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30-Day Juice Fast: Reflections

Posted Jul 17 2009 11:52pm

Do the best you can and can the rest! (Words of wisdom from my grandma :-) )

Someone asked me if I’d summarize what my goals were for the 30-day juice fast and reflect on my journey. So, here it is…

I’ve thought about it, and my goals for this 30-day juice fast were to:

  • Cleanse and detox my body from when I fell off the 100% raw wagon.
  • Enter a calmer, more peaceful state of being.
  • Do some old-fashioned soul searching.
  • Break my coffee habit.

And I accomplished all of those things–even though I had to break the fast a tad early due to being attacked by those nasty red wasps and getting sick from that.

While I was on this juicing journey, I also made a decision (well, I made several but this one is about my relationship with food): I’ve decided to stop being so hard on myself.

During my 100% raw “spurts”, here’s the foods I miss the most:

  • organic Greek yogurt (Oikos is my favorite!)
  • omelets (stuffed with veggies)
  • steel cut oats (with cinnamon, raw honey, and nuts)
  • steamed brussel sprouts (with coconut oil and herbs)
  • steamed asparagus (drizzled with coconut oil)
  • mock mashed potatoes (made from cauliflower)
  • stir fry
  • baked sweet potatoes

As I pondered the above foods, I realized something (an epiphany?)–all of the foods I’ve listed here are on the extreme end of what’s considered “healthy”.

I’m not craving greasy fast food here, people. I’m not wanting

donuts or cake every day. Ice cream isn’t my weakness.

Life is short, you know? So, if I wake up one morning and crave an omelet (made from free-range, farm fresh, organic eggs–from my own farm–and overflowing with yummy veggies, I’m going to eat it!

I have been high-raw for the past several years. The high-raw lifestyle has improved my health, helped me lose over 100 pounds, and is the foundation of my diet life.

Gena, over at Choosing Raw, recently answered a reader’s question about how “perfect” her eating habits are. Her post truly resonated with me.

The message I took away from her post is that while eating an omelet once in a while, or having some cooked steel cut oats is something I feel is healthy and make me feel good, it may make you cringe (whether you’re on the 100% raw side of the fence or the processed, cooked food side).

So, if what I eat seems totally unattainable to you, don’t try to eat just like me. If I can inspire you to clean up your diet (even a little!), that’s fantabulous! :-)


Maybe, at least part of the time, you could have a big salad with fish on the side instead of your normal fish sandwich with greasy fries. So, if you feel like you can’t live without your fish sandwich and fries, just choose the healthier option I’ve listed (or one similar) at least part of the time. Sound good?

Oh, and I forgot to mention what I ate yesterday:

  • small banana for breakfast
  • I fasted through lunch
  • For dinner, I had a yummy salad:


spinach salad, heirloom carrots, raw okra, blueberries

( Note: All of the following ingredients are heirloom + organic from my own garden, except for the hemp seeds, spinach, and blueberries!!) :-)

handful baby spinach leaves

handful heirloom lettuce

Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds

raw heirloom okra (it’s delicious, y’all!)

handful blueberries

few heirloom baby carrots

Enjoy the journey; make the better choice most of the time; and treat yourself for your dedication–you deserve it!

Don’t forget about the other contests I’ve mentioned recently! And catch up on the juicy details of my 30-day juice fast.

You’ll definitely want to stay tuned!

So… be sure to subscribe to Healing with Juices’ Feed for free updates. You can get free updates to your email as well ( sign up here ). You’ll also receive inspiration, juice and smoothie recipes, and juice fasting tips and encouragement to help keep you motivated toward your ultimate health–and more personal posts about stuff that’s going on in my life. ;-)

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