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60-Day Juice Fast: Weeks 2 & 3

Posted Jul 17 2013 3:47pm

Note: Today is Day 26 of this 60-day juice fast/cleanse. You can read about the first week and a half here . If all goes as planned, I will not eat until Wednesday, August 21 (the 61st day).



Where do I start?

When I felt the call to do this 60-day juice fast, I was overjoyed. I had wanted to do a long fast for a while. The timing was right with abundance of local produce and this Texas summer weather is perfect for juice fasting.

I bought a new juicer  *and off I went, skipping along this juicing journey path.

The first three days were difficult. I knew the transition wouldn’t be easy. Although I had cleaned up my diet and prepared for this fast, it had been a while since I juice fasted and as I’ve mentioned before , I had adapted to husband’s way of eating. I knew I’d have a lot of detoxing, cleansing, and healing to go through.

After those first few days, I became euphoric. I was on “cloud nine” and slept so soundly each night, waking refreshed and energized. I was on top of my raw juicing world.

In fact, it almost felt too good to be truly happening.

Then, all out of the blue, it hit me: weakness, not resting as deeply, headaches, roller coaster of emotions – and worst of all, severe, horrific back pain. I mean, indescribable back pain.

I am no stranger to back pain. I have suffered from it most of my life. I have several herniated discs and have battled Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and always, always inflammation.

Well, to TRY to share with you what it has felt like: I have been experiencing not only aches and pains but chronic muscle spasms to the point of it feeling like someone was taking a cast-iron skillet and continuously – continuously, yes – beating me all over my back until I’m in tears because I simply cannot take it anymore.

I am not a quitter so I have kept pushing myself through. I’ve been having to lie down after work sometimes to just rest and get my strength up – but that’s all part of juice fasting, healing, and detox, right?

After all, no pain no gain…

And I have actually been excited that my body went in to such a deep level of healing. I know that is a blessing to be treasured and I SO want to reap the health benefits from a full, raw juice fast.

But then things continued to get worse. My back pain level increased each day. I felt weaker and more tired – not because of lack of fresh, raw juices, but because the awful back pain was zapping the life from me.


I have been drinking plenty of raw juices (at least 64 ounces, depending on the day/my needs – but usually double or triple that), water, and (sometimes) green and/or herbal tea.

Off the top of my head, here are just a few foods I have juiced (in no particular order, some separately, some in my own concoction recipes:











ginger root


beet root and leaves



yellow squash




and more


And just for the record, I have also taken enemas to help my body rid itself of the toxins being loosed in my body.

This back pain has taken a toll on my overall body and mind. And it’s making me realize that I cannot go on the way I have been feeling.

I work full-time and have a lot of job responsibilities. I need to feel my best – or at least like functioning.

By Sunday evening, I actually fell SO ill that I could not drive myself home. At a loss, I ended up nibbling on a few salty pretzels. I know, not a great choice at all – but I was too nauseous to eat anything else.  I pulled myself together and drove myself home. Monday morning, I made myself a blueberry-banana-kale smoothie and loaded up my juices and went to work, determined to keep juice fasting.

By yesterday, I found myself feeling really ill again – at work. This can’t happen. I must function and work.

So after much prayer and thought, soul searching, and advice from my business partner, Mysti , as well as my experienced, full-of-herbal-and-natural-health-wisdom mom , I have decided that in order to make it the full 60 days of this cleansing/healing journey, I am going to have to modify this juice fast.

In the end, what upsets me the most is that I’m not even hungry. Other than the severe back pain taking its toll, I could have breezed through this 60 days like there’s no tomorrow. (I have no doubts because in the past, I’ve completed several 30-day juice fasts and a 52-day juice fast as well as countless shorter fasts.)

But there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk juice.

I must take the advice I always dish out to each of you:


“Be kind to yourself because not everyone else will.” – Raw Juice Girl


How will I modify this juice fast?

I apologize for the photo quality – I’m at work and took it with my cell. 

2013-07-17 14.31.52

Well, to begin, I will add a daily smoothie (probably in the morning) that has a base of either frozen banana or avocado with some berries (to fight inflammation) and a form of greens (kale, spinach, and/or wheatgrass).

This daily smoothie will slow down the detox process; (hopefully) give me some much-needed relief, as well as a nutritious and energizing boost to help me make it through my work days. A daily smoothie will also help me to complete the entire 60 days I so desire to accomplish.

So ALL I will be consuming is mostly fresh, raw juices that I am making myself as well as a daily smoothie – no food, no chewing, no eating, nothing.

I will monitor my pain and energy levels and see how I rest. If, after a bit of time, I feel that it isn’t helping enough, I might (MIGHT) have to consider adding a small, raw snack – but I don’t even want to think of that yet.

Ultimately, some days I may not even need a smoothie at all. I’m just going to listen to my body, feel my way through this, and find a raw, cleansing rhythm that works for me.

The support and encouragement you all gave me on Facebook after I shared my back pain and detox struggles has blessed me to no end and I’m so honored that I have you all as my personal cheerleaders while on this healing/cleansing journey!

What matters most is that I am detoxing and healing and that I am not putting junk in to my body. I may be having to modify this juice fast, but I am still on a raw cleanse and I need to remind myself of that and be overjoyed that I am doing something great for my health in a big way.

Have you ever set out to do something – whether it’s a juice fast, raw food cleanse, other detox, fitness regimen, etc. – and had to modify along the way because your body wouldn’t keep up with your mindset, heart, and goals? How did you deal with your disappointment? Were  you hard on yourself – or were you able to find the balance you needed to keep your eye on the end prize?

* Link to juicer on Amazon is an affiliate link. This means that if you click over and end up making a purchase, I will receive a small commission to help keep this site active. Thanks in advance for your support! 

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