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60-Day Juice Fast: First Week +

Posted Jul 02 2013 9:08am

Wow. I can’t believe today is day 11 of my 60-day juice fast – only 49 more days to go. Time is actually flying by!

When I began to “hear the call” to do a long juice fast this time, I knew it would be more than a couple of weeks but I didn’t know how long I would go.

So I began cleaning up my diet, backed completely off of coffee, and then started in juice fasting. As the days began to pass, I searched my heart and soul, listening for that small, still voice. What I heard – and felt – was the number 60.

This didn’t scare me one bit. In fact, it excited me a great deal!

I have juice fasted pretty extensively for over 10 years. There have been countless short juice fasts and several 30-day juice fasts.(I documented one of my .) I’ve also juice fasted for 52 days. I wasn’t aiming for 60 that time. I just kept following my heart and that’s where the journey ended. And if I remember correctly, there was also a 40-day juice fast in there somewhere.



The first two days were the hardest. I have been juice fasting for over 10 years so I knew what to expect. I didn’t get a bad headache or migraine. I really, really cleaned up my diet – even quit coffee – before beginning this fast. My plans are to not return to coffee but we’ll see. I’m taking this journey one day at a time with no judgment on myself.

After day 3, it has pretty much been all smooth sailing. I have slept exceptionally well and wake up feeling refreshed, well-rested, and energized for the day – with the exception of yesterday morning. My body needed more sleep. I was sleepy all day. I had a tiny headache and really, it felt like yesterday was day 1 all over again. Strange.

Throughout this juice fast, I have continued to work full-time, go to church, clean, shop, prepare all of my juices, wash dishes and the juicer, and have the energy to spend time with family and friends.

I’m not running marathons – or running at all, lol – but I am staying up and about and active in my own lifestyle.

Since I work full-time, I make juice up ahead of time (the evening before) and pour it in small canning jars (all the way to the top) and put the lids on tightly. I take several to work with me the next morning and then I am all set. I also drink plenty of water and some green tea.


I am an Office Manager so I have a pretty demanding job and it keeps me hopping and I’ve had the energy to perform all of my duties and remain cheerful with my customers.

Other than the first couple of days and yesterday, this juice fast has been phenomenal all the way around. And yesterday, I just felt a bit “off” but I have had far worse detox-like days so yesterday was a piece of (raw) cake. Winking smile

It is hard to believe that today is day 11 – only 49 more days to go. I’m nearing two weeks already. Unbelievable!



On this juice fast, I have experienced so much energy, joy, peace, strength, and satisfaction.

My body, mind, and soul are all in tune with this journey. I feel very focused and strong. My eyesight is exceptionally clear. Yesterday I experienced some fogginess in my thoughts but days 1-10 the clarity of mind has been surreal.

Yesterday the detoxing was a little rough but nothing I couldn’t handle or that was really uncomfortable or anything.

I have no doubt, I will reach the 60-day finish line and actually be saddened that this deep physical and spiritual cleansing journey has come to an end.




A few things I am excited about and looking to happen as a result from this 60-day juice fasting journey are (in no particular order):


  1. enhanced mental clarity
  2. improved, deep, restful sleep
  3. abundance of strength and energy
  4. rooted and grounded in at least 80% raw diet
  5. adhering to a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet
  6. a good jumpstart to a healthy weight loss plan
  7. and so much more…


In all, I lost more than I weighed after my initial, big weight loss journey. I started at over 300 pounds and at one point, weighed less (135/140-ish) than I had lost all together (over 150 pounds) – as seen below.

On the left is AFTER I had actually lost some weight. I don’t have a true before picture but this gives you an idea of my 300 pound before self. I was around 145 on the right.

beforeafter150 pounds

The weight loss came from a combination of many things (raw foods, juice fasting, saying no) and a lot of determination. I have a lot of tips and secrets I will share in an upcoming book – after I get back to where I need to be. Winking smile

I have still kept off over 100 pounds for many years but as I’ve told you all before , I fell away from my path and adapted to my husband’s way of eating. Since I am no longer with him (yay for fresh starts!), I am determined to get back to my high-raw path.

This is a current photo of me (after re-gaining 40-ish pounds):


Back to the 60-day juice fast…

It is not about weight loss for me. I didn’t weigh myself before and I don’t plan on weighing myself after. Whether I lose 5 pounds or 35, this journey to me is about reinstating my faith in the healing power of raw juices and the actual journey itself. It is about taking my life back, being myself, and re-establishing my raw, healthy foundation in a mighty way so that I can once again find the health, strength, peace, happiness, rest, and hope that a healthy lifestyle emanates.

I am super excited to be on this journey. I consider it a great blessing and privilege to have the mindset and physical ability to juice fast for long periods – and I don’t take it for granted one bit.

Juice fasting is a joy in my life, a true blessing. I’m so thankful that I am back on my raw path and getting back to my true self– even if I had to take a detour to realize how much it means to me.

Are you juice fasting? What does it mean to you? What is your story?

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