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60-Day Juice Fast: Weekend Sabbatical & Chiropractor Advice

Posted Jul 19 2013 9:10pm

Today is day 28 of this 60-day juice fast. You can read about the first week and a half here and weeks 2 and 3 here .

Wow. What is up with modifications on this juice fast? First, I had to cave and add a daily smoothie because my body has been left in the dust by my mind, heart, and soul – and now my body is still so far behind, I’ve had to modify it even more.


So I made it through this work week. It was tough. I actually laid down on the office floor more than once this week (with a tennis ball under my back to try to relieve some of the pain). I have seriously been in tears numerous times these past couple of weeks.

Honestly, I don’t even know how I’ve made it through these last two weeks. My back pain has been breathtakingly painful.

I have been out of my mind in pain.

Finally, yesterday evening, my schedule matched my chiropractor’s appointment book and I got to get in to see him for a much-needed adjustment.

My hips and shoulders were out, as well as different parts of my spine – and my neck.


He has knowledge on juice fasting and I shared with him what I’ve been doing, the various foods I’ve been juicing, and what has been happening with my severe back pain and the weakness.


Here is his verdict:

My back has a lot of scar tissue from old injuries (domestic violence) and during this juice fast, my body made it a priority to heal my back – particularly all the scar tissue.

Did you hear that, folks?


My body is healing my back!!!!!!!!


“Why didn’t my body make healing my back a priority on one of my previous long juice fasts?” I asked him.

He said that my body must have felt other health issues were more important at the time.

The scar tissue being healed on a deep level is the reason, he says, for the severe muscle spasms and my overwhelming weakness.

My body is in a healing crisis.

I’m super thrilled that my body has decided to heal my back. There’s just one problem: I’ve absolutely gone as far as I possibly can enduring this high level of pain and weakness while working full time.

I can’t take it anymore.


Dr.’s Orders:

This chiropractor – who has helped me more than any other chiropractor I’ve ever been to in my life – told me: “Eat.”

Yes, he did.

He recommends that I continue drinking fresh, raw juices every day and also continue the daily smoothie I had modified my juice fast with.

Along with the fresh juices and smoothie, he told me to add a small meal of veggies – with one egg.

An egg.


He says that my body will take that little bit of egg (easily digestible protein), along with the fresh, raw juices, and daily smoothie and be able to continue healing the scar tissue – without causing me so much pain and weakness.

I do love farm fresh eggs. I’ve mentioned many times in the past that my love for eggs is one reason I failed miserably at being vegan.

But I don’t want to eat them on my beloved juice fast!

Of course, one thing I will not do is consume raw egg. I just can’t cope with the thought. Yuck.

I also consulted with FOUR pastors who are in my life and my business partner, Mysti – they all agree with my chiropractor.

So… after much, much prayer, debate, consideration, feeling like a failure, and beating myself up because my body won’t line up with my 60-day juice fast plan, I have decided to follow my chiropractor’s orders and modify this fast yet once again.


From Fasting to a Healing Diet

At this point, I am no longer on a liquid fast. I will be replacing two meals (and snacks) each day with raw juices and one smoothie, so yes, I’ll be fasting two meals and snacks – or having liquid meals/snacks. And I will be adding a small meal of veggies and one farm fresh egg.

I’m disappointed, yes, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that the body has an amazing capability to heal if we will only listen to it.

Sadly, I feel like a rebellious teen right now – I don’t want to hear what my body has been saying because I so desired to complete this 60-day juice fast!


But I will pull myself together and listen. I will go with the flow and allow my body to heal any way it needs to – including eating.

My body will heal and restore itself – it will just be more slow going but I have to accept that this is what my body needs at this time. I’ve done so many juice fasts before. There’s no question I can adhere to a long juice fast. It’s just this time, my body disagreed loud and clear.

And I must love myself enough to be kind and gentle to ME.


Today’s Meal

This looks like a TON of food but it’s on a small plate. It is one farm fresh egg scrambled with a (small) handful of fresh spinach, a (small) homegrown tomato, and a (small) avocado.

Some veggies, some extra protein.

I must admit, my chiropractor was right – I feel SO much better. My back pain has eased up tremendously. I’m on the mend, folks! Yay!!!!



In the end, what is most important is that I do what is best for my health – regardless.

And so with the acceptance of this healing diet, I have also decided to hibernate in my house all weekend and enjoy a mini sabbatical.

I am juicing, enjoying smoothies, and dining on a daily small meal – all while relaxing, reading, resting, rejuvenating, and being at peace with where I am this very moment, body, mind, and soul…

Where are you at on your juicing journey? Have you ever experienced deep healing on a juice fast? Did you make it through the entire thing? Were you forced to eat a little to be able to work every day? How did you handle it?

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