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6 Ways You Sabotage Yourself When You’re Feeling Fat (And How to Stop!)

Posted Oct 24 2011 3:38pm
Written by Tera on October 24, 2011 – -

- by Tera Warner

I’ve never been more than 15-20 pounds over my ideal weight, so some may look at me and think I’ve got no reason to complain, but self-loathing doesn’t discriminate based on your size.

I’ve learned by personal experience, and having now worked with tens of thousands of women around the world, that there are a few nasty habits we share when we’re feeling “fat” and they only work to perpetuate a DIEting culture that keeps us obsessed about the size of our thighs and wishing we were someone else’s body.

Let me know if this feels familiar:

When you’re feeling uncomfortable in your skin, when your thighs rub and your belly hangs over your belt, the last thing you really want to do is be seen by other people. You avoid having pictures being taken of yourself, and on the rare chance someone gets one, you’re going to suck it in for all its worth and pray that your pudge doesn’t show!

Weight loss tips to stop yo-yo dieting.You find excuses to stay away and isolate yourself from social engagements, since it feels much easier to hang around the house in sweat pants. The only trouble with that is, instead of engaging in conversations and experiences that could pull you out of your shell, you sink deeper in.

You don’t just stay stuck in your house, you stay stuck in your head, and that’s the last place you’ll find solutions, comfort or support to make the changes you need.

Sweat pants are not your friend.

Weight loss tips to stop yo-yo dieting.The longer you allow yourself to stay hidden behind a baggy shirt and pants, the worse it gets. You stop investing in beautiful clothes that make you feel good, because you decide it’s better to wait until you can lose a few pounds (no point buying anything you won’t fit in a few weeks or months).

Trouble is, because you keep walking around in baggy clothes that do not flatter you, you stay hidden and a few weeks become a few months, become a few years.

You’ll have to shed your layers and start investing in yourself.

Go to a big second hand store and invest the time in finding a few things you love that make you feel great! Second hand stores are loaded with treasures for every size. It doesn’t matter how oddly shaped your body is. Go get something to make yourself feel fabulous and kick start the chain reaction of self-care that is needed for you to improve things in your body and every aspect of your life.

Weight loss tips to stop yo-yo dieting.When you feel “fat” the counters don’t matter, the fridge can stay messy and the bed can stay unmade.

Generally speaking, there are always exceptions to the rule, but when you’re carrying extra weight, you’re carrying extra clutter in your space, mess in your purse, junk in your cupboards and rotting food in your fridge.

You accumulate stuff, mess, dust, clutter and excess weight. This only makes things worse, because when the cupboards are full of junk, you eat it. When the fridge is stuffed with rotting bags of produce, it’s easier to stuff your face with take out.

When you’re feeling fat in your internal environment, it’s easy to create an external environment that drags you down further, rather than one that lifts you up and is a haven for your healthy body and lifestyle.

Weight loss tips to stop yo-yo dieting.Chances are slim that when you feel fat you will take the time to lovingly brush your skin, your hair, your teeth.

How likely are you to run a beautiful, luxurious bath and take the time to celebrate your curves with a delicious exfoliating scrub, or a yummy body oil?

Generally speaking, when you feel fat, you won’t want to look at your skin, touch your body or even brush your hair.

But the trap of this one is that you cannot change the things you’re not willing to confront. You can start an entire self-care revolution by simply, lovingly touching yourself and treating yourself as you would your own beautiful daughter.

Weight loss tips to stop yo-yo dieting.When the language you use to describe yourself, when the images you hold of yourself are unkind and unflattering, you will never be able to lift yourself higher, or achieve the body and health and sense of well-being you deserve.

You gotta paint the picture, then walk into it. You have to start loving yourself now, in spite of all the reasons you find to do otherwise. You’ll never get thin as long as you feel fat.

TONIGHT: There’s a fabulous teleseminar with my dear friend Carol Look  on “Why You’ll Never Get Thin as Long as You Feel Fat”. This will give you a complete body image makeover and empower you to take your health and your body to a whole new level.

I don’t think I would be able to accurately calculate the number of hours I’ve spent worrying about the width of my hips or the size of my thighs, and staring at some other woman’s body wishing it was mine!

If I had to add up all the hours that I’ve spent calculating calories and feeling guilty for having eaten too much, too quickly, too often, too late, too salty, too fatty, too sweet, too refined, etc… *sigh*

Weight loss tips to stop yo-yo dieting.

I would have years of accumulated time on my hands — time that could be spent building empires, cuddling with my children, reading books, and dreaming of the knight in shining armour that will one day sweet me off my feet!

“There has to be a better way.”

I so clearly remember the day I walked to my fridge and came up with the idea of “Body Enlightenment”. At the time I had an actual tool box of foods I had padlocked from myself in an attempt to avoid eating them. (Of course, this only made them that much more attractive to me.)

Padlocks never worked. Deprivation and severe restriction never worked. (It would ultimately end up in a compulsion to eat the very things I’d been restricting myself from.)

Hating my body never made it more beautiful.

Isolating myself from other people never pulled me out of my shell.

And getting on a scale, measuring the centimeters of cellulite on my thighs and obsessing about the amount of lard in my lunch only kept me stuck in my head feeling obsessed and suffocated by an unhealthy relationship with my food and myself.

I knew there had to be another way, and I’ve devoted much of the last 7 years of my life to studying everything I could about health and human behaviour and designing what I believe is the model for women’s health and well-being that will finally reveal the DIE of dieting for what it is!!

Weight loss tips to stop yo-yo dieting.Body Enlightenment will be taking center stage on October 26th at Noon Eastern. It’s time to create a new model for women’s health — and on October 26th it’s going to happen.

If you’ve been reading my recent blog posts, and feel the Body Enlightenment program could be the solution you’ve been waiting for, then tell us why and share your story in the comment section below! You could win access to our upcoming program opening on October 26th.

You have ONE WEEK to share your story. At the end of this week, we’ll choose our winner.

Registrations for the upcoming Body Enlightenment program will end on November 4 at midnight and the program officially begins Sunday, November 6th! Hope to see you there and get to know you more!

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  1. By Paula on Oct 24, 2011

    Oh goodness! Where do I begin. I had a baby 6 months ago. I want to go back to loving myself and feeling good in my skin. I never felt great, until I started eating raw, but it was an uphill battle with my husband and with life. So we stopped, then continued off and on for 2 years. I still felt great. Raw foods made an incredible difference in the way I felt which really didn’t have much to do with the way I looked. Eventually the way I felt started manifesting itself on the outside. Then I got pregnant. Pregnancy was great for me, not so much for my husband. But once we had our miracle baby (the reason we actually became raw vegan) life with a baby made a mess of our lives. Now I’ve gained post baby weight o.O and my poor hubby is still juggling with our budget that we may become our healthiest yet. I would love to have access to this program. For me, for my baby, for my husband and for everyone I love who love me. I need to become my best ever that I may be a positive influence on those around who are looking for help in the same areas I need help right now. Thanks for this chance to share my story and to participate. Have a wonderful blessed day!!!! O.<


  2. By Dylan on Oct 24, 2011

    Due to stress (and the lack of tools or ability to deal with that real and perceived stress), I’ve gained about 80 pounds in the last 4 1/2 years. I’m miserable and do all the things you describe. Throughout my life I’ve always had the issue, but before now have always been able to keep it tamped down to being just about 10-30 pounds overweight. This time, nothing’s working.

    Thanks for your blog…at least I’m not alone!


  3. By Esse Hopper on Oct 24, 2011

    This program looks like it would help break a cycle of yo-yo diets. It takes care of the whole being, instead of just addressing food issues. I always make it to a certain point, then I sabotage myself and fall back into old, seemingly more comfortable habits. With a plan designed to create new pathways to health, it may just break that comfort barrier. We all tend to fall back to what we know. Once you change what you thought you knew, how can you go back?


  4. By Ruthiey on Oct 24, 2011

    This is a really good and important post. I know that I do those things when I feel fat and just naming and knowing them is the beginning of the fight!


  5. By Nelda R Cortez on Oct 24, 2011

    Hi Tera,
    I am so excited to learn through body enlightenment so I can share it with folks I love and care for. Sometimes people learn better by watching the actions of another. I want to be that for friends, family, and even people who will casually ask you questions at the grocery store. If we can share more then they will share and it’ll be ongoing all over. Everything begins with a thought. You’re making it possible. Love all that you do and the way you’re making it happen. Much success! Hugs, Nelda


  6. By sharon e on Oct 24, 2011

    On Sunday mornings I do something called ecstatic dancing. Its a 90 minute program of free form, unguided movement to music. The people I dance with come in all different shapes and sizes. We only have a couple of rules. No talking…and no judging. By this we specifically mean no judging of ourselves. We cover the mirrors…take off our shoes and dance.

    The practice of NOT judging myself is difficult. When I let myself move without concern for how I look something wonderful happens. Its a gift I give to myself…a workout and a meditation.

    But if my clothes are a bit snug and something is bulging more than usual…I think about it. I find myself looking at my own body and promising to be thinner next week. Its sad. Dancers are spinning and smiling and sweating all around me and I am in my head judging and holding myself back.

    But when I get lost in the dance and leave with the knowledge that I just did something good for myself…I tend to judge less.

    When I put delicious healthful things in my body…how I look always seems to matter less…because I am feeling beautiful.


  7. By maria dolan on Oct 24, 2011

    This was going to be my year to shine…my fiftieth year. I was going to lose all of my excess weight and become the person I was meant to be. I vowed that I would NOT turn 50 looking and feeling the way I did. Guess what? I turned 50 in September and I still look and feel the same as I did when I made that promise to myself. The thing is, I thought I had it in me to finally do it. I keep thinking there’s something wrong with me … I hate the way I look and feel and yet, I can’t seem to be successful in changing anything. But reading your blogs has made me realize that I am not alone in this struggle. Tera, you’re helping me to believe that I can do anything. You’ve given me hope that my life dreams can and will come true. I’m looking forward to hearing about the Body Enlightment program and hope I will be invited to participate. Thanks so much for everything you do…lots of love to you!!


  8. By Janelle on Oct 24, 2011

    Oh how I would love to win this. O.k my story. I am a thirty-four year old momma to five amazing children. Four girls and one boy. I didn’t struggle with my weight until I had a few children and then it just started packing on. I am careful not to be outwardly obsessive of my weight because I don’t want my girls to have issues. We are a homeschooling family and I love, love, love being with my children every day. I am so blessed and I know it…but I don’t like to go out in public. I can’t believe people want to be friends with me because I am “fat”. It leads me to depression and anxiety. A super horrible cycle. I love healthy food but balancing home and school is a tight-rope walk every day. Wish I knew how to accomplish my goals. This is the first time in fourteen years I have not been nursing or pregnant.
    I do start off my day with green juice and then my day just ends up slipping away. We do eat all whole food that I make from scratch. My kids love carrot and green juice and we do make lots of smoothies. I just don’t understand why I can’t figure this out.
    Well that was a depressing story. Sorry! :0)


  9. By KC on Oct 24, 2011

    I fight an uphill battle trying to get the hang of eating raw/fresh while my family fights and rebels completely against me. Working full time on top of an already busy home schedule, plus the stress of my husband’s jobless stretch (it’s been 2 years…it’s a heartbreaking story that I just can’t fully get in to know) and the fact that we are just barely making it as it is makes trying to shift the food culture in my house a seemingly impossible feat. :(

    Here’s what I know though: if I could get a structured “way of eating” in place that would help organize myself and my family, we could actually save money by eating strictly fresh! Also, our stress levels would drop because better nutrition = better sleep which = stronger immune system…it just snowballs right into better living!

    I can’t afford to pay for this kind of structured help though…so I struggle the best way I can and try with my little Magic Bullet blender to make green smoothies (it does a passable job, but NOTHING like a Vitamix for which we are currently saving), and adding more salad and greens to every meal. We cut processed foods out too, but when the stress starts to mount…*sigh*, it all collapses and I have to start all over again.

    I try, I fail, I try, I fail…I need something to help me break the cycle…to BREAK THROUGH to a real change! It’s not about losing weight for me, it’s about getting as healthy as I can so I can avoid high blood pressure meds, and type II Diabetes. It’s about making a FOR REAL changed so can be a good example to my two teenage daughters who are already feeling the affects of my body image issues. I’m tired of feeling tired, helpless, and lost. I need help! Help me, Obi-wan-Tera! You’re my only hope! (okay…that last bit was ‘tongue-in-cheek, lol, but you get the idea *wink*)


  10. By Melissa on Oct 24, 2011

    I need this program. Badly. My weight has been The Issue in my life: up 40 lbs., down 40 lbs., up, down…since I was an obese child. I don’t know that I’ve EVER felt comfortable in my body, even after hiring a trainer and getting into the best shape of my life. At 42, I now know that it doesn’t matter what I weigh; when I’m 40 pounds lighter, I feel like an unattractive blob. When I’m 40 lbs. heavier, I feel exactly the same. In recent years, the weight has crept slowly back up (from when I was 40 lbs. lighter, 4 years ago). I’m at the point where I feel like like an addict who is out of control. The binges, the self hatred, the dumpy clothes, the isolation…all of those are horrible, but nothing is as bad as the feeling of hopelessness that takes root after 40 years of this life. I make resolutions and then, immediately, fear sets in, because I know that I’m incapable of keeping the resolution. The bigger the resolution, the more apt I am to blow it in a large-scale way. I’m resigned. I feel like, whatever….None of it really works. New year, new diet.
    For this reason, Tera, I’d love to try out the program. On a more uplifting note: I am not a religious person, but I did go to church today and cried my eyes out. I begged God for help, and I promised that I would start to TRY!! I would start to EXPECT MIRACLES, based not on me and my wounds, weaknesses, and misguided thinking — but based on the abundance of the universe. Surely the creator of Mt. McKinley can move 40 lbs off my buttocks. So…I feel like I’m getting my thinking straight. Very grateful for health advocates (like you) who have made this their life’s work.


  11. By louise on Oct 24, 2011

    I have a new business at the moment I am taking only the minimum i need for it to survive. I haven’t advertised as I feel fat and unable to face new clients. so not only am I putting my health at risk by feeling and being fat I am putting my business at risk too. silly realy as I live alone with one child and depend on my sole income. I am withdrawing from my friends staying home ALOT I wear baggy troousers and ugly clothes I think your article is ME.I need help, a swift kick up the confidence bum.


  12. By Sarah on Oct 24, 2011

    Having struggled with disordered eating from my teens (although I was never overweight, I always felt big) I then found ‘thinness’ in my 20s – via drug use. Eventually, taking up snowboarding and running led me to respect my body and its capabilities, if not to particularly like the way it looked. I avoided mirrors and embraced the baggy skater-girl attire of a snowboarder, because it hid my body from view, yet at the same time, out on the mountain, or running at high altitude, rejoiced in what my body could do and how it could perform. It was just aesthetically that I felt it failed me. I found new love and respect for it through each of my pregnancies – I was capable of nourishing and building a WHOLE HUMAN BEING!!! and then giving birth to 3 babies, at home, with no drugs or intervention! I breastfed them for a year each. I was wonderful! The weight gain hardly bothered me at all – what mattered was being an earth mother and besides, I felt beautiful in my roundness.
    And then I finished feeding my 3rd baby over a year ago and we made the (probably final) decision that he would be our last. And all of a sudden, with my body no longer ‘functioning’ in a ‘worthy/ worthwhile’ way the self-loathing for my appearance came crashing back down on me. I lurched from one fad diet to the next, cut out carbohydrates – even fruit – and opted for low-fat food items from which all of the goodness had been leached. Of course, all of these restrictions gave rise to cravings, which led to bingeing, and then to purging. At my worst, earlier this year, I was making myself sick around 3 times a day, sometimes for crimes no bigger than having an eaten an apple on a day when I had decreed that no fruit should pass my lips.
    My hair started to fall out during this time, probably hormonal after years of pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was thin. But I wasn’t happy, and I looked tired and old. My tummy hurt from vomiting and my brain hurt from the endless calculations, guilt, and internal battles.
    I tentatively turned to raw a month or so ago, aiming for 75% raw and trying to follow the food combining principles. It’s early days yet and I am cautiously optimistic: I’ve had many comments on how well I look, on my skin and on my energy. I have all but finished with my constant need for caffeine, without even trying or having any stated intention to quit. My manic approach to food seems to have abated: I enjoy each meal without obsessing over it, and allow myself treats without beating myself up about them. My weight is stable. My mood is better. I fervently hope that this is the start of a new, and permanent way, for me to love my body and myself.


  13. By Heather on Oct 24, 2011

    I feel like I am at the end of my self-sabbotage rope and I’m either going to let go and fall into a deeper pit or climb to the top with all my strength. I honestly don’t know what can help me, all I know is I saw this message in my inbox and haven’t read one of your posts in months due to this depression mode I’ve been in. Today I thought, maybe this can help me start climbing up on the rope of good enough. I don’t want to fall into a pit and I honestly am feeling really hopeless due to suffering from some big health issues that are robbing me and my family of the joys we deserve.


  14. By Kathryn on Oct 24, 2011

    I am 34, with 2 girls under 4 – So at one time I was raw for 3yrs it was however a bot of a charade- I’ve never dealt with the core issues that led me to bulimia in my teenage years in fact as crazy as this sounds even with all I’ve learned about food and health I still struggle with this issue. I also struggle with paying attention to what I’m doing and being accountable to myself. My diet has slipped I incorporate raw foods but don’t feel like I’m incorporating enough, I exercise but half heartedly- I want to be part of a team ONE team for every woman and I want to get to the heart of my heart and be integral with myself and my family.


  15. By Carmen on Oct 24, 2011

    Hi Tara,

    Where do I begin, 1st why are you so ###$% bubbly? I use to be that way some time ago. I had a heart attack last year at 54 years old, now what’s up with that? I can’t get this fat off. I went through cardiac rehab and still did not lose any weight in fact I gained 5 lbs, they said that was muscle, I beg to differ. I joined a gymn and still I can’t get the weight off. I did rawfood and I like it the best, but get tired of salads because I want to lose this fat and don’t put alot of different things in it.I watch what I eat all the time. I like the smoothies, but I have a husband, and two teenagers and they have said they are not eatting rabbit food, you have the heart problem, not us. My husband will do it with me for a little while then he says he has to have his meat. I really want to be raw since I no it is the healthiest for me, and my levels are comming down which is good. I really want to be happy about me again, I use to be like you,with the great attitude and bubbly personality the one people want to be around. I don’t know where that woman went, but she did leave some clothes that I can’t wear. I just went and bought some sweats in every color they had, some nice ones with the stretchy waist. I hope to be on board on the 26th, onbe way or another. Here’s to green smoothies and full tummies. Thank you, Tara for all that you do, you might take it for granted, but I appreciate you. You are a Godsend.



  16. By arlene on Oct 24, 2011

    thank-you. thank-you. thank-you for the chance to participate in Body Enlightenment program. my eyes were filling with tears as I was reading your e-mail. I need this! I want this! I want to love myself again! I just made 50-years old this year in July. I made not a “bucket list”, but a 50-year list of 50 things that will make me happy before my 51st birthday, and loving myself and becoming healthy were on that list. i have suffered with extreme disappointment in myself over the years. self loathing is more powerful than anything that anyone else can do to you. I’ve hated myself because of my bad choice in a man, in my unfulfilled career goals,in my horrible parenting skills, in my drug addiction, in my “cutting” behavior, in my food addiction, in my laziness, in my depression–the list goes on–and yet, I’ve haven’t given up! somewhere deep, I love myself, I have faith in me, I know I can do it, and I can’t wait to get to the finish line. I know Body Enlightenment will help get me there. Body Enlightenment will be that friend standing on the sideline with the water bottle saying, ” Yay! come on, you’re almost there! You can do it!”


  17. By Ellie on Oct 24, 2011

    Hi Tera! I have felt this way in the past. I did find “raw food” several years ago and did very well but “life” got in the way and I am determined to get back on the raw path as I want to feel better with great nutrition. I have a small granddaughter and want to be the best I can be for myself and family. :-)


  18. By Stacee on Oct 24, 2011

    You are writing this for me, because I have become this person in this article.

    I have pretty much given up on of life being good and subscribed to the woe is me, my life sucks and theres nothing short of winning the lottery that i can do about it.

    I tried raw when I got the you have diabetes diagnosis. i loved it and felt great. then i got back into my woe is me attitude, I can’t afford a good blender and a dehydrator, I will fail at this. then i got food poisening from a day of being lazy and not washing my veggis and I never went back to raw.

    Shortly after I got pregnant, with my 7th baby, tried to go raw again and got yell at by my doctors that it was unsafe and gave up, ended up having a miscaraige ad really gave up.

    In a strange twist of fate I am unexpectadly expecting again. I have doctors telling me i can’t eat raw vegan its not healthy, that i must eat dairy and grains and meat and plenty of carbs and its ok if my blood sugar goes up because they will just give me insulin.

    So I sit here sick, have not brushed my hair in a couple days and still in my PJ’s in my fat external environment, hoping that you might pick me. Take me back to the fun loving mom again, and I hope a much healthier pregnancy!


  19. By Kelly on Oct 24, 2011

    To all the ladies,

    At 5’8″, I’ve felt fat at 90, 117, and 130 lbs. I am now 39 years old and hone in at a rough ideal of about 115 due to a mostly raw diet, and consistent enough exercise. Not that I weigh myself but I have become quite the expert in the difference between a size 2 and 8. Of course with all that devotion, I still experience angst and obsession over a few stubborn pockets. I don’t know a woman who doesn’t.

    I appreciate the fact that Tera spoke to all women, as we ALL collectively feel this disapproval. Most of all I appreciate the notion of appreciating where we all are at, and most of all stepping into the painting of who we want to be. I have found the most success by envisioning my best self as I walk through life. I look at pictures of my ideal and tell myself that that is how I am. If we are to exercise, I think the most important element to that is restoration and visualization. If we feel better with the health insurance of movement and strength, the most powerful and effective aspect of that is the visualization of being in your own dream body. Then our minds guide our cells into existence.

    Most of all thank you Tera , for your light and positivity. That is the most important and powerful movement we all can achieve as a feminist collective. If we were all as beautiful as we were meant to be, we would save and rule the world!


  20. By Jenn on Oct 24, 2011

    Oh where to begin. It started when i was young and my parents seperated, even then i thought it was my fault because i wasn’t good enough. I bent over backwards trying to please anyone and everyone, all the while feeling like crap on the inside. I worked out like crazy and went on one crazy diet after another, i was in great shape, but comparing myself to the media’s version of ideal women, well forget it! Now cut to several years of this abuse and my outsides have caught up with my insides. I have tried raw food and I ALWAYS feel the best when i stay on this way of life, but I always wind up sabotaging myself and run screaming to the ice cream and cookies. I am ready to get healthier and happier for no one else but myself. I know a program like this will give me the smack upside my head that i desperately need. We all need to believe in ourselves, and realize we ARE good enough, but with a little time and thought put into ourselves, will not be selfish but actually help us do more for those around us. Thanks for listening.


  21. By angie c. on Oct 24, 2011

    i would love the chance to be a part of the body enlightenment program! i took part in your 21-day detox this spring and it was a life-changing experience for me. but since that time i have struggled with keeping up on the taking care of myself and nurturing who i am and i’ve been slipping in a lot of ways. i want to learn to love me and accept me for who i am and where i am.

    i am 32. i’ve been battling depression since i was 26. i have seen some dark dark times. i have also been struggling to become pregnant for the last several years. that struggle was actually what brought me to your detox program. i am still not pregnant but i gained so much and depression-wise never was better than while doing the detox. it was an amazing experience for me. i hope that you remember my story…on our last call i wrote in a thank you, which you read to close the call, and then shared a bit of my story here on your blog…i won’t go into all of it. i’ll just say that i have been struggling again and need the support and the love i felt being a part of the community.

    even if i don’t win, i want you to know, tera, how grateful i am for what you do and all that you have given me thus far! thank you!


  22. By Lorna on Oct 24, 2011

    No truer words have been spoken!
    The truth is what we focus on gets bigger, and that includes our hips, thighs, butts & bellies.
    You have to stop beating you up. And really love yourself where you are right now today!
    It is important to look in the mirror and acknowledge to yourself that you look great today and say “everyday I am getting smaller and smaller” And you know what somthing WILL shift when you do this, I know first hand because I have done this before. And when all I focused on was how fat I felt I only got bigger, it was not until I started complimenting myself And my progress did things begin to go in a different direction. The person I was married to(they have since passed on) would tell me just to love myself as much as they did and be as unconditionally loving to myself as they were and you know what? They were right. We have to love and honor ourselves in spite of what that distorted image in our head says because it is NOT the truth of who we really are…..


  23. By Blair on Oct 24, 2011

    Hello ladies! First of all, this was an amazing article and really punches us girls in the face with what we do when we are feeling fat. For instance, the gym is the last thing you want to do, but as soon as you hit the gym you get your endorphins going and feel much better! I have found running or just getting outdoors to be the best medicine for when I get down on myself, but I know it is very hard. I am only 21 years old, but body image has been something that I have had trouble with my entire life. I was called fat all throughout school until the 9th grade. I was a super active kid and loved all kinds of sports, but I was still pudgy, but I finally got thin when I hit a growth spurt. Of course, then people started worrying I was anorexic, but I couldn’t understand why because I still thought I was fat even though I was wearing a size 0. Obviously my thoughts eventually caused this to show outwardly as well. I couldn’t shed the body image I had of myself my entire life and didn’t see how great my body was. I was always very conscious of health and food choices, but then after a knee injury I started gaining a little weight. I was still a very slim girl, but I was getting my hips and womans body. I remember one day my friend told me that people were saying they noticed I put on a little weight. For a girl already so concerned with my body, this was devastating. I was still a size 0 or 2, but to me I was disgusting. I have always been active or worked out every day, but I started pushing harder and harder. By the end of my junior year I had put on over 20 lbs since my freshman year, but I was still thin, just not a stick like my growth spurt had made me. This was so depressing for me and I went on an atkins style diet where I would go get weighed twice a week and wrote down everything I ate. I was working out twice a day and following this strict protocol, but the pounds weren’t coming off. I then turned to a vegan diet for a few months, went on a juice fast, and finally turned to raw foods. By the middle of my senior year, I had gained another 15 lbs even after all the work I was doing. My mind was controlling my body more than my actions. There were even times I would throw up in disgust of myself. I went from 108 lbs to 145 over high school and have remained the same to now. I am a nutrition educator at the Living Foods Institute in Raleigh, blog, and give nutrition advice to many around me. I have also sold raw foods at a local yoga studio. I am very into the health of our bodies mirroring the health of our environment. After all of the research and work that I have done to better my own health and the health of others I still feel that I don’t look the part and it drives me crazy. Sometimes I cry because I feel so bad about myself and I find it hard to love my body. I feel that I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I know that my constant negative thoughts towards myself are the cause of this, but no matter how much I have tried to retrain my mind, I still have negative self talk and loathing. Anything that gives me a chance to not treat myself this way and to finally love everything about myself is something that I am open arms to. Especially because I know it is a tool that will also allow me to help others in my profession. I am tired of feeling bad for myself, not loving myself, throwing up, and feeling undeserving. I know what I need to do, but I need help doing it. I would love to receive your program! Thanks for what you are doing!!


  24. By Nichelle on Oct 24, 2011

    Oh, Raw Divas! O definitely think and feel this program would assist me greatly in all areas of my life. I am on the midst of changes on various levels, and the bulk of the changes are in strengthening my self-love and self-care, especially as a single mom to a child who became mine literally overnight due to the death of one of my siblings. During the 7-day raw diva detox, I came to a very important decision for my life. There are so many unknowns to the process and I am currently going through those not so good feeling places in the process. I accept it to a degree, as I would prefer not to take that downward spiral with regards to emotional eating. I feel the body enlightenment system would greatly assist me through this process, and I would be most grateful for the opportunity to do so!

    With much appreciation,

    Atlanta, Ga


  25. By Sooz on Oct 24, 2011

    I don’t have a story, I just wanted to say how much I loved this article! Something I so needed to read right now esp. loving yourself in spite of not feeling like you’re worth loving. Treat yourself as lovingly as you would your own daughter…indeed. Or, as I once read, look at a picture of yourself at 5 years old, and anytime you want to say something negative to yourself, look at the picture of your younger self and ask yourself “now would you say that to that little girl right there in that picture?” The answer is clear. Thank you tera for all that you do!


  26. By Taylor on Oct 24, 2011

    I would love to be a part of this! Thank you for offering the opportunity.
    Here’s my story:
    I had always struggled with my weight until high school. My body changed in high school and I felt great. I loved being around people and going places and getting dressed up. I maintained a healthy and attractive body until my stepfather shot himself in 2008. I was feeling such an extreme mix of emotions at the time that I couldn’t cope and I turned to food and television. I stayed up late every night because I was haunted by nightmares. I was all around unhealthy. This continued until early 2010 probably. I had gained nearly 80 pounds and I had had enough. I began watching what I ate and looking into the idea of becoming a raw vegan. I started losing weight and feeling good about myself again. Then in May of 2010 my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and we battled with that for 10 months before she passed away, leaving me without any real semblance of a family. The whole thing was such a heartbreaking experience that I turned to food to find fulfillment again and gained all of the weight I had lost back. Right now I’m a vegetarian, but I know I need to make more changes to my lifestyle. I’m only 22 and I’m obese and I want to become healthy before I’ve done too much damage to my body.

    Thank you again for the oppprtunity


  27. By Janice on Oct 24, 2011

    Im 52 and I think of the heart attack that may happen, if I don’t get it together with the yo yo way Im eatting and my mind that thinks all the time that this is not ok…that is not ok.. first it is eatting good then bang in goes the stuff that can make my blood thick. I would love to stop the thinking that my tummy is to big..And finally lose the 50 pounds I so not enjoy carring around.. I would love to keep the mind-body connection going by Thinking positive in every thing I do.


  28. By Shelley on Oct 24, 2011

    Wow, just the name Body Enlightenment, sent shivers through my body. Then I started reading all the information I could. I am so excited. This is EXACTLY what I need. As a mom of 5 kids, and a husband who owns his own business and also had a large church responsibility, I was so busy looking after everyone else, making sure everyone else got where they wanted when they wanted, that I forgot about me. I forgot to let myslef have something or some time that I wanted. I figured that the sacrifice would in the end be noticed. Wrong!! I sometimes get bitter about that, but in reality I let it happen, no one forced me to do it. Now the kids are mostly gone (just 1 left at home) business isn’t very good, and the marriage is being challenged. I am having difficulty getting my mind to believe that I am worth the effort, worth thinking of, worth fighting for. I need a program that’s ‘The Whole Meal Deal’. I want to be ‘well’ and happy again. I want this program!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. By Kaia on Oct 24, 2011

    Oh, how I resonate with this article. Part of me really wishes that I didn’t! But self-loathing has become somewhat of a past time for me for a very large part of my life. I just turned 41 and there are times when I look in the mirror and say “Who is this person?? This is not what my life was supposed to be like” Self-loathing knows no size, no gender, no race…and when it rears it’s head, it’s a hard one to release out of your life.

    I became vegetarian when I was 16, vegan when I was 20, and bulimic when I was 21. Not exactly the succession you would hope for in the quest for health and vitality~! I was in a relationship with a man who was verbally abusive and would make comments about my appearance on a regular basis. I was 120lbs and 5’7″. He told me I was making the wrong career choice… I was studying Theatre (my dream!) in University… and that I would be nothing so I should change my major. I had just experienced my parents splitting up, which was a huge shock for me. I always thought my family was the picture of “perfection”…and there’s the trap. Perfection. From the time I was small, I was expected to be just that. Perfect. From as far back as I can remember, I was expected to look pretty, be good, polite, do what I was told. You get the picture. Over the years, if I did something “wrong” or felt like I had failed…usually I wouldn’t even try if there was even a thought that I would fail!
    I did change my major at University…to something that I didn’t truly want to do…and ended up leaving in the middle of a 4 year degree. I never returned. The bulimia stopped but the constant concern over my appearance did not.

    Over the years, I have been somewhat of a chameleon..adapting to my environment, to my relationships, to my current “career”…of which there have been many. But underneath it all, I am deeply unsatisfied, unhappy and am so disappointed with myself for making so many decisions that had absolutely NOTHING to do with me and my happiness, my wishes, my dreams.
    And I feel trapped and very unsure how to begin to release all of this baggage.

    I see it in my face, my body, my health… I can see and feel it energetically….I am carrying the “weight” of my unhappiness and longing to be free to I can truly spread my wings and fly.

    About 10 years ago..yes, 10!! I discovered raw foods and was immediately fascinated. Very little was happening during that time and there wasn’t much out there…I discovered Shazzie’s site and she was the beginning of a long journey for me. I have been off and on the raw train since…but seem to lack the true belief and dedication to MYSELF to stay on it for good and enjoy the ride. I even apprenticed with a Raw chef over the summer and was, once again, so convinced about the beauty and truth of this way of being. Yet…the ugly head rears and I fall back into a place of uncertainty and self doubt.

    I want to move forward… with love and grace and the ability to give myself the gift of true self-acceptance.

    In gratitude for all that you do…


  30. By Kim Bradley on Oct 24, 2011

    Hi Tera,
    I am so excited for you, your team and the rest of the world that will get the privilege to learn from YOU. I have been following you off and on for the last two years and have done several detox programs.
    My story began 26 years ago with health problems. I will however try to keep it brief. Ready, set, go… Gestational diabetes with both children, hypothyroidism after my second pregnancy. Diabetes in 96, shingles in 97 & 2002, bells palsy in 97 & 2006 and finally the kicker in 2001….ulcerative colitis and hypertension. I am an RN & had a very stressful job as a Director of Surgery, which definitely contributed to my declining health. My eating habits were horrible. Packaged, processed food was my go to meal & I have suffered for those choices. My poor health forced me to leave my passion of nursing and helping others to being disabled and stuck at home. Isimply existed for the first 4 years but then my doctors told me I was a medical failure and that the only option I had left was to have a complete colectomy (removal of my entire large intestine and rectum) and get the awesome privilege of pooping in a bag (colostomy) That day in Oct. of 2009 began my journey into the vegan raw lifestyle. I love my green smoothies and haven’t had a cheeseburger or Diet Coke in almost 2 years. I’m not 100% but I’m still striving for progress not perfection, I believe that is one of your phrases :)
    After changing my eating habits to more raw, my colon healed by 50% and I recieved an apology from my Dr., that he never should have suggested colectomy and who also congratulated me on seeking alternative methods to heal myself. No one would ever think raw foods would benefit a diseased colon and that fruit could stabilize blood sugar but spinach and strawberries are my friend. I’ve lost about 30 lbs but need to lose an additional 50-60 lbs. to reach ideal health. I continue to have emotional eating problems with breads and sweets as my downfall……
    I would be so blessed to begin this new journey with BE (I absolutely love the name and the entire concept…organizing & alternative health are my new found passions & when I am healed I will begin a new career God willing). Being in the medical profession for 25 years and to just now learn that foods are healing and that our bodies were made to heal themselves if given the right environment has been an amazing awakening for me.
    I know I can be a walking, talking testimony to the healing effects of food and I so want to continue this journey and share all that it can do. I have many friends, nurses and physicians who are watching me and waiting for the final results.
    I have no words that could explain all that this program could do for me however, one word comes to mind..HEALTH!
    You are a genius and I so admire what you are trying to do for all us “fat” girls.
    I need the support, guidance and encouragment to continue my journey and can think of no better way than “BE”
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Kale Kisses,


  31. By Nancy on Oct 24, 2011

    You asked why I opened the e-mail with a name like that…and I can honestly say, “Because you wrote it” LOL I had to see what you were writing about today that would start with such an absurd comment….Thanks for being you and sharing from your heart.


  32. By Armchair Nutritionist on Oct 24, 2011

    Everything you wrote is ME!!!! I kept thinking “what’s she doing in my head?”


    Reply by Armchair Nutritionist on October 24th, 2011

    Now that I’ve read all the other posts, I say to myself’ “they need this more than I do.” The word worthy and deserving flit through my mind, not in reference to myself. I remind myself that I no longed look in the mirror. On the rare occassions I do, I wonder who that is looking back. Family health issues haunt me, and I live in fear of what is yet to come. And I’m reminded why I need something amazing in my life to help guide me.


  33. By Donns on Oct 24, 2011

    I lead a Jeckyl-Hyde life. 1/2 of the time I am focused on learning all I can about natural health and wellness – green smoothies, raw foods, organic lifestyle, living in harmony with the earth. I work for a Health & Wellness Center. I shop at my local health food cooperative, etc… go for weeks at a time doing the “right thing.” Then, one day on my way home, I swing through Taco Bell and its all over. I pull up to a home that is full of clutter, disorganized, uncared for. I let those beautiful greens go bad in the fridge. Laundry is piled on the sofa. Papers and bills are mounded on every surface. Fast food wrappers accumulate. The inside of my home is a reflection of my state of mind – a mess. I am 80 lbs overweight. I dont’ socialize, I have no friends. I constantly feel people judging me – i’ve been treated cruelly in my life and I now anticipate it/allow it/create it. It was good to read your article.


  34. By Joy on Oct 24, 2011

    Well, I feel great when I eat raw; however, the more I try to stay away from the SAD food I’ve been eating my whole life, the more I eat it! If I try to stay away from it I seem to eat more of it; just like your toolbox with the padlock on it. It makes me want it more! I’ve told several people about eating raw and the Green Smoothie website, your website, and they are loving it and doing marvelous staying on it. They tell me how glad they are that I told them about it. My mom has been raw for years, since I was born, and tried to get me to do it, but I never paid attention until I found it myself and showed it to her. She was so excited that I finally understood the benefits of her eating style. I need help sticking with it myself though, I feel like that person or Doctor who tells you, you should eat healthier and when you look at them you think, ‘you look unhealthy, why should I be listening to you, maybe you (the doctor/person) should follow your own advice’. It’s crazy how we judge people and with that ourselves. I’m hoping the Body Enlightenment program will help get me over that hump, so I can be the person who gives advice and follows it really well herself. I’m tired of being the person who tells people these great things and then does the exact opposite. I’m ready to change that.


  35. By Cerita Young on Oct 24, 2011

    I have struggled with my weight for years. The last time I felt truly content with myself my mother passed away, and that was 12 years ago. I have since married, birthed 3 girls and tried every diet known to man. I am considering mutilating my body through bariatric surgery in December. I am looking for every reason not to follow through. Since my mom’s passing, the best I have felt was during the sporadic burst of eating raw but I cannot seem to find the right fit for myself and my family. My husband seems to only eat meat, and my kids hate whatever I make because it is kooky. I know this is the best way, but without some serious guidance I don’t know how to get there! Please help us all!
    Cerita, David, Audrey 10, Veronica 7, and Caitlin 5.


    Reply by Kimberly on October 24th, 2011

    This blog post is spot on. I recognized elements of myself in each of the six methods of sabotage.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve never felt worthy of happiness. Now that I’m an adult and can look back on my life, I see that this feeling of unworthiness started when I was sexually abused as a small child. Even though rationally, I know it was not my fault, there is still doubt niggling at the back of my mind. The most damaging thing about any kind of abuse is not necessarily the abuse itself, but what the victim decides about themselves in that moment.

    Fast forward a few years. I married a very controlling man when I was a teenager. It took me 18 years, and six children, to realize that I was finally strong enough to leave him. I knew my children were not learning what a real marriage relationship should look like. So “staying together for the kids” no longer seemed ideal.

    I finally found the love of my life and we are now raising a combined family of ten children. I’m 100 pounds overweight, and although I’m finally happy, I still feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I have no confidence. I’m afraid to be in social situations. I am often overwhelmed, and find it hard to let others into this 100 pound cocoon I’ve created for myself. I have a husband who loves me just the way I am, but I need to release all of this extra weight so that I can love me too.

    Your body enlightenment program is truly inspired. I can’t wait to learn more about it. I know you have received many stories of people who are just as deserving as I am, but I would love to be able to participate so that I can finally become the person that I know is inside and benefit my family in the process.


  36. By Sandy on Oct 24, 2011

    Believe me, I identify with all of the above! I’ve been losing and gaining for years and getting farther and farther down the hole to where I almost can’t see daylight any more. I’ve been on so many diets that I can’t keep them straight, and when I’m on a diet, I’m always looking in magazines to some special pill or hint that will aid in that diet. I have selective seeing…when I look in the mirror, I only see what I specifically am looking for. Just the thought of looking at the whole picture almost makes me have a panic attack sometimes. I’m completely fed up!!! Really tired of the merry-go-round!!!!


  37. By stephanie on Oct 24, 2011

    I thought that I really needed to be the one to win access to this program but then I started to read all of the other comments on this blog and through tears thought…”wow, some other people have such tough things to deal with and my life is so blessed, it seems such a selfish thought now”
    God bless you Tera for your wisdom and sharing and enthusiasm and your imperfections. Through your site I feel as if I am not alone and that is worth so very much to me and I like think that I can radiate out that sensation to others that I meet and know…Thanks Tera xx


  38. By Rhonda on Oct 24, 2011

    Over the years, I’ve worked hard at accepting my body, practicing positive self talk, using ‘release’ instead of ‘lose’…all those things that should help me get rid of this extra weight. But it hasn’t helped like I thought it would. I end up sabotaging myself and going back to eating sweets, chips and dip and every other unhealthy food. I’ve done my best not to use the “F” word (fat!); but I was sitting in a salon chair in front of a huge mirror Saturday and my first thought was I looked like Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. I decided then to make another attempt to reach my optimal weight. I believe your Body Enlightenment program would be the best thing I could do for myself.


  39. By Lori on Oct 24, 2011

    I just had a health risk assessment done at work, only because we get money back if we do it. I avoid these things because I don’t want some random person, telling me how to eat! If it was that easy, I’d be in perfect health. I’m 43 and have gained 50 lbs over the past 5 years, it gets harder as I get older. There’s something deeper that needs fixed, there are programs for eating disorders and alcoholism, but what about the people who don’t fall under these classifications? We need help also.
    This is the 1st time I heard of a program that adresses the real issues. Reading the 6 ways really hit home, especially the house falling apart! I even have the rotting food in my fridge. I don’t want my 2 girls (8 and 10) to have to continue to grow up in this environment. I’m tired of it and would LOVE to be considered for the Body Enlightment program. I WILL give it my all. Thank you Tera, for all you do!


  40. By Monika on Oct 24, 2011

    Thanks for your blog post Tera. I can relate to everything you have said.

    My reason for taking in everything I can about the raw food diet and the benefits that it entails is that I’m finally determined to do something for me. There is no way on earth that my family would support/join me in this so it’s a journey I am determined to do on my own.

    I have always taken care of other people since I was five years old, having to care for 5 younger siblings that everything else, including my education, came last on the list. Then along came my children and the same story. At this point in my life I realised that I had “no life” I was giving it to everyone else and if I didn’t take charge now to find out who I really am then one day I will wake up and it will have been too late.

    I’m determined to take charge of my own health, happiness and life.


  41. By Kathy R. on Oct 24, 2011

    Each night it seems I make a new commitment to myself—it seems easier then. I have had some success in the past, and the journey of eating better, adding more raw nutrition, and desiring better health is almost always on my mind. My mindset fluctuates however. I long for that lifestyle change that really clicks. Yes, your post is familiar and I love most of what I read on your blog posts. Emotional eating is at the heart. . . that I can’t seem to totally control. I’m over 50 and 35 lbs overweight, and though I seem to be doing much better, loving myself and living more in the “now”, I’ll keep living and learning and counting my blessings. Thanks, Tera!


  42. By MOM on Oct 24, 2011

    Have I told you lately how much I love you Tera !!!!
    Well in case I haven’t said it enough !!!
    Let me tell you again !!!!
    I LOVE YOU !!
    You make me very proud !!!


  43. By lizzy shafir on Oct 24, 2011

    Reading this post, i felt like your describing exactly me! Even though, i’ve never been overweight and some would even call me thin, I consistantly feel that if i’d just be a bit thinner, I’d look fabulous, I’d feel light, and be able to accomplish all that i want. I just seem to maintain that bit of heaviness that i feel makes me tired and less than glamorous looking, that makes me just want to hide, and not continue with my life, until i lose those 10 pounds. it just feel like endless craziness, how will i break this cycle so i can feel the lightness i want and allow myself to live?!


  44. By Amber on Oct 24, 2011

    *long exhale of breath* Wow, and YES, to all of that. I am magnificent, I’m intelligent, I have great hair, a great butt and great boobs…at least, that’s what everyone tells me. I’m tall and beautiful, and I can’t see it at all. I have good hair days and bad hair days, but almost every day is a “fat day”.

    I’ve self-abandoned, and so, I attract others that abandon me. I have become afraid to express myself, to live in my greatness; and so, I invite others into my life who crush my spirit even more.

    I want to be FREE!!! I want to LIVE! I want to express myself fully and give up this cycle of self-abandonment. But HOW DO I DO THAT!?! I need help. In all my education and living in my head, researching…I need help getting back into my body and seeing it for the beautiful thing that it is. The wonderful tool that the universe gave me so that I could experience life more fully. Yet, I’ve turned it into my enemy.

    Please help me! I need your tools and community! I’m so glad to be amongst women who are looking to change themselves and change the world!


  45. By da Peeej on Oct 25, 2011

    “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
    I could write a “fat” response.
    Here’s where I am –
    In seclusion.
    I rarely go out (except to work), and almost nobody can come into my home — for all of the reasons stated above.
    Here’s where I am headed –
    gratitude (for your wisdom and the incredible work you’re doing with all of the other sages you’ve put before us), self-acceptance, EFT (tapping), Reiki, exercise (more than not-at-all), prayer, meditation, sharing time, money and resources (+ I’ve forwarded info about your program to countless folks who might benefit), and if I added more, this reply would become “fat”! =)
    I am evolving.
    Look out!! Body Enlightenment will allow the light to burn off the cover that’s been hiding all I Am created to “BE”.


  46. By Glenna on Oct 25, 2011

    Hi Tera, I don’t have a story about myself, but I know a resource that you might like to link on your site. I’ve been subscribing to Missus Smarty Pants for several years now and she has so much good advice for finding which styles suit the different body types. She has a fresh report every week. I found her when I was on the Flylady website which is also a great link for stategies for getting rid of clutter (house fat).I love what you are doing for women and I recommend you connect to Flylady and Missus Smarty Pants. I think you even had Flylady as one of the speakers on WISH last spring??


  47. By Jennifer on Oct 25, 2011

    I live in a country where everyone is stick thin. This makes me feel fat, even though I am 5’8″ at 155 lbs. When I look at myself, all I see are my rolls of fat. My husband thinks I am beautiful, but I don’t see it. When I had a thyroid problem, I go down to 130 lbs and a size 8, but was still not satisfied. I remember thinking that I just wanted to loss 5 more pounds and then I would be happy. I see pictures of myself from that time and I was thin. I just didn’t see it. I want to be truly happy with the body that I am living in regardless of how I think it looks. I am working on having a healthy lifestyle (going more raw) and making that my goal. I hope to win, but I think a lot of these other ladies need it a lot more than I do. Thanks for all your help, Tera.


  48. By Sarah on Oct 25, 2011

    Hi, Tera! Why I think the Body Enlightenment program would help me is bc I’m finally *ready* to make that step, no matter how hard. I’ve spent 30 years hating pictures, wearing baggy clothes, not wearing makeup, doing my hair…and I want to change! I’m wearing different clothes (I just bought my first dress since I was a kid!), learning about makeup, interacting with people. It’s been hard to do this alone-someone to point me along the way would be fabulous. I know whatever lucky lady wins this opportunity will have a great time :)


  49. By Karen on Oct 25, 2011

    I think I could sum up the above blog in one word – Condemnation. And boy have I been living there! Our bodies aren’t designed to carry it and as many of us know, the cycle of feeling bad and continuing the bad behaviour continues. You say there’s a way to break that cycle? I want to know it!! I need to know it!!! I never really realised that the behaviours mentioned above are tied together, but reading through them it was like a light went on, I looked around at my messy house and felt my untidy head space. Please tell me how to get out of this spiral. I realised just now it has been maybe 18 years since my body was anyway half presentable, and even then I thought it wasn’t, though I was quite slim. Now I am grossly overweight, I HAVE to change, I WANT to change, but I don’t know how. An opportunity to be a part of this program would be an honour, a privilege and probably more life changing than I can imagine.
    Thanks for being someone who encourages others, Karen


  50. By Jean Mack on Oct 25, 2011

    I have been on a roller coaster for a couple of years. Eight years ago I had a beautiful baby girl, and got married to a man I thought was the man of my dreams. As soon as I had my daughter our relationship started deteriating. Pre-baby I was 155 pds. After I was 180 pd. My husband was not supportive and even started insulting me because of my weight. I struggled to try to make him happy to get my nice shapely body back. Running, aerobics, Denise Austin I finally got back down to 160. Things were going well when I was pregnant again with my son almost 2 years later. I was very sick and had no energy to exercise so I started gaining more weight. My husband started treating me funny again. Ita been 5 years and I would lose weight then gain it right back and now I am 216. Which is the heaviest I have ever been. I’m unhappily married with two children, depressed and looking forward to moving on with my life and loving myself again. I have low self esteem and want to change that about myself. I really would like to train myself to be disciplined. I bought a membership in January and havent been their since. My mother was over weight with many health issues and died in may of this year. I really would like a chance to use your system to make a difference in my life. I do not want my mothers fate to be mine. She suffered from ALL of the over weight disorders like diabetes, highblood pressure and many other thing that came from depression and lack of self esteem that kept her eating at eating. Sometimes I eat for no reason at all, then I have to stop myself and remind myself that I am no longer hungry. Eat because I’m bored, sad, happy, angry and not necessary hungry. Please help.


  51. By Ann on Oct 25, 2011

    Oh boy! That is me! I’ve dieted so many times I can’t count them. I’m going to my nephew’s wedding in 10 days and all I can think of is I’ve got to lose a few pounds! I finally discovered green smoothies about 7 months ago, started working out 1 1/2 years ago and am at my ideal weight. Yet, growing up with a Mom who was obsessed with her children being thin, she had me dieting at 8 yrs old! That was just the beginning. I was so ashamed for 30 yrs because I just got fatter. Having children exacerbated my problem. Finally, I went so far as to have a gastri bypass. I lost over 100 lbs. But my obsession continued. I had to turn 50 before I started coming to terms with my body. However, when I go back to Mom’s it creeps back. Help!!! Again I fee I can never be to thin! THIS MUST STOP!!! I know this new program of yours will help and I’m so excited for it to be unveiled!


  52. By Lynda Lenz on Oct 25, 2011

    I am in the normal weight range BMI of 21. I exercise regularly and eat healthily – I am vegetarian. I still have “fat” days though and dont feel that being slim makes me happy. What makes my happy is my delightful wee grandy who is 3yrs old and has to have regular operations at Starship Hospital (6 weekly). She is always so bubbly and bright and teaches me a lot about what really matters in life. If I were overweight I would want to lose it just to be healthy as it is our health that is important and not what we look like or what others think of our bodies.


  53. By Quihuara on Oct 25, 2011

    I need to unsubscribe from your site ..i already did so but still keep getting mail..Sorry but just too inundated .i appreciate all your imput tremendously.


  54. By GG on Oct 25, 2011

    WOW you have just described me to a tee. I’m not myself anymore. I’m so confused that I’m juicing in the morning and eating craft macaroni and cheese in the evening. I’m 60lbs over weight, and I’m so depressed and sad. I’m always angry now as well. My husband will take my our daughters to birthday parties and I won’t go because everyone will look at me say hello while really thinking “oh my what happen to GG? She’s put on so much weight!!” I just feel like giving up!!! The sweats you mentioned!!! I live that everyday. I use to love dressing up and now I’ve learned to accessorize when I have to go put with sweats on. I just hate this person and I don’t know how to get rid of her. I know raw foods are what I need but how do you make this a lifestyle change on a limited budget with a family of 5 and a husband who wants me to cook his ribs, rice, pasta, and steak every night. My kids who look at me with disgust when I try to introduce a raw green juice to them. I NEED HELP!!!! I’ll spend over a $100.00 a week on fruits and vegetables and then spend another $100.00 on the foods my family want like steak, chicken, rice, milk, cereal, etc,
    I work with children at my daycare and on a constant basis I put on this fake happy face to show I’m ok and I’m not. I’m totally dying inside. I don’t know how to stop this declining slope of failure, doubt, and borderline hatred for myself. Why can’t I do this?


  55. By Llewellyn-Jones on Oct 25, 2011

    Dear Tera…
    I would love to participate in this program…
    I need to change habits NOW!! I totally agree with every single word you write…
    The possibility for me now to pay for it is very low, because i have no job and i am creating (at 49 years old) my own new business in a program that i am sure you would love very very much…I just moved from Paris to Bergerac in South West France…a beautiful place…and my new home is just getting really charming but I still need to buy myself a fridge and a real kitchen stove…a blender as well!! Since I only came here with my books, pictures clothes and a few more things…
    I have high cholesterol since age 30…but still indulge in butter cream wine etc … This place is so full of temptations from the croissants to the cheeses and all of the best French delicacies you can imagine at affordable prices…:-s
    So…needing a real change of habits and being all alone, I would really love to participate with you all…in exchange, I offer you my appartment for you to visit this lovely place whenever you like :-)
    So I don’t take away someone else’s chance to get in the program!!
    I hope you like my exchange offer…also because I would love to meet you personally some day.
    Love you to bits!
    Is to offer you my home for holidays in exchange for an invitation to the program


  56. By Tonia on Oct 25, 2011

    Oh my! You spoke right to me this morning. Just yesterday I sat tearing myself apart and taking “before” pictures again for the thousandth time. I vowed to give up regard sugar and pizza only to devour 6 cookies for breakfast. My “sweats” are spandex workout pants (to suck everything in) and an old Tommy Hilfiger sweet shirt to hide under. I’m not fooling anyone except for maybe myself. Why fix your hair when a ball cap will do? I am definitely caught in my own trap, a vicious cycle I’ve been on for many years. I have been fat most of my adult life and desperately want to change. I want my children to have a positive healthy role model in their mother. I want to feel comfortable and sexy in my skin and not let the scale determine my self worth. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! Tonia


  57. By Tonia on Oct 25, 2011

    Please remove my last name from my post. For some reason I didn’t think it would be a public comment. Thanks!


  58. By Debbie on Oct 25, 2011

    I too have had about 15-20 lbs to lose all my life. I’ve managed to lose it but it always seems to creep right back on. I’ve tried every diet imagineable – the most recent diet promised to curb my appetite and give me more energy to want to move more. Unfortunately, all it did was swell my joints with the “fake” sugar they used in their elixir I had to drink. I’ve watched my points, counted my calories, exercised like a mad woman, stopped eating carbs, stopped eating protein with carbs, etc. the list goes on. I even got so desperate that I had injections in my butt. I really need something that will actually work, for the long term and can be a new way of life. I have a feeling this may be the one. Thanks for your very inspiring blogs. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this battle.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    You’re certainly not alone Debbie- the sheer number of post here attests to that! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! xoxo


  59. By cindy on Oct 25, 2011

    Gosh, I really want this program very badly !!! You can’t imagine what I would do to be picked. My challenges have been many over the last few years.

    My health has been on a downward spiral for the last 28 years. I have tried so many different program, supplements, ideas, yet nothing has worked for me. My husband at the time said nobody would ever want to be around me because I was sickly. I tried to hide how I felt, the fatigue that plagued me, but he always noticed. To top it off he never got sick and he was thin. Things went downhill and so we parted ways.

    Then in college as a single parent, I was vaccinated for the program I entered. The vaccines triggered life-changing events. My immune system fought as hard as it could, my body was getting weaker. My balance became challenged, I developed severe neurological issues and foot drop. The Doctors said I was making it up.

    I managed to finish and graduate. The issues never completely left. 10 years later I had to stop working due to illness.

    I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It shattered my life. My walking got so bad I was put in a wheelchair off and on. At my worse I couldn’t move. My body was nearly paralyzed at times.

    I had to re-train my body to learn to walk. My body became so weak the only exercise I could do was wiggling my fingers and toes in the chair. Eventually I could use a resistance band, then do marching in place. I have been very determined and consistent with exercising for over a year.

    The Medications they put me on made my weight balloon upwards out of control. Even though some time has passed, I haven’t been able to shake it. I try as hard as I can to eat right and workout. I really need help and am open to learning ways to improve my health and nutrition.

    The symptoms become so severe at a drop of a hat that I can’t work. I lost my home due to illness. My balance fluctuates so much from minute to minute, my energy is horrible. I can fall asleep with little warning. My stomach is all bloated with gas that it’s painful. My body gets so very weak that I look like someone pulled out my batteries. It happens when I do simple tasks, then it shuts down and I have to sleep. My face muscles droop and I literally can’t stand up without help. It comes and goes during the day. Its so unpredictable and acute that I can’t plan on doing anything. It leaves me pretty much housebound. Dependent on others to take me places or help me.

    It is so frustrating as I try my hardest to exercise and eat a healthy diet. I don’t know what else to do. If I could do this program it would do wonders for me. If I could loose the extra weight it would be easier for me to get up out of a chair by myself and to get up off the floor. My body would start the healing process with the raw foods. I really want this.

    I would absolutely love this program. It would be LIFE-CHANGING FOR ME !!!


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Cindy, thank you so much for sharing your story and courage with us! xoxo


  60. By Suzie b on Oct 25, 2011

    WOW. This post described me. I’ve been dragging this extra 20 lbs around for 8 8yrs since my 2nd son was born. He has special needs and the stress of that and my obsessive devotion to care for him and my other child and hubby – I have put myself at the bottom of the list. Not buying cloths because I’m “going to loose the weight” Hiding at home, negative self talk, low self esteem. This did not use to be me, but I hate the way I look with this extra weight and as hard as I try and as healthy as I eat the pounds to not come off. I need help because my life is slipping by.
    Love your blog and all your messages of hope, please help me get my life back.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Thank you for your post Suzie! You are not alone! xoxo


  61. By rhonda riley on Oct 25, 2011

    I believe that the body enlightenment program is for me because… I Have been short my entire life and boxy on top of that. I have been convinced that eventually you just get wider. “It comes with age” they said. I really didn’t find that to be true until my mid 40′s and then it started. I began to gain 5 pounds here and there and before I knew it I was 5’2″ 171 pounds and growing. I knew that it didn’t have to be that way but I could not get a breakthrough in my habbits and I just kept falling into the same old traps. My husband, in the mean time, had cancer for the 4th time. We had never needed radiation or chemo because they had simply removed the mass and we went on. But in April 2011 we found ourselves facing the radiation monster. We were scheduled to start radiation the coming week and I freaked out. I knew it was the wrong thing for my husband. His body has trouble repairing cells and we all know that radiation damages cells. Therefore, in my husbands case, radiation equals more cancer. I prayed and read and looked at dvd’s with information and finally convinced Rick to cancel his appts. We began with your Raw Food Detox and it went great 2 weeks after the detox he was tested again and his cancer marker had returned to the level it had been 3 months prior. We were back in the safe zone. The cancer was retreating instead of aggressing. Since that time we have been eating 70 to 80%Raw but I will say that because of some emotional struggles I find myself cheating once in a while. I even found myself eating a big mac at McDonalds this past weekend. I really want to stay true with Rick and eat only what he eats but I do have some binge struggles and some ways of thinking that need to be addressed. I can’t really afford to join another class right now but I believe that the more I can learn the more that I can help others. On the last detox you did, I had over 30 people doing it with you. We had our own little midwest email group going to encourage one another. We lost in the neighborhood of 7 pounds each and many are continueing with a predominantly raw diet. I want to do Body Enlightenment not only for me. But because I feel that God has called me to help others especially the chronically ill to heal themselves through the great natural raw and delicious food taht He created for that very purpose. I have seen foods heal cancer in many cases and arthritis. I want to be about learning all that I can to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle. My husband is a pastor and at our church we have a health ministry. It is currently based on conventional health protocols. I believe it needs to be changed to natural health protocols, but I feel I need a bit more training to make that motion, esp because it is currently run by traditional health professionals. Did I mention that I live in the most obese city in the country. I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
    please pick me!


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your story Rhonda and for being so bold as to follow your heart and intuition! xoxo


  62. By Mildred on Oct 25, 2011

    Hi Tera and Company,

    I have been a work in progress for many years. I have been studying and experimenting with various methods of trying to stay healthy in an unhealthy world which promotes fast foods, promoting microwaves and the like which are truly the culprits that are causing our ill health. Additionally our minds are being assaulted as well with advertisements that tell us that our grey hair is not beautiful and to be almost anorexic to fit in with society.

    I have been involved with a few of your programs, the 3 and 7 day fasts which were fantastic. I am not new to fasting however my issue has been consistency and not having a good support network to help me along. I know it’s ultimately up to me but when you have a family that didn’t start out eating healthy, sometimes it can be an uphill battle and although I make healthy choices, I have found a way to help my family by putting fruit out on the table for snacks and curb buying ice cream and cookies and cakes and have tried recipes that they feel they can live with and this makes me happy because I know they are eating better and looking better all the time because of the time and effort that has been given to teach them a new way.

    The Body Enlightenment program will most definitely help me because it will help me to be more consistent in my endeavors to stay healthy, there is a great deal of self sabotaging I experience because I know that refined sugars are not good for me or anyone and since I was a little girl I learned that I have a love affair with sweets but I also learned through my reading that it’s more involved here than just me eating candy and cookies, I’m trying to mask some issues with eating starches which breaks down to sugars and this is how I medicate myself.

    I need a program that will tell me the ugly stuff about what is not good for me and how to overcome cravings and really get down to the nitty gritty of truly loving myself because I know most of it is addiction but why would a person who truly love themselves continually do things that are not for their highest good.

    The early part of the this past summer I gained 15 pounds and when I went to the doctor to see why my hands and feet were tingling when I ate candy and cookies, starches,etc. I was told that my blood sugar levels were rising and I was not a diabetic but if I didn’t change my way of eating and incorporate more excercise, I would ultimately develop diabetes. I currently am dealing with the challenge hyperthyroidsm and years ago it started out as hypothyroidism and so this has been a serious battle for over 20 years and so while I have made strides to eat healthier, I still go on fasts and usually get better with avoiding sugars but some how I go back to eating them but not as much as I used to and so I really am ready to get off of the roller coaster and get on a program other than the so called famous programs that seemingly help others but I don’t want to be a part of calorie counting and eating boxed meals that has so many toxins in them that really could cause other health issues as a result of eating them.

    Another reason I could use support with this program is because I have two children in college and tuition is steep and money is limited and so that is why I try to participate in programs here and there with your site when money allows but for the most part, I would like to participate in the Body Enlightenment program because I believe it is going to be a ground breaking program that will help others once and for all if they they truly embrace the principles and really want to help themselves because let’s face it, if we don’t want to help ourselves, no one can really help us at all. It starts with ourselves.

    Another reason I would like to go through this program is because I would like to assist others by introducing them to this program but first going through it and personally seeing the results and actually live the Enligtenment so to speak for myself and this way I can help others because eventhough we all may receive varying results because our bodies are different, but the core of the program will generally be the same which is overall better health and seeing ourselves in a better light.

    My name “Mildred” means gentle advisor and I so want to live up to my name and I believe this program will help me do just that.

    I wish everyone well with the contest and everyone who can participate the best of health.

    Just from the last 7 day fast I participated in with Tera and crew, I lost the 15 pounds I gained by incorporating the principles so I know so far that the Body Enlightenment program is truly going to help me in the areas that I need to stay consistent because I feel the need and want to be better overall without the use of harsh drugs which only mask the issue and not get to what actually is causing the challenge.

    I hope I am blessed to participate in this program because it truly is a blessing that this program has come NOW because truly the time is NOW and it’s the only time we have.



    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Mildred, your words ring so true for so many… You’re already blessed and BE would be lucky to have a community member like you! xoxo


  63. By Mariette on Oct 25, 2011

    I actually do not really care if I win a free entry to BE or not- it seems to me this is a program that is honest, and cares for ME, and I need something like that to dare and seek help, to open up to others, and be honest to myself about my relationship with me, my body, food and let’s not forget my soul. So no more hiding from friends, no more ” I will first do this alone and next pick up my life again”, no more obsessing with a few pounds (no, I am not grossly overweight, I am fine I suppose, but I struggle in my head with my body image and I eat often uncontrolled for the wrong reasons). I have often looked at programs, diets, self-help tools, but I have never really felt it would be something for me; too often I heard the dollar-ping of the profit-seeking organization behind it. So I stayed where I was. Now it is time to change that, with the support I feel I can trust, with information that makes sense and is honest, with a community where I can be myself.
    I wish you all the success you deserve, Tera and friends, and I am looking forward to the launch of your BE program.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Mariette, thank you so much for your support and for the love. We love you too!! xoxo


    Reply by Mariette on October 26th, 2011

    Thank you Tera, and friends, but come to think of it, I actually DO want to get a free entry to BE. Not for the money, no, but for the commitment- I will be in BE for ME, but with your support and believe in me by means of a free entry, I will be in it for both of us. I cannot let myself nor you down in this, we deserve full commitment, so I am in it for the both of us. And after the 30 days I will be able to stick with my new lifestyle, after all, we need about 21-30 days to change behavior, right? To show my gratidude to you, and the universe, I commit to donating the fee to a cause that you may decide- wheter it is support for sexual abused women (we are in the same boat there, Tera), or on eduaction for the less fortunate, or environmental support, you name it, I will donate the entire fee to whatever organization you suggest. We’ll walk the walk together. Mariette


  64. By Martha on Oct 25, 2011

    Why, Why, Why do we do this to ourselves? I have been wasting time trying to lose weight even when I didn’t have weight to lose. Thats 40 years of trying to lose weight, wearing clothes that are baggy even when the body under there was actually quite perfect just the way it was. Now I have 50 lbs of extra baggage. I seem to gain weight every year regardless of my efforts. Self sabbotage? Oh yes. I have been through biofeedback, counseling and much more to try to dig deep into the core of what “ails” me. I never seem to address the fact that I am beautiful just the way i am. So, now I am trying to tackle the “do I feel good” issues. Back to the Sabotage…because I feel GREAT when I eat raw, but the social issues get in the way of doing what FEELS GOOD, VS WHAT WILL OTHERS THINK. ARGH!! My sister has been trying for 10 years to convince me that raw is good. It started with her journey to Hippocrates and bringing back a raw cookbook for me. Her intentions were wonderful, but I kept feeling like she was trying to FIX me, so I ignore it. Three years ago she gave me a DVD on EFT. I have not watched it. This is a HUGE battle in my head. The child in me is resisting. The adult in me wants to be healthy, happy, energetic and more.
    I work for a non-profit organization that has daily temptations of sweets and foods left over from events. I know in my heart these are not good for me.
    Anyway, a few years ago a friend suggested I try a 7 day detox. I did it and felt amazing. Ah, but then I went right back to my old habits. Ever since then I have been exploring raw food. I go on and off again. Always feeling great when I am on. So, the ongoing question…why, why, why do I continue to Sabotage? Stress? the pleasure of self abuse? Lack of money? Clutter? the joy of spending so much time trying to diet? Oh boy! Help?!!! Well ladies, a cheers and blessings to you all. I’m sending out love and laughter, because in the end life is too short not to love or laugh.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Lasting change happens on a gradient, be patient with yourself and enjoy the process! Sending love and laughter right back at ‘cha! xoxo


  65. By Marcy on Oct 25, 2011

    I have gained twenty pounds in the last year. At this point, I was still not feeling real bad about myself, at least not bad enough to do something about it. Sure, my pants are really tight and I refuse to buy more, but what really hit me is my mom saying that my dad asked her if she noticed how fat I was getting. I guess I didn’t realized that OTHERS could tell that I was gaining weight, was it really that noticeable? So now I’m exercising my heart out but can’t seen to stop eating the things that didn’t even used to appeal to me. I seem to gravitate to everything that I shouldn’t have. I feel stuck.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Feeling comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself don’t always mean being skinny. Once we’re able to let go of the emotional baggage we carry around with our food and our feelings- many times, the weight will follow suit… xoxo


  66. By Naraleska on Oct 25, 2011

    Wow, you did it again, you made me cry woman! At the age of 10 I had a glorious forming curvy body and my grandma told me that my butt was huge because I was eating too many bowls of black beans. what?? my butt is huge?? I never even thought about it, but that was it! the damage had been done, it lead me to 15 years of eating disorders, I tell you I went through them all anorexia to bulimia and finally bulimarexia which I didn’t even think such a thing could exist! and to top that a crazy roller coaster of mood changes and depression. Because it started at such a young age I was never able to learn to eat in order, I was never able to learn to deal with my emotions, I was never really able to like myself, there was always something wrong!!. I come from Venezuela, the country of “beautiful women”, I don’t know if you could imagine the pressure there is to live up to the standard of a Miss Universe. I am 32 and I am finally on a place where I can say, ok, I need some help here! I discovered the eating disorder cycle not long ago, it was good to give it a name. I work right now with community development projects, you have no idea how many blenders I have given away for free to people who could have never afford them. I have taught about green smoothies I learned from you on the 3 days green smoothies challenge to many during those times in outreach for free, I love to see the sparkling light on their eyes when they began to use the bathroom more regularly ;) We live by donations and our work is also financed by donation. I would love to take part of the Body Enlightenment. It would help me and it would help me to help others.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    “I love to see the sparkling light… when they began to use the bathroom more regularly…” I love that Naraleska! And I pray that you allow yourself to heal through the wonderful and great work that you’re doing as you’re changing lives! That’s the amazing thing about community- we all have so much to offer one another! xoxo


  67. By Melanie on Oct 25, 2011

    Seven years ago, I felt in love. I felt in love with a generous, active, honest, and handsome man. I also felt in love with life, and with myself. I was able to enjoy every moments, and marvel at the smallest things. I was discovering how life is good and my soul was in peace.
    Seven years later, I am still that person, but somehow I faded. My love and I, we grew older, and fatier. We stopped caring for ourself and I cannot marvel at things as easily as I was before. I stopped spending time for myself, doing things for me and me only. I miss the woman I was.
    A month ago, I did the 7 day Raw Food Detox and I felt great! It made me pay attention to what I put in my body and how bad I have been treating myself, gradually going worse over the years without really noticing it. During the detox, I didn’t loose weight, but I didn’t care because I felt lightier in my mind and I believe that is the most important thing.
    I don’t know for sure if BE will help me, but I think it might just be what I need to get back on my feet and start shining again.
    My goal is to clean myself of all the self-judgments that are keeping me back. I want to know again that state of blissful inner peace because when I am like that, I know I can accomplish anything and probably more important for me, people around me gathers because I make them feel great, too!


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Release negativity and embrace joy! And then dance around the living room with it!! xoxo


  68. By Michelle Higginbotham on Oct 25, 2011

    The first 15 pounds were my own darn fault, I admit. But the next 25 I have always blamed on the hysterectomy. They came on almost immediately after the surgery, even though my eating and exercising had remained the same. Regardless of where the blame lies, I have been lugging around an extra 40 pounds for more than 20 years.
    I walk regularly, and actually eat nourishing food. But then I add in some not-so-healthy foods for pleasure. I actually released 20 pounds a few years ago with a cleanse, but it gradually crept back on.
    A couple of months ago my husband gently suggested that we incorporate some “starving” days into our week, when we drink a veggie and juice smoothie for breakfast and have a salad for dinner. Nothing else. We have been doing it on the days our schedule allows. Not much has happened for me, because on the “eating” days, we have gone berserk with eating anything we want. (He, of course, has slimmed down even more from his already slim enough frame.)
    I recently had a physical check-up. The NP who was examining me mentioned that I was “a bit fluffy”. It was her cutesy way of saying that I am fat. She didn’t have much to offer in the way of suggestions. Since then I have been making more of an effort to control my portion sizes – to make them about half of what I want to eat.
    This morning my husband picked up a down feather that had made its way out of a pillow. He looked at it carefully, then looked at me and asked, “are you losing fluff?” I had to laugh out loud because it was such the perfect joke.
    I have known for a long time that there is an emotional component to my overeating. But my whining response is always, “But I get so hungry!” I’m not sure why I get so hungry and why I can eat so much without feeling full. I would love to learn another way of approaching this almost lifelong problem.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Well, hopefully we all begin to “release” excess fluff in the months to come! When it happens, it’ll be due to a shift in thinking and a change in our relationship with food. :) You’re not alone, love! xoxo


  69. By Diane on Oct 25, 2011

    Blindsided. The truth is i would never have thought of myself as self-loathing. Jokingly, i would say to my sister; ‘Hey Sis , you know me- i like to throw my weight around!” Somewhere, somehow way down deep within; i comforted myself with food beyond nutritional necessity. Ironically, i secretly thought that when ‘things’ settled down, i could get my ‘life’ together. Working full time to put myself through college, i thought of my body as a ‘tool.’ Later, i married at the age of 30 and had 4 children every other year-practically; until the age of 39. Marriage and children are a blessing and anything worthwhile does take work. Losing myself into mothering and being a wife, i stopped dressing nicely. My exercise routine diminished as i did my best to raise a family. We always had fun as a family together but i would often wear my ‘get-ups’ for outfits. These outfits are called ‘get-ups’ because you ‘get-up and go…’
    i,too, started to hide. i often prayed that when i went to church that no one would see me.
    Avoidance became the norm for me.
    As far as the house, i do like a tidy home but piles do accumulate and often before holidays or parties, i would be going through the house to sort through the piles.
    It’s self revealing that all the clutter comes from within me. I am looking hopefully forward to your new program.



    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Making time to love everyone else around you comes so natural to mothers. Learning to love them by sometimes taking time to care for and love yourself is where we need to practice! xoxo


  70. By Tina on Oct 25, 2011

    Feeling beautiful from within is a true achievement and the key to a happier and much more confident and lighter future. Getting to love your body with all its flaws is not easy, in fact for myself it was an impossible task. There was no way I could think of loving myself without losing the surplus weight. This was until I read in a book the following exercise and it has changed completely my confidence and the way my life continues irrelevant to my weight. I stood in front of a reflected surface whether that is a mirror, floor to ceiling window etc naked or (when I didn’t feel comfortable) with my underwear or some sort of revealing garment. Initially I did this in a room with no bright lights. I then looked at my body for 2-3 minutes letting my thoughts go from I hate my thighs, cellulite etc to my stomach is not bad, my bottom may have cellulite but it is high up ( gym is paying up) etc. Then finally, towards the end of the 3 minutes I also reminded myself that my existence is not just this body and remembered things I achieved and have accomplished. I did this every day and through the course of time I have seen a huge improvement in both my confidence and my love towards my body. It is so true that true beauty lies within and once you find it nothing can take it away. Not there yet but getting to it.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    I love this Tina! Thank you so much for sharing it! I’m going to go run to my mirror for about 2-3 minutes, if you’ll excuse me… xoxo


  71. By Cat Schuller on Oct 25, 2011

    The demon camera is worse than a mirror!! Everytime I look at a picture of myself, it’s just the weirdest feeling. “I don’t feel that fat,” I say to myself. Am I that much in denial. The thing is that I am pre diabetic and I have a charity for women affected by, at risk of or living with the epidemic of diabetes. We teach a diva-tude about diabetes. I think that perhaps I should “feel fatter” because it would motivate me to do what my endocrinologist has been telling me….keeping an additional 75 pounds of your frame has serious implications. That’s the only thing I should allow to motivate me…and to feel, really feel.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    I love that “divi-tude”! Love and tough love can be opposite sides of the same coin for some… xoxo


  72. By Aeryn on Oct 25, 2011

    When I was 16 years old I had a baby. This is not the best time to get pregnant, not only are you too young, but your body is still going through “changes”. So during my pregnancy I gained 75 pounds. I never really lost it. At my heaviest, I was 217 pounds. I joined LA Weight Loss and it worked. I got down to 146 pounds. I felt fantastic and had confidence like I’d never had before. Then the center closed and I lost my support. I’ve gained back about 50 pounds over the last few years. At this point, I’m about 193. I yo-yo all the time and but I can’t seem to break the 180 mark for very long. I’ve been vegan for over a year and have tried to go raw a couple times. Every time I do, I feel great. But, inevitably something happens and I go back to eating as a not so healthy vegan. I think with BE I would have the support and resources I would need to finally get healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin again. Now, my daughter is 16 and is getting concerned about her body and I want to be able to set a good example for her so she can get healthy and feel good about herself.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    You’re not alone Aeryn! Additional support is the beautiful thing about joining a community of like minded thinkers… xoxo


  73. By Kelli on Oct 25, 2011

    This program would be helpful for me since it would provide what I’m missing – a friendly, non-judging community to help deal with the emotional side of ED.

    I always felt rejected by my father. My mom thought she was helping by being very complimentary of my physical appearance and letting me know that her co-workers thought I was super hot! She meant well but I was only 14 when it started and I ended up linking my self-worth with my appearance. I was never fat until I started having kids and marriage issues (no doubt partly due to my personal issues!). Until then, I always kept pretty fit.

    It all started from being physically abused as a toddler before my mom found out and ended the marriage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon enough for her to avoid being beaten nearly to death and have an all-out nervous breakdown. Supposedly, I was young enough (2) not to remember the experience but it remains in the subconscious. All this stuff shouldn’t bother me 40 years later but it does.

    I just started making green smoothies again and got a couple pairs of better fitting jeans/pants to help NOW. I had planned to have my health act together by my 40th birthday but didn’t.

    I’ll be 43 in Feb and my driver’s license will be expiring. I want my health and energy back, I want to be okay with getting my new license picture taken, I want pics of me with my 3 beautiful kids and even with my husband if we can fix our marriage.

    Thanks for the chance to vent a bit. Brevity has never been my strong suit. Hugs to all!


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    No one said you had to be brief, lovely! Thanks for your comments and for honestly. You’re stronger than you know… xoxo


  74. By Turner on Oct 25, 2011

    Hello. I am responding to your request for feedback on this article. What you say may be true for many, but I think there are many women with weight, who eat well, move well, feel well and like their clutter and their clothes and way of being. In your article the words come at the reader in a way that that is just as derogatory as you are suggesting we should not be towards our selves.

    I think that the concept you are trying to put forward is true for many, but I am sure that there are many of us slobs (as the words seem to imply) who are happy in our skin. Although I like to wear comfortable clothes I am not a slob (which I find that this article portrays the people you are addressing to be), I eat an organic non rigid diet and spend 20 minutes cleaning my teeth at night, get regular haircuts etc. Most of my addictions have simply ‘fallen away’ and I do not beat myself for the few that remain. My house is basically clean although the dust can sometimes accumulate. I am into many projects and so have what could be considered the artistic clutter of a lifttime. I do not always feel like socializing as I am over the limit of spreading myself and my time thin.

    For the women to whom your words do apply I would say, to not feel guilty regarding the concepts that might seem to apply to you. Don’t try to model yourself into a way that is not you, for often many people who appear to fit into the category of a ‘well put together person’ are not necessarily so put together on the inside. The package is often a facade.

    Get into Iyengar Yoga and Gabrielle Roth dancing,


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Hey Turner, Totally appreciate your opinion, and happy you found what worked for you. As you can see by the number of comments, a lot of us are still looking. It’s not about guilt, but the courage to keep trying after we’ve fallen so many times. If it was as easy as you say, we’d be there all ready.
    Totally appreciate your opinion and feedback. Thanks. xoxo


    Reply by Turner on October 26th, 2011

    Thank you. Didn’t mean to sound critical, and I am not saying it is so easy. I have all the pitfalls myself, and I can not see myself ever becoming the thin and movie star gorgeous type (and I know that ‘not seeing’ the possibility makes it impossible to ever achieve it). I relate to the pain of every person here, ….and especially the one comment that said that she saw how she did not feel worthy to be with some of the men that she was meeting (meaning, they were probably raw and flawless). I just felt that the words were screaming from the page, and as you have also said, it is not to make us feel guilty. I just got rubbed the wrong way thinking that we have to become someone else who we are not. And I wanted to address the possibility that because we might emerge to better ‘appearances’ it does not necessarily kill our wounds.

    Yesterday I was in reaction to the words that were screaming at me from the page and used the opportunity to say simply ….. that maybe some of us do not aspire to be that well put together package.

    Raw … great … would like to see myself raw … for health …not only for beauty to attract others.

    It is clear that you are helping many people (and they are brave enough to hear your words which help them to become honest) and that is what counts.


  75. By Allyson Beynon on Oct 25, 2011

    I love how inside you are so clearly anle to excess the thoughts on every womans mind (at some point in each of our lives) and that many men feel the same way.
    The past year has been loaded with challenges for my family and I. Some are handled more gracefully than others but I find myself in self loathing, wishing I could escape my life and my body andall those around me. Why would others want to be atound me when I don’t want to be in my own skin!!
    I have been struggling to find my deepest self, to find my propose and serve others through the other struggles that seem to be suffocating me and causing me to withdraw but knowing that I need to make some healthy changes for all of us in order to just bemore convoys of


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Allyson, we are not alone in our struggles but kindred spirits and sisters. xoxo


  76. By Maria on Oct 25, 2011

    I would like to gain access to this program. I am in my 3rd cycle of life where a pattern has emerged again and if i don’t find some way to end this now. I don’t know what I am going to do. I moved to take care of my best friend’s mom who had cancer and when her mom died, my friend of 50 years turned on me. It got so bad I had to move out and stay with a friend and bring my son who also lost is job because he wanted to do the right thing at work and the boss got mad. I have no job, I get several rejections daily, no money-my unemployment ran out and my alimony stopped,I have headaches every day, all day, and no medical care.When I told my daughter that I was on the verge of being homeless, she offered a few weeks but here boyfriend is moving in so there is no room for me. Somehow today, it all hit me and I am spiritually tired and am really considering just going to bed and never getting up again. Thanks for at least reading this as I know you are going to give the program to someone else.But it is the small things that count…..


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Keep your head up Maria. Hard times befall us all, but you have the grace to move through this and end up on top. xoxo


  77. By Sherri on Oct 25, 2011

    It took my 18 year old daughter to tell me to start wearing clothes that fit me so I could begin to feel good again even though I am overweight. She was right. Even though the jeans were a large size, they fit me and I stopped hiding in my sweatpants :)


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    She is a reflection of all that you taught her… <3 xoxo


  78. By Christi on Oct 25, 2011

    I am starting my life over. I left an abusive husband and marriage over a year ago and last Friday finally had the courage to go and officially file for divorce. I was very mentally abused and told that I was not good enough so when I gained weight after having my boys I felt like I was just as worthless as what I was being told. Taking this step is huge to me and since I am breaking the bonds of abuse I would love to break the bonds of feeling less than and finally see myself for the beautiful woman everyone tells me I am. I am ready to see it for myself and maybe Body Enlightenment is exactly what I need to truly start my life over and see myself with fresh eyes and a new perspective.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    You are radiant Christi, and you are loved! Love yourself for the amazingly wonderful creature you are! xoxo


  79. By Nancy on Oct 25, 2011

    I would love to win the program to get healthy and be a good influence for my kids and husband and other family and friends. In the past 6 years my mom, dad , sister and brother have all been diagnosed with cancer. My mom is better now, my brother has finished his treatment last month, my sister has been told she does not need treatment until later. I would love to see her surprise the doctors by getting rid of it all together! My dads cancer has come back to his liver. I do not know why my whole family has cancer, life style, exposure??? I want to stay healthy and help them as well,
    warmly, Nancy


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Loving and leading by example is a great place to start! xoxo


  80. By Cindi on Oct 25, 2011

    Tera… I have been on and off your different programs with you.. you have been there for me in so many ways. I have always had a wt problem and I realized the other day .. I have just ended an on again off again romance… it had been going on for 6 yrs.. and I did love him… but when I joined a dating site the other day.. I realized there are some guys on there that I did not feel worthy of… and I realized that to feel that way means I do not truly value myself.. and I need to change that.. I need to love myself and know that I am worthy of any man I choose to see and not shut them down because I feel they are better than me…..I realize it is more than just the wt that is hidden beneath the layers but the wt is a part of it and it needs to go as I need to blossom and bloom and shed those things that hold me back…. and I will… it is time! Thank you Tera for all that you do….


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    the worthy one will present himself when you’re ready, hon! xo


  81. By Anya on Oct 25, 2011

    Hey Tera,

    My name is Anya. Thank you so much for your blog, I can’t say it enough! I dream of having a raw vegan lifestyle. Bring on the energy, clarity, and joy! I first heard about raw foods about 2 years ago. I was hooked! I read every book I could find, and through this topic I found other health discoveries, like meditation and yoga.

    Real health is a subject I am passionate about, because to care about yourself is to love yourself. Although I am only 20, I have many addictions that have torn me apart for years.

    My first was food, mainly sugar and bread. Growing up, food was how we shown our love. Naturally, I was an overweight child and continue to struggle with my weight today. I had, and still have, a low self-esteem (but I am fighting to change this!)

    My second addiction is beating myself up. I love to do it. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable. I am typing this Starbucks, after another binge on sugar and caffeine.

    Oh ya, I’m a smoker, too.

    Luckily, I found a true passion: performing arts. When I was 17 I moved from he country to a city 3 hours away to learn ballet. I quit school, and danced 6 days a week. I went to multiple studios at a time, spending my college savings (and 2.5 years of my life). I worked my butt off to accomplish my dream. what I achieved was amazing, and now am a strong dancer at an Intermediate RAD level.I also hated myself in the process. I thought I didn’t deserve to dance because I was (in my own words) a disgusting dancer, and an insult to ballet.

    I almost quit, but miraculously I was accepted in a prestigious internationally known performing arts school. I thought “Great! A fresh start!”. I have been here for almost 2 months, and it is such a dream. Despite my love for the school, I am really struggling. It is one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced, and my negativity towards myself is hurting my growth. I am so unorganized and cloudy, I’m far behind in my work. I don’t want to go to dance class (those darn bodysuits!), and I never want to act in out classes (everyone’s looking at me!).

    I am working very hard to learn to love myself. I meditate and do yoga almost every day. I read your blog and listen to the interviews. But still I sabotage myself by binging on terrible foods, that make me unable to focus in class, make me sick, and give me gas. I am embarrassed and want to hide all the time…. which doesn’t work so well when one is performing.

    So here is where I ask “Please oh please, help me Tera!” I wand to be a loving, free, energetic individuals. I want to inspire others to love. I want to dance, and take those around me into the dream that I am feeling. And, I want to be healthy, and free of my addictions for once! I am working towards these goals, but something is missing. This is where I think the Body Enlightenment program will help me. I want guidance towards true health not just weight loss. I want to learn to shine now, while I am young, so I can grow into the performer I want to be. That is true success!

    Keep on rocking in the free world ;)



    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Every day is a fresh start, hon. Keep going… SO happy you’re here!! xoxo


  82. By Erica on Oct 25, 2011

    I am guilty of all 6 of those self-sabotage behaviors. I feel like they rule my life, but I don’t know how to stop the cycle. My body image affects every aspect of my life, but the unhappiness in my life makes me say to myself, “Oh, what the hell….it can’t get any worse so just go to McDonald’s (or eat that ice cream, or 4 doughnuts, or whatever…)” which causes more guilt and self-loathing. I don’t take care of myself and don’t even like putting on lotion because I can’t ignore the state of my body when I’m putting it on.

    I am a good 80 pounds overweight and so ashamed of it. I avoid social situations like the plague unless I can’t get out of it. I cannot stand pictures of myself. If I get a notification that someone has tagged me in a picture on Facebook, my anxiety level goes through the roof and I get to the computer as fast as possible to un-tag it lest someone who knew me when I was younger sees it and sees what I have become. A while back, I had the opportunity to get together with my best friends from high school for the first time in years. I could not make myself go. I was terrified of letting them see me so I made some excuse and then cried when I saw the pictures of the reunion without me.

    My life is so full of clutter. My house is a disaster with a capitol D and I feel so overwhelmed even thinking about getting it under control. My kitchen is always a mess so it’s hard to want to be in there and cut up fruit and veggies. I buy them, but I don’t usually eat them so yes my fridge usually has rotten produce. I try my hardest to not allow people to come over to my house. I hate when people show up unannounced, and if I know someone is coming I freak out trying to clean it up enough to not let them see the real state of my house.

    Feeding my family is incredibly hard for me. My son needs to eat gluten free but my husband is only a meat and potatoes kind of guy turning up his nose at pretty much any veggie. I’ve tried eating healthier, even trying vegetarian and vegan, but I feel like I need to make three different meals, which just the thought of is exhausting, so I don’t make anything and head to Taco Bell.

    I was a dancer growing up and stopped when I had back surgery for scoliosis. I could have gone back to classes when I recovered but I didn’t. I went to college and gained weight instead. It’s been so hard to have lost that part of me. I recently joined a couple adult dance classes, and while I enjoy them I spend the majority of the time feeling fat and longing for my long gone dancer’s body. The other class members tend to clap and yell when I dance and compliment me, and the whole time I just want them to be quiet. I’ve caught myself thinking, “Quit clapping for me, I’m not a big deal!!!” When did I stop thinking I deserved applause and compliments?

    I’m still trying to figure out “what I want to be when I grow up” and find myself thinking how great it would be to be a dance teacher. But then I think, “How could I even think I could become one at this point? I’m overweight, too old, and out of shape. How would I get the training I needed? People would laugh their butts off if tried.”

    I think I could really benefit from your Body Enlightenment. I’ve been looking for something that isn’t just a diet but inspires me to recapture my life and find the person I lost a long time ago. I know she’s in there somewhere.

    I feel guilty even hoping that I could win access to the program when there are so many other stories and deserving women. I’m not sure I could afford the program, though, so I’m going to selfishly keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for doing this, Tera! I really believe this could be life changing for a lot of us.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    SO courageous. SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story, Love!!


  83. By Tracy Robison on Oct 25, 2011

    About 6 years ago I lost 80 pounds, all by myself. No pills, no special diet programs. I thought that my husband would be so proud. He never said good job or you look good. Now..he is gone, left my son and I for another woman and I am 100 pounds overweight. I have locked myself away, just work and home. My son needs me and I cant be the mom he wants me to be. The shame and guilt I feel for letting myself get back to this weight is almost overwhelming. I feel useless and dont know where to begin to get my life back. My weight makes me look and feel just horrible.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Light is coming in to your tunnel, hon! Let it shine…


  84. By Janice Farris on Oct 25, 2011

    Oh my God! That is so weird — it’s like you were in my head. There are bits that don’t apply, like isolating myself, but the rest, well, it’s just uncanny! I’m easily 50#s overweight and used to be the slimmest person. Unfortunately, I’m very tall so I can hide a lot of fat — NOT a good thing, in the end. And my house is a disaster! Never, ever associated it with the extra pounds, but that makes so much sense. And the obsessing about food, calories, the bathroom scale, etc. and my clothes are still too tight and uncomfortable. Self-talk has deteriorated over the years, too, now that I can look back. Holy Cow! Do I need a Body Enlightenment program!!!


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    Love your courage!!!! xox


  85. By Suzanne Reyes on Oct 25, 2011

    Well, what can I say here that hasnt been said by all the wonderful responses. But, just so you know, its me that you are reaching with your words. I listen to you and yearn for those things that you speak about. Not being so critical of ourselves, not focusing on losing but gaining, falling in love…with ourselves, the pretty colors, all of life. Im cruel when I judge myself and I dont know if that will ever change,but I like to try on your way of talking to myself and its nice. Oh, Im not terribly overweight, maybe just 10 or 15 lbs, but everything youve said is true about losing weight. It creates an excitement inide to think there is a way to change what Im doing on the inside and see it reflected on the outside.Can your program rewire me? S-


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    You can rewire yourself, Love. ;-) BE will help.


  86. By Patty Cason on Oct 25, 2011

    Well, its good to know that I am not alone! I could relate to everyone of the above comments/thoughts in your blog and many of the comments below by other folks! I’m 50 years old, and about 30 lbs over weight. I have been raw for the past year, but recently, I’ve thrown most of it out the window, think tomorrow will always be better if today didn’t go as planned. I’m back on sugar….and its the worst to get off! I have a wonderful live in boyfriend who supports me through every shape I become and tells me I’m beautiful…all the time. However, my self talk is nasty, especially when I’m in my chubby phase. I want to get back on an even flow and learn what is behind all of this so I can stop the love hate relationship I have with myself. For I know that I have to start within.


    Reply by Tera on October 25th, 2011

    You’re beautiful! xo


  87. By Rosemary on Oct 25, 2011

    I feel like I have truly wasted the past 20 years of my life. I turned 59 in September. That sounds old when I write it..but the ‘inside’ me doesn’t feel I should already be this age. I feel as if those that see me (on the outside) have never really ‘seen’ the real me. The person I truly believe I am is the one who is 5’4″ and weighs about 130 pounds, in fairly good health, enjoying and participating in life. Instead, I’m dead inside. I can’t find the energy to do normal daily things. I quit looking in the mirror…I am no longer seeing the ‘spark’ that was once there. I seem to not be getting anywhere, but always wanting to find ‘plans’. I am everything you have in your article, Tera…my work, my home, my body, and my world is an overwhelming mess.


  88. By Jade on Oct 25, 2011

    Hi Tera and all you Divas. I think that this program is what I need because it is the opposite of the way I am living now and opposite is exactly what I want. I can’t keep living the way I am now. I am a 22 year old single mother and I live in fear everyday that I am not going to be around for my daughter because of the way I eat. I have struggled with my weight my entire life I have never been thin and I can’t even imagine what it feels like. But more then losing weight I just want to be happy and healthy. I don’t want to watch my life go by anymore with me sitting on the couch watching it from the sidelines. I don’t have the energy to play with my daughter, clean my house or do anything. I am barely getting by and I KNOW 100% that it is because of the way I am eating, but I also know that I am going to need help to change. I don’t have much money living on my own and trying to raise a child and go to school so it would really mean the world to me to win this. I really feel like this is the best chance for me to change my life and my daughters life. I know both our lives would be greatly improved if I could just get a handle on my health.
    Thank You for everything you do Tera, LOVE YOU ALL!!!


  89. By Jen on Oct 26, 2011

    I can’t express how excited this program is making me. I feel like this is an excellent opportunity to turn my life and outlook around! A bit about me: I’ve always been a bit overweight my whole life. I’ve gone up and down depending on the week I was having, but never anything too dramatic until about 3 years ago. My life sort of crashed down around me, and hasn’t quite stopped. First, my stepfather started having strokes and seizures, and became a religious fanatic to the point where my mom divorced him. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me. And my mother found a story I had written narrating the events of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child by her own father – something I never wanted her to know, but needed to write about for my own closure. She almost committed suicide after she read it, and I am eternally grateful she didn’t.

    This year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, so we all have been struggling with that. And as of this November, I’ve been living on my own for about a year, with very little to show for it.

    Okay, sad story done.

    I’ve never tried a raw food diet before, but I feel like this is the change I need to feel healthy about my body and reconnect with myself. And, hopefully, start to forgive myself for letting Mom find that story (logically I know it’s my fault, but mentally….I haven’t been able to write anything since that day).

    At my healthiest, I followed a mostly raw diet, but lately I’ve been in such a dark place I really look forward to the help of this program, and the support of my fellow raw foodies.

    Thanks for reading. Can’t wait to start :)



  90. By Tiffany on Oct 26, 2011

    I am open to change and ready to get a grip on this slippery slope that keeps knocking me down.
    My life is wonderful with two beautiful daughters, a compassionate husband, my own business. Then why is it that I sabotage my health, wealth and well being of my family with withdrawing, stuffing, and piling up my life to the hilt with distress, clutter and fat?

    When it comes to self-care I fall short. How do I slow things down enough to include myself? How do I nourish my body when I can not afford to buy diapers? How do I stop withdrawing from my clients and work so that I can be available to show up for me?

    I know I have many gifts and talents that lay dormant, hidden and buried under layers of protection. I believe that Body Enlightenment can reveal to me the blindspots I have created for myself and help me break free to become present and healthy.


  91. By Claudia on Oct 26, 2011

    I knew as I stood in my ex-employer’s office that I was cured, or healed or whatever one might call it. He had just introduced me to a new hire and told her that although I was a great woman, I needed to lose weight. I observed as I was immediately transported in time to every moment someone had complimented me on my beauty and a family member piped in that I was beautiful BUT… that I needed to lose weight. I always felt less than. I snapped back to real time and although in the past I would have had thoughts of tearing this man in front of me apart, I would simply have swallowed the hurt and tears then gone home to take it out on others or stop in at McD’s. I now laughed instead and told him that I was actually quite happy with the positive changes happening in my life and that I was great regardless of my weight. Why then would I need something like this? Because once acceptance of one’s self sets in and we finally recognize that we are freakin amazing regardless of what we look like or what we do or where we live or how we dress, we then are doubly energised to find solutions that keep us treating our beautiful selves in the only way they should be. This can be quite overwhelming when you’ve spent a lifetime trying to show the world how non-amazing you were… I’m happy to see real solutions out there for women looking to change their lives!


  1. Oct 26, 2011: Body Enlightenment: How To BE The Real YOU | The Tera Warner Blog
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