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“How I Achieved Weight Loss, Pain Relief and New Zest for Life With a 10-Day Juice Cleanse”

Posted Oct 26 2012 10:07am
Written by Tera on October 26, 2012 – -

by Jennifer Dupuy
I have struggled with autoimmune illness since I was 12 years old. I have experienced severe joint pain, airborne allergies to fragrance and immune reactions to something as simple as washing my hands in a public restroom with the provided soap. At one point, my problems were severe enough that I would break out in hives and have difficulty breathing if someone I was with used a hand sanitizer or put on a scented lotion. As a result, I cleared my life of chemical products.

In early Spring 2010 I was diagnosed with Lupus, an inflammatory auto-immune disorder. I suffered horrible pain and insomnia, I could not lose weight no matter what plan I attempted or changes I made, and I was experiencing chronic fatigue as a result of my inability to rest. I am a musician and a wife and mother of four children. It seemed I kept slipping lower and lower, but I was determined to turn my health around, via natural methods.

I read how NSAIDS and most pain killers have a re-uptake cycle and become more and more ineffective while also creating more pain cycles. I went off of all pain killers, OTC or prescription, cold turkey, and have taken none since. I had been experimenting with raw foods, and already a vegan since my teens, I began to focus on nutrient density. I began researching the body-mind-diet link, and moved from experimenting with the raw diet to moving more seriously into high-raw with a focus on greens and nutrient-dense foods. I began working with several of the Tera Warner programs.

In Summer 2012, I took a LIVE round of the BE Juicy Program, pretty much back to back with finishing BE Beauty, and in the middle of the class portion of Women’s Wellness University Deep Tissue Detox. Little did I know what 10 days of green juices, with a transition week before and after, would do for my body, my spirit, and my life. As a result of the BE Beauty program I had removed and detoxed from exotoxins, and as  result of the DTD program I had removed most endotoxins including building self-love and stress management skills (attitude detox). I had a fairly clean high-raw diet, and fairly “green” home environment. Still, I was suffering with my health, and although my attitude was improved, I had dreams I wanted to pursue, weight I needed to release, and a family to raise. I was more of a bystander in my own life despite maintaining singing in several organizations and running a vocal studio in addition to being a wife and mothering four children.

I kept reading that juicing was so effective, that it had been used to cure cancer, how potent it was etc. I had done green smoothie detox challenges with the raw divas, and I remained skeptical at how juice could possibly be better, and was scared of my hunger pains and how I would manage or transform my admittedly disordered relationship with food. Still I felt compelled towards juicing, and when BE Juicy came around I felt I NEEDED to attempt the program, as this might be the answer.

I began the program with some slips to cooked foods and sugar during the transition week, but made it through and completed the water fast (my first ever!) from Sunday night through 7pm the next day. That first juice was magical, and I felt that through fasting briefly until true hunger I had a new perspective of what needing food versus wanting food felt like. I felt free. On Day 2, I could not believe the transformation! I ran to the community page to describe the new, double chinless face I saw in the mirror.

My cheekbones were prominent in the best way and my skin glowed and my eyes sparkled! From illness, I have been sallow, and have the “butterfly” mask described as part of Lupus, little wings across my face with the body at the bridge of the nose and points by the mouth. This rash, though not always visible, would burn and itch and sting, and now, it was GONE. I had slept a full 7 hours without waking, and my previous record for sleep was 4 hours!

The next two all juice days were tough, I had major detox symptoms including constant trips to the bathroom, body aches (but I had those anyway), insomnia, headaches, and mood swings. I missed chewing, and the juices didn’t always taste great to my palate. Still, I had plenty of energy to carry on my normal life, more than usual, and I sounded great vocally, really clear and sparkling.

I was able to execute the program with no “cheats” and my detox progressed rapidly. I used deep breathing, meditation, enema, detox baths, and skin brushing to manage symptoms, cravings, and my mood. I began asking for time for myself from my husband and four children, and realized that I had not been “putting myself on the list” of things I needed to care for and accomplish daily, and resolved to change this, immediately.

At the end of the ten-day juice feast, I had released 22 pounds of un-needed weight and lost 2.5 sizes. I was no longer in plus women’s clothing. My entire wardrobe no longer fit! My inflammation markers dropped in the span of the program from significant, with daily pain at 5 out of 10 and spikes to 9 out of 10 where I would just curl into a ball and cry, to ZERO. My rheumatologist had started out irritated with my continual refusal of pain medication, stating that “Diet has no impact on pain. Your joints might hurt a little less if you lose a few pounds, but autoimmune illness won’t just go away because you eat lettuce!” to saying “In some cases, diet can be impactful for rheumatic and autoimmune illnesses, IF the individual is willing to make radical changes…”
For the first time in a year and a half, I had a regular exercise routine that I could maintain without being wiped out for several days after a workout, and I was able to slowly begin to incorporate my beloved yoga back into my life.
We hear about green juice for cancer patients, and most assume it is for the nutrients, and that assumption is not wrong. However, there is an even more important reason that green juices are fed intermittently throughout the day to those suffering with cancer during Gerson therapy; green juice is one of the most potent analgesics available. It has been verified in study after study that green juice kills pain!!
Between the weight loss, (which I have easily maintained though healthy diet and keeping some juicing in my life), the pain relief, and my new found energy and zest for life, I looked and felt like a whole new woman. I was freed of eating disordered behaviors for the first time. I had transformed into a younger, better version of my best self! My confidence soared, and I found myself pursuing de-cluttering my house, playing with my children, interested in my husband, and in pursuing life’s dreams and goals.

I am in the process of pursuing a special project that will help heal other people’s hearts and souls through music. I could not have found the strength and energy to follow through with my passion without finding a way to heal first, and I am so grateful for the BE programs, juicing, and Tera!

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  1. By Jenn on Oct 29, 2012

    What an amazing journey and story!! Congratulations, and your new project sounds totally incredible. :)


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