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(90 Day Detox) Day 10: A Date With Destiny

Posted Feb 25 2009 5:28pm

Whooooa, Nellie!

We’re one ninth of the way there. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Today’s my big day! I’ve got a date with destiny on CTV, a super support teleseminar with all you detoxing divas who chose the high support path and me and Mr. Wheatgrass are hanging out for more Raw Food frolicking today as well. Just when you thought life couldn’t get better, it explodes into tiny little bliss bubbles.


So here’s a really important thing that should have been discussed earlier. If you’re following along with the 90 Day Detox, then you’re going to want to subscribe to these blog posts. Thanks to Tami the Social Media Queen around here, we have an answer for you to the question:

“How to you sign up to receive blog posts? What is RSS feed all about?”

So says Tami:

This website explains what an RSS feed is quite well:

On the Raw Diva blog — scroll down and in the Right-hand column there is a heading called “Meta” and under there is “Entries RSS” — click that and it takes you to a page ( ) where you can subscribe to the feed. There will be a few options in a drop down box that you can select from for what you want to subscribe with — that is how you will receive the feed. For example, I choose Google which means I read my feeds in Google Reader. The one you choose is where you will go to see the new blog updates –

Now let me explain the reason this is helpful is assuming you have many, many blogs you like to keep up with and you wouldn’t ever remember to check each of them daily or possibly even weekly — BUT you can always go to your READER — in my case Google Reader (but there are others, see the article) and all of the blogs or other sites you follow show updates there.

You can still go directly to the blog you follow to read, and if you want to comment you will go to that blog site (you can simply click on the link in your reader to go from reading it in your reader to reading it directly on the blog site), but this way you have one place to remember to check to see what is new on all the sites you love, instead of having to remember to go back to each site. There are also some services that send you a new email when the sites you follow are updates, but if you follow too many sites in this way you will have a lot of email!!!

Hope that helps

xoxo (Raw Diva Blog and Social Media Queen) :-)
Diva Desk

So thank YOU, Tami, for that thorough explanation. You are the wiz around here for a reason, my dear.

You can imagine I’m feeling cheekier than ever knowing my fiery red hair and enthusiasm will be blazing a across Canadian TV screens this weekend. Just when Canadians are expecting their favorite corn chip commercial to come on, the Raw Food Fire Fairy streaks across the screen bringing good news and a rainbow of color!

Well, in the name of silliness and things that make me laugh, I have to show you this:

Hi Tera, Meet Tera!

Hey Tera,

I DID IT!! and I feel great! I’ve had the odd bagel and handful of nacho
chips since I finished the 7 Day Detox but I have stayed completely away
from cooked meats of all kinds. I never was a big red meat eater …….. it
was mostly chicken, but I’m even staying away from that now. So I’m doing OK
and feel really good. I love my smoothies, although my husband and I have
been having a fruit smoothies for breakfast for a couple years now.

I’m so glad I did it and am looking forward to basically staying on track
with the fresh fruits and salads and veggies. Thanks for all your support
Tera and emails …… it’s the “BEST” Detox program I’ve ever been on.

Luv and hugs to you always,

Now, let’s face it. A name like Susan might not have the same effect on me, but this one is a rare bird. What’s more, it’s pronounced EXACTLY the same way as my name: “tee-ra”. When I read this email the first time, I so TOTALLY did NOT understand how I had written an email to myself. It had been forwarded to me from Doll in customer service. Well, well, well…

…when I finally clued in and noticed it was Tera (my mom’s best friend in high school and the woman whose name she stole for me!) I was elated and full of giggles. Some of the funniest conversations I’ve ever had are when she’s phoned me up out of the blue:

“Hi, Tera. This is Tera.”

At which point, I simply short-circuited and heard absolutely nothing.

The possibility of what was being said to me just caused a complete BLANK to take place until about 3 minutes into the conversation when I clued into what was happening and asked if we could go back to the beginning and start again! I know if your name is Jim or Jennifer, this happens to you all the time. But I’ve only ever met 3 Tera’s in 33 years, so this was fun and I thought I’d share it. Besides, it makes for another success story for our 7-Day Detox program.

What’s coming down the pipes:

Once a week I’ve got to at least stop my head from spinning and let you know what’s shaking. Things around here are busting a move and we’re having a great time. The Raw Mom site has spread her wings and will soon be flying on her own thanks in no small way to the work of Shannon Leone! Watch out for that wild one! She’s got a new book coming out about Healthy Lunches for kids and a lot more, too, so stay tuned by signing up for Raw Mom’s Tid Bits available directly on the main page for Raw Mom.

Angela Elliott, our in-house chef is rawkin’ the kitchen and we’re proud to announce and show off her new website! Zen cuisine, with a feminine touch! You like? We love the look going on over here! Check it ouuuuuut.

Don’t tell Nicole I said this, because she’ll probably blush, but I noticed she signed up for Vanessa’s Super Steamy Feng Shui in the bedroom class. Vanessa’s going to be teaching all of us how to have a bit more “Fun Betwixt the Sheets” and simply how to attract romance and enhance your current relationship. I mean, what if the fact that your dresser is STILL in that same position, is the reason you just aren’t getting any looovin’ in the bedroom?! What if the dust bunnies under your bed are blocking the flow, Babe?! Let me tell you, I’ve been asking myself questions like this, which is exactly why I’m signed up for Vanessa’s Feng Shui class happening this weekend and I do hope you’ll join me!

Speaking of steamy, guess whose super sultry photo is on this page? That’s right. MINE! And don’t say it’s a sad picture, because it isn’t a sad picture. It’s SULTRY! With the help of my girls I put together a little ebook called Seduced by Strawberries: Learn the Art of Gourmet Seduction! It’s available as a free bonus for people who buy Patty’s DVD set. I have to be honest, I’ve had some pretty pleasurable experiences with figs and persimmons and have written about it on the blog. These were, no doubt, the inspiration for this steamy little number. Patty is the QUEEN of all things sensual. I have to tell you, if you lack confidence about the way you move your body, or you simply want to watch the miracle of a woman’s curves in action, then you should get Patty’s new DVD set. I watched them and I’ve tried them, but I’ll say no more than that. See the results for yourself. ;-)

Trust Monique Bastien, our in-house nutritionist to remind me that I forgot to put up the recipe for the chocolate cake I promised. Monique is the author of Have Your Cake and Eat It Too, and if there was one woman I thought didn’t need another dessert recipe, it was that one! Apparently I am wrong. VERY wrong. Here you are, Monique! Enjoy!

Remember the chocolate icing recipe I gave the other day? Well, smother it all over this baby:

“Cori’s Chocolate Cake” (this came from Cori in Israel)

Soak buckwheat for up to 1 hour, sprout at least 1 day, no rinsing. Mix occasionally to dry it.

Grind in food processor (about 2-3 cups sprouted buckwheat) with 1 cup carob powder.
Add I cup dates, 1 at a time (till doughy).
Put some coconut on the bottom of the Pyrex, spread mixture on it.

The icing:

In blender mix 1 cup dates, about 1-2 T coconut oil, 1/2 cup carob powder and some hot water. blend till smooth. Spread on mixture in Pyrex. Decorate with coconut.

Good luck!
Okay, and now it’s Time for Happy Tales of Other Raw Food Rawkstars!!

Hi Tera
Since we have a three hour time difference I do hope you are in bed and sleeping.

I feel I have spent most of my adult life looking for the perfect recipe for being “skinny”. I think at one time I owned almost every diet book ever published. I do not remember how I stumbled on the idea of eating raw but when I did I remember thinking, that’s for me. I have always loved fruit and vegetables and did not feel I was addicted to cooked foods. I purchased all of Victoria’s books and tapes plus many uncook books.

Well I soon learned I was/am addicted to cooked foods. I would be raw for a few days, then I would be back on cooked foods.

Finally I said enough is enough and made a commitment to myself to be 100% raw. Down went the weight, down came my cholesterol, down came TSH level. I was flying high.

Along came the holidays (Christmas 2007). I fooled myself into thinking I could do cooked foods during the holidays and then just be raw afterwards. Well that was when I realized how addicted I was to cooked foods. Try as I could I simply could not go on raw 100%. The weight returned, my cholesterol went back up and so did my TSH levels.

Next I signed up for your BES program. Down went my figures again. When the 90 day detox did not take off as planned I fell flat on my face and once again I was swinging on the pendulum.

I had my blood work done before I fell on my face and today I sat down and studied my last three blood work ups. I was and still am shocked. I could see in black and white what happened when I was totally raw and what was happening when I ate cooked food. The results were amazing.

I know this is a long story but I wanted you to understand how I got to the point I am at today. It took a shock to make me realize that if I want to be healthy and well I need to stay committed to being raw, 100% raw. So that is my commitment as of now I will be 100% raw.

I am off to a three day retreat this weekend and I will have in my suitcase enough fruit and raw veggies to keep me on track.

Thanks for being here for all of us. I love you sooooo much.

Big hug

Verna Kershaw

And I love YOU, Verna! Holy Mutual Appreciation Society or WHAT?! Mmmmmhhmmm. Bring it on, Sisters! Bring it ON!

Glowing Appreciation: (I SERIOUSLY don’t even know how to respond to this one. All I can do is *gush* a flow of appreciation right back at you, Renata! I admit, I think it’s hilarious that you think of my when you look at your boyfriend’s fridge! Tell him I’ll think of him when I look at mine! ;-))

Dear Tera!

You have such a huge loving heart! Thank you so much for all you are doing!
You come to my mind at the most important moments in regard of my decisions on the food i eat..
while shopping, or looking inside my boyfriend’s fridge : )) And it is always helps me to make better decisions.

Gluten- and dairy-free hugs,

That’s all she wrote folks. I’ve got a date with destiny and the cameras are waiting!




By the way, just to keep my commitment to myself, I had a bath, got into my pajamas and WENT TO BED. It still counts, you know! Even if it was only for half an hour before I had to get up with the kids.


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