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(90-Day Detox) Day 14: Don’t Take My Word For It

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:57pm

I’ve been a bit slapped around by the degree to which “reality” is relative to one’s point of view. I think one of the things that hurts me the most inside is the idea that two people, because of the way they view life, can’t hear one another. Words are buttons that short circuit comprehension.

I think people’s relationship with food is not unlike their relationship with God/spirituality. It can be all-consuming and has such an intense impact on how one views life.

This morning I had a great conversation with Greg, who is a school performer. He will be doing a tour to 250 different schools throughout the US starting in September and we will be working with him to create educational programs for youth. He was telling me a story about a time that he gave a lecture in the heart of meat and potato counrty and asked the kids a riddle:

“What’s the natural use of a cow’s milk?”

The kids all shouted out assorted answers to the tone of “so we can drink it!” Of course, being a raw food and health advocate, he suggested that the natural use of this food was for the calf to drink.

The response: OUTRAGE!

The schools refused to pay for the performance, parents, educators and kids were in complete chaos and upset. He was instructed that he is NEVER to use the “M word” again in his presentations at schools.

So, I sit here a bit stunned this morning. This resonates SO much with other areas of my life where I have felt the degree to which my reality differs from that of another person is almost shocking. Greg and I will be working together to design an educational pamphlet for children. We’ll be including some tools for communication (to help handle bullying and gossip in schools), touching on fitness, nutrition and environmental responsibility. Finding the safe boundaries within which we can articulate a message we’re passionate about will be a challenge. I’ll be updating you more about this as we approach the tour launch.

The moral of the story, for me, is whether you get up and eat bacon or bananas for breakfast you still have the right to walk your own path. And more than scientifically supported arguements, you have your self-determinism. When it comes to Raw Food or anything I recommend, don’t take my word for it. Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

If you read books and let them collect dust on your shelf, you’re no further ahead. It is the application of the things we discuss here that will make the difference in your life.

Pull out your blender and use it!

Make a green juice! Eat a meal of watermelon and only watermelon. Live the lifestyle and then you tell me what it does. Don’t take my word for it! Find out for yourself!

I just had more amazing telephone calls and one of them was with Dr. Ritamarie! Mark the 12th of March in your calendar at 1:00pm EST. She’ll be coming here to dish it out on the subject of gluten! She’s a verifiable gluten-buster and I’m very excited about what this call will do to shed light on a subject that is affecting millions of people without them knowing it. Also, we’re hot on the plan for laying out the deep tissue detox version for those of you who wish to upgrade to that program when the time comes.

It’s 4:00 and I’m still in my pajamas. My daughter had a pajama party last night and apparently I had a good time. Today is the end of the first week of commitments. I went to bed EVERY NIGHT this week, just like I said. The last few days I’ve been feeling on fire about my health and fitness. So, tonight I’m going to a yoga class for the first time in YEARS! I need this for myself. I can feel it.

And I need to run more, too! Last week I got in a lot of running. I’m not sure what commitment I’ll make next week, but I’ll be sure to let you know tomorrow. Last night I got caught nibbling at my daughter’s pj party, and snacking late. There was a bit of emotional eating going on, too. But I won’t tell you why. Anyway, today I just had a green juice and I AM FREAKING IN Looooooooove with GREEN JUICE!

It’s the only thing I’m going to drink today. I might have one more, but I don’t think so. My plan is to do a fast tomorrow and maybe for Tuesday as well. Mr. Wheatgrass is doing a major detox program himself and the plan was to go for another visit to the spa on Wednesday after a couple days of fasting! Soooo excited.

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

MMmmmmmuah! Super juicy smooches and looooots of love and hugs to you, my dear!

Muah! Muah! Muah!



Today’s Success Story:

Hi Tera,

I just wanted to let you know about my experience with the three-day green smoothie challenge.  First of all, I balked at the idea of putting chard in a banana smoothie, until I tasted it, and it was fine.  I loved the idea of getting more greens in because I am not a salad lover.  On days one and two, I had a smoothie for breakfast and lunch.  On Day three, I overlapped with the seven day detox, and had a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and fruit for dinner.  Each day, I gradually added more greens until I was stuffing the blender with them and the smoothies were green instead of pink or blue.

I told both my adult children about this and my sister, who is very ill with fibromyalgia and all the drugs she takes for it.  My children agreed to try it and give some to my grandkids, who don’t want to eat greens.  What a great way to get minerals into the body.

It was a huge paradigm shift for me, and so was the notion of eating just raw food.  I had heard about eating raw meat and tried it but could not manage it.

Since I am diabetic, I had to use lower fructose fruit, such as apples, pears and berries, but lots of greens tasted – well…green – until I put a banana in.

Nevertheless, my blood glucose has stabilized, which is why I signed up for the detox anyway.

I told my diabetes nurse about the program and she is watching to see how I do, so I am keeping a detailed journal on the site.  She has asked me to do this since she may be recommending it to other patients.

So, thank you for posting this website.  It is visually beautiful and user friendly.




Wow! Wow! Wow!

I love that! Don’t you just loooove that!? I am so excited about this and really thankful for letters like this. I actually have a very exciting call planned with Alex Ortner for tomorrow. We’re going to be discussing how we can create a program specifically for Diabetics. He’s the producer of the film Raw for 30 Days, Reversing Diabetes. You can check it out here! He will be one of our special teleseminar guests on this program and I really look forward to you getting to know him a bit better and hearing about all he’s up to! VERY exciting stuff!


REMEMBER!! If you sign up for the Green Smoothie Queen program before March 10, you’ll get the 7 Day Program for the same price as the 3 Day program. The Luck of the Irish are making this a 7 Day program for St. Patty’s Day! Looooooooove you! xoxo

I’m off to yoga!


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