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3 Things You Can Do to Help Banish Your Cravings for Salty, Fatty, Sweet Food

Posted Sep 08 2010 9:17am

by Eliza Ceci

Cravings are so fun to me, you want to know why? Well, I’ll tell you. They are like the key to a forgotten treasure! They are these complex and fabulous secrets our bodies are whispering to us when we become irritated, busy or off-center. Many of us at one point in our lives or another have experienced late night binges or negative self-talk beating ourselves up for not ‘sticking to the diet’, or restricting ourselves from the simple pleasures of a complete and delicious meal.

But I’d like to offer some techniques that work to notice the cravings, change our perpetual negative thinking around feeling ‘powerless’ around our favorite treats and invite you to take cravings for what they are: messages from our body to perk up and listen!

Cravings can seem complicated but when we slow down and take some time for ourselves to listen to the messages our body is sending the answers we receive can be quite powerful and clear. What is your body trying to tell you today? Listen and respond with fabulous love of your body and life! Self-care is a great healer, enjoy!

Eliza Ceci is a holistic nutrition and wellness coach, motivational speaker and blogger. She is the owner of Peace on My Plate and enjoys providing support to her clients around detox, emotional eating, PMS and pre-pregnancy preparation.  Eliza’s passion is empowering women to understand their worth, creating passionate lives and taking control of their health one green juice at a time.

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