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(90-Day Detox) Day 12: My Kids’ Favorite Gluten Free Snack

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:57pm

Day 12.

I did a good thing going to sleep last night. I need to make a new commitment to myself. It’s funny, you know. There’s a certain sort of calm and balance moving into my life right now. Like my life IS a dream come true. The bus just come right when I arrive at the stop and the moments of synchronicity in all I do have me feeling confident and curious all that the same time.

I’ve detoxed chaos and confusion to a certain degree.

The whole point of this program was to get over the food obsession. Well, not the “whole” point, but a major one. The other night on our support teleseminar, we discussed the importance of taking change on a gradient. For those of you who may be struggling to end your love affair with gluten, I wanted to make a few suggestions. First of all, the grains that do not contain gluten:


There might be more, but they are evading me right now. I know these are the key players, so let’s start here. Depending on where you’re coming from, sticking to gluten-free foods like quinoa noodles and rice bread, or cooked brown rice, might not be such a bad thing. For others, the cooked food boundary being crossed can make it too easy to go “over the edge”.;-)

Find the gradient that is comfortable for you. We have 90 days to get there. I know you’ll do just GREAT, my dear.

I wanted to give some feedback on my own process lately. It’s always rather interesting to watch myself weave through the articles and gurus and find which path works best for me. I’m not sure what to make of all the different things I read about sometimes. What I can say is that when it seems everyone has a scientifically supported study to support their claims, and everyone’s claims still seem to be contradicting each other, then I have (above all else) my observations of what is happening in my body to go back on.

The softness of my skin.
My moods and emotions.
My digestion and elimination.
My energy levels.
My sleep patterns.
My general enjoyment of life.

These are some of the things I can observe and measure their change over time. I know that all the green juices are DEFINITELY doing something to my skin! It’s SOOOOO SOFT! I can hardly believe it. I touch myself and don’t fully recognize myself right now. My energy and digestion are good.

I used to eat A LOT of fruit.

Now I eat A LOT less fruit.

I never used to eat salt of any kind. No garlic, no onions, no spices, no olive oil, no nothin’.

Now I drizzle olive oil, sprinkle sea salt, stick garlic in my tomato sauce and eat whatever the heck I want. I even drink green juice now and I’m CONVINCED that it’s a good thing.

Not because someone else said I should, but because I see and feel the difference. The last couple days I didn’t take the time to make myself a green juice and I felt a bit more irritable than usual. I ate more, too. I’m not sure how to make sense of all this “alkaline and enzyme” talk, but in the weeks to come, you can be sure that I’ll be doing some interviews to get a few answers on this.

I know some of you have been wanting to know how my interview went with CTV.

Weeell, it was just a little one. It’s a 3 minute segment that they’re doing on Raw Food, and I’m excited that it’s going to be happening. It will broadcast on Sunday this weekend. The only thing that bugged me is that I probably should have had a layer or two of make-up on. One other thing that kinda annoys me…

…I blushed.

I can’t help it.

I just turn red like a fire fairy under the spotlight. Oh well. I guess we’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully they’ll take the good parts.;-) They said it will be available online, so once I’ve previewed it to make sure it’s showable to my loved ones, then I’ll share it! In the meantime, if you’re not on the 100% raw food path, here’s something you might enjoy:

My favorite popcorn replacement recipe:

Did I tell you my fake popcorn recipe? Well, especially next month when we step up the intensity and start leading to more allergy free meals (no corn, soy, peanuts, etc.) this recipe will come in handy. Since we avoid corn in our house, I like to take organic rice cakes, drizzle them with olive oil, a bit of sea salt and nutritional yeast. This makes them taste JUuuuust like popcorn. My daughter loves this snack and brings it to school often. All the kids ask for some, so we make her a big bag to share!

While I don’t indulge in this myself very much, the kids like it. Shannon Leone put out a little video suggesting that raw cauliflower dipped in Braggs makes a great popcorn replacement, too! you might want to try that.

I’m off to go get the kids at school. Mika has a pajama party. It’s raining like crazy and I’ve already had a few hours of exercise, but I think I’m going to strap on my sneakers and a good pair of running pants then hit the road. I’m feeling SUPER inspired after listening to that teleseminar with Yuri!

Intense workout, here I come!!

Looooove you!


Here’s Today’s Success Story:

Hi Tera!

I started to write the whole long story that began 10 years ago for me…but I am a mom of a two year old boy and a 7 week old girl - so time is limited!  Haha.  Basically I was vegan for several years before falling off the bandwagon and adding all sorts of junk back into my diet like dairy, refined sugars/flours and fish.  When I got pregnant with my son I followed a pretty healthy diet and exercised regularly.  Last year I decided to go raw and managed to do 35 days at 100% before going back to cooked foods like no body’s business.  Shortly thereafter I got pregnant with my daughter and it all went downhill from there in terms of my diet/exercise.  I went back to being a SADer, big time, without a lick of exercise.

My friend sent me to your site and I signed up for the 7-day raw food detox. I actually received all 13 days of the emails before deciding to start (not purposely, just didn’t realize once I signed up that I’d be starting immediately and I wasn’t “ready”).  I read the 5 days of prep in one day, fasted that night and started the 7-day detox the next day (Monday of this week, actually).  It has been eye opening.  When I went raw for 35 days, I was making a ton of raw gourmet recipes but I did not eat a lot of veggies as is (like I’m doing now). Even though everything I was eating was raw, it was all spiced up, dehydrated, smothered and/or reconstituted to taste like something else. Did I lose weight? Yup! Did I get my poor eating habits under control? Nope . If anything, they were made worse because the recipes I was making took so long to prepare, my life pretty much revolved around food. With this 7-day fast, I’m eating very simply and rediscovering how good things taste in their natural state.

So this is Day 3 for me on the 7-day raw food detox and I’m on board for the 90 days.  I’m looking forward to growing in my journey to better health.  I want to be a good example to my children - and my husband, who will basically follow my lead in this area.  Thanks for doing this!


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