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53 Years Old and Getting Younger! A Life-Changing Deep Tissue Detox Success Story

Posted Nov 03 2012 7:00am
Written by Deborah on November 3, 2012 – -

by Patricia Stephen
I began the Deep Tissue Detox with a lot of trepidation and uncertainty. I spent weeks in a state of indecisiveness, unable to even make a decision about whether or not to sign up for the class. I consulted peers, colleagues, Angel cards, and family all to no avail, I just couldn’t decide what to do. $1200 was a lot of money, but not so much I couldn’t afford the cleanse. One afternoon “nutrition” kept smacking me in the face. Everywhere I looked I saw messages that said I should do this.  I went home, signed up immediately, and never looked back!

I am 53 years old and started the cleanse fairly healthy. I had recently lost 10 pounds, had been drinking green smoothies daily for more than a year, complete 2-3 interval strength training workouts most weeks, and run 2-3 times/week. I had just had a physical and had normal blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.   I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 6 week detox, but I did know that healthy, clean living feels good.

I eagerly studied the materials, absorbing all the new information. I have a dear friend and a daughter who listened to my weekly recaps to give me the opportunity to understand the materials more fully.  Each week I was totally amazed at the new information I was learning! Leaky Gut? I had heard of it…I work with children with Autism. I sorta knew what it was, but it had never occurred to me I might have it!  Candida? Gluten intolerance? Dairy intolerance? Not me! Toxic overload? Nah! I feel great! Hmmmmm! I quickly found out Autism, ADHD, and Asthma are not the only signs and symptoms one might see.

Each week was a new AHA moment for me! …and the we looked at the topic of emotions!!!!!!!!!   Wow!!!!! I was so excited to find out that the Deep Tissue Detox was about more than just nutrition!  I think it was about this time Caroline pointed me in the direction of meditation and what do you know I discover another life transforming strategy. Then comes the journaling. Oh and don’t forget all that great stuff about regulating our emotions.

I had an awesome opportunity to try that out and it worked under very stressful conditions (throwing a large party for my mother’s 90th birthday and things weren’t going well as the mornings preparations progressed). I was able to step back and remind myself that getting stressed out wouldn’t change anything or get things done in a timely manner! It worked like a charm and I have been using that fabulous approach all the time.

As the detox day approached, I started to question my ability to make this level of commitment and stick to it.  Caroline and the ladies on the Facebook page were very supportive and got me through some tough spots.  The detox began and I continued to be amazed on a regular basis! All liquid days were so much easier than I ever anticipated. No hunger, virtually no cravings/temptations and a feeling of physical well-being that made my heart sing!

I started waking up before the alarm, had energy to go-go-go all day long and into the evening.  No more slow mornings, afternoon slumps, night time doldrums. I jump out of bed in the morning (in 53 years I have never been a morning person) and I keep going until 8:00 at night.  I eat 3 meals a day, have relatively few cravings (no need for snacks-my body is getting what it needs from my meals), lost 12 pounds, love the food I’m eating, and notice that the better my body feels the happier and at peace my brain and heart are. Another AHA moment occurred when you told us to start cleaning up our cluttered surrounding. Well, I have plenty of time (I’m not eating all the time) and phenomenal energy so I got started.

I work on cluttering every single day for at least 15 minutes. So far I have finished 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, 2 walk-in closets, a hallway, and my home office and it just feels awesome! I have had some transgressions. A lot of minor ones and 2-3 really bad days of excessive eating, but for the first time ever I’ve truly learned to stop, let the past be done and just move forward from where I am. Caroline was awesome in helping me learn this. On a few occasions I felt like I had gotten in over my head. I realized that my fellow detoxing divas were quite experienced with cleanses, natural foods, and green clean living in general. I felt totally inept due to my lack of knowledge and experience. Caroline patiently reminded that everyone started somewhere and to just move forward.

I have moved forward in so many ways!

  • I make time for me every single day with very few slip-ups.
  • I have established a morning routine that includes exercise, meditation, stretching, and tea
  • I have established an evening routine that includes gentle stretching, tea, and journaling
  • I manage my stress through emotional self-regulation
  • I reward myself with gifts such as a book or special hike.
  • I dry brush 3-4 days/week
  • I get a massage every week
  • I am less focused on food
  • I experience few cravings for “junk” food
  • I drink 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • I am more committed to exercise
  • When I do slip up (oops-potato chips is the most common) I let it go
  • I realize that just because I feel a hunger pang doesn’t mean I have to eat right now…they often go away.
  • When I think I want to binge, I’m probably thirsty. New rule…must have a large water and make a juice before turning to food
  • My friends and daughters are coming to me regularly for tips and recipes…two have even started drinking green smoothies
  • I have lots and lots of energy
  • I go right to sleep and sleep through the night
  • As my body feels healthier my brain feels healthier( less fog, more organization) and I feel at peace ( a feeling I describe as “my heart sings”)
  • I am getting a Vitamix for Christmas !!!!!!!!!
  • I know that I want to continue my journey learning about physical, mental, and emotional well-being and help others discover these fabulous tools so they too can have hearts that sing!
  • Thank you so much for putting together this program, and especially for all the supports in place to help along the way. The support calls, Caroline’s responses to journals, the Facebook page, the regular emails, all made the program work for me and I thank-you from the bottom of my (singing) heart. I’m eagerly awaiting to hear more about the coaching certification and even more programs for this wonderful adventure I’ve undertaken!


    Patricia Stephen

    Join us in the Deep Tissue Detox and find out how this program can help you understand the Fundamentals of Toxicity and how what you eat and how you live may be affecting your health and your life in ways you didn’t imagine or understand! It is possible to achieve the health and wellbeing you’d like for yourself, and for those looking to go beyond the surface for a deeper understanding of health, wellness and how to achieve it through dietary change, emotional clarity and communication, this program is a life-changing start on the path to vibrant health.

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