love, joy, enthusiasm, laughter and passion?

What would you think if you could actually feel little tiny bliss bubbles popping inside you, sprinkling sparkles EVERYWHERE!?

Well, when it happened to me this morning, Sunshine, I just had to sit back in my chair and ask myself, “Is this FOR REAL?”

“Can my life be THIS good?”

Every email in my inbox was some glorious exclamation of good will and enthusiasm–a declaration of devotion to something I believe in. Every smell and sensation was coated in slippery sweet satisfaction and GLORY ME did life taste good this morning.


You know, across the ocean I have a friend who is all about living this kind of life. He’s someone whose work touches the lives of millions and he is SO sparkly and SO clever and so hot in this green, glowing photo, don’t you think, Chica?

This is Brian Johnson. This is the Philosopher behind “The Philosopher’s Notes”. You can check them out here, and you can check him out in an upcoming teleseminar with MOI! Brian is one of those people who refuses to think small. He’s a rule-breaker, a limit-defying, and the kind of person who’s crazy enough to think he can change the world. But you know, with Brian, chances are good he just might pull it off.

Seems he’s going to be heading back to North American shores to boost business for a while, but before he leaves his Bali oasis, we’re going to get up close and personal with him for a call. We’re going to get the Philosopher’s Notes on the Philosopher himself and trust me, Sunshine, you won’t want to miss this call. I’ll let you know more about the details when the date and time are confirmed,  in the meantime, check out what he’s doing to burst little bliss bubbles in people everywhere!

On another note, the spa was great last night and my itsy bitsy tomato red bikini is SO nice. I love it. And I love going to the spa. It suits me to be sprawled out perspiring on a big puffy cushion, soaking up eucalyptus steam. Yup! I think it suits me just fine.

Today we had our teleseminar with Tonya Kay and I’m very excited about what she had to share with us. You can listen to the call we recorded HERE. The call was really a lot of fun and loaded with inspiration and support for people who are looking for alternatives to psychiatric medication.

Before I let you go, my dear, I will say, that I noticed you haven’t really been leaving comments lately. I’m trying not to take it personally, or anything, but sometimes I just wonder, I mean…


Do I have to bribe you with contests and incentive to get you to SAY SOMETHING?

Yes, YOU, my little pumpkin tart! You! You! You! Leave a comment and tell us how you’re doing, what you think of this whole process and what we can do to support you. Leave a link a think a something-or-other and tell us what’s going on for you.

In the meantime, read this story from Nicole and may it inspire you to have your own bliss-filled adventures with us.

Looove and hugs,


Today’s Success Story:

Hey Health Seekers,

I’ve been on this journey for 7+ years but stumbled across being raw about 5 years ago.  I’ve done all the things that so many of us talk about, you know, being a junk food raw foodist; eating cooked believing that it would be easy for me to go back to raw (wrong); just the whole on again off again thing.  I searched for good and true or real information about this lifestyle, I gained weight, I lost weight, I followed other people’s plans and directions and would feel great for a while but every time, somewhere along the line I would revert back to old habits and before I knew it, I’d gained a bunch of weight, felt lethargic, looked terrible and was ridden with guilt and would start the whole beat myself up ritual because, let’s face it, I didn’t feel bad enough as it was!  You know the drill!

Anyways, it wasn’t until I reconnected with the Raw Divas last fall, and have followed almost every program that has been offered since then, that I feel like I finally have a handle on it.  Not because I follow every menu to a tee, or exercise diligently every day, but because I have finally learned to do it the way that feels right for me, not for someone else, but for me, me, me, me, me. :o)

And I learned to do that because of The Raw Divas, because of Tera’s guidance and support, and all the other Divas who are riding this wave.  I t’s not about being 100% raw, it’s about figuring out what works for you. If 100% raw works for you then by all means do that.  If you like to mix it up with raw and cooked then do that too.  What has worked for me is not to become fanatic about it, and since I’ve let go of the reigns my food choices have changed.

For example, a few months ago, I used to be a nut for nuts, yep I could eat raw nuts all day long, walnuts, cashews, almonds, macadamias, you name it, I’d want to eat it. On top of knowing and feeling how badly all these nuts compromised my system, I’d feel guilty about eating them, so that whole beat myself up cycle would start up, blah, blah, blah.  Until finally I heard this word ‘gradient’ popping into conversations with Tera and with other Divas, and that was it for me… yes, take it on a gradient…don’t try to do it all overnight.

I literally absorbed that word, digested it and just ran with it, and since then my health seeking journey has been the best it’s ever been.  Not because I’m 100% raw, but because I am allowing the process to just happen, I’m not forcing it to happen, it is just happening. And guess what, without even realizing it, my nut issue became a thing of the past, it just kind of went away.  I still eat nuts but rarely and when I do in much smaller quantities, and not because I think oh I have to stop now, but because I want to stop, I’ve had enough!

So yes, that’s how this journey continues for me, definitely on a gradient.  No more beating myself up, no more guilt, no more shame, no more force (which only causes resistance anyways), no more envy because I perceive that someone else is doing better than me.Now all I have is acceptance and love for myself for having the courage to be on this path to begin with and for allowing the process to occur as my mind, body and spirit are ready or able to accept the changes.

If you’re reading this it’s because you too want to make some lifestyle changes, and I have to tell you that you have definitely come to the right place! This is an amazing group of health seekers, and you will find incredible support here that will help make your transition much smoother.  It is a place where you can share your stories, your successes, have some good laughs, make some good friends, cry if you need to, learn a lot, and just be you without being judged, now isn’t that a concept that you can wrap your head around! ☺

I am so very, very grateful to Tera and The Raw Divas because in many ways, they have saved my life!  A Big Thank You and Big Hugs to all you beauties! ☺

Much Love, Light & Peace,

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