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2012: The Story So Far

Posted Aug 30 2012 12:00am

Daisyfield So, the end of August 2012 is almost upon us. This has to be the fastest-passing year ever, surely? Four months until Christmas? Surely not!!!

I wanted to take some quality time to write to you today to share what’s been going on here with both me and The Raw Food Coach. It’s been an “’elluvva year” as some might say – a year full of challenges, massive growth and constant change.

I wanted to share this with you because it’s been so busy I’ve hardly had time to connect, except with those in my programs, and also because it’s important, if you’re part of my community to know where things are heading and the excitement to look forward to!

So to begin…

I knew 2012 would be a very different year by the time we were half-way through January. It seemed that just about everyone I knew was going through some kind of major challenges or shifts and they were happening hard and fast. In fact they seemed relentless and unforgiving. So much for a “magical” new year!

This then seemed to continue into February, March, April, May, June, July and yes, August too… Basically it hasn’t stopped!

For the past few years many people have spoken about 2012 because of everything to do with the Mayan calendar and “the end of the world as we know it”. I’ve often been asked what my take is on all of that, and while originally I thought maybe we would end up a peace-love-and-understanding kind of civilisation by the end of 2012 (I thought this 5 years ago, how wrong I was!), the truth is we are a very long way from that and people just don’t seem to move that fast….

So, as I see it now, 2012 has in fact been the year of radical “shaving” for want of a more poetic phrase! It’s seemed like there is just no more room for us to carry things, people or situations that aren’t aligned with our truest, most high path. Or to put it another way: It’s been rigorous where it’s needed to be rigorous!

For me personally, this has pushed me right up against my biggest ongoing challenge since I can remember – relationships. Without going into too much detail, after many months of “shall I/shan’t I?” I finally ended my two year relationship a few weeks ago, even though it was an incredibly hard thing to do. My spirit just wanted me out, and it wasn’t at all easy.

And so it is, that the first few months of 2012 have been turbulent emotionally on a personal level and my team/business has been through a lot of changes too. Katie handed in her notice in May after four years of fabulous service in order to pursue her own career in counselling, and as such I had to take a look at who and what was needed to keep us moving at the pace that we have been going at for a good three years. As I write the team is still coming together – just one more team member to add, and all being well we’ll be there by the end of October as we still have to hire that final great person.

It’s easy to think, when big stuff hits, that something is “wrong”. Thankfully, I have come to see it as quite the opposite. The fact that relationships has been my theme for 2012 tells me one thing and one thing only: I’m almost at the summit. You just don’t get to work on your biggest stuff unless the smaller stuff is behind you; it simply doesn’t work like that.

So, I’m excited to have some time to re-evaluate what I want, what’s important to me and where I’m heading without having to worry about a partner, because I know I am off to pastures new in every sense of the word. I have the broad brushstrokes of what I want, but I need to have the quiet time I’ve been craving for so long and to be back in a space that is truly my own to really get up to speed with where I’m at internally out the other side of all these external and emotional shifts. I already know I’m going to be surprised and delighted. I just don’t know what I’m going to uncover yet. But this is where the fun is!

This time around, as I prepare to move to a new home about three weeks from now, the office is not coming with me. Finally, we have a very separate office which will be located in a beautiful converted barn just 5 minutes from where I live now, and I can’t wait!

The phone lines are in, the internet is about to be, the carpet and blinds go in next week (in new web site colours!) and we’ll be moving in on Saturday 8th September so business is undisturbed. It heralds the start of a whole new era for The Raw Food Coach and everything that’s part of it. We really are moving into a new era in every sense of the word. I have SUCH big plans for TRFC, and it all starts rolling out in September.

PFLO_Square_Banner After the move comes Luke’s 10th birthday, then - fingers crossed - my house move (I’ll know a few days from now if I’ve got it and when I move in – can’t wait to share pictures!) and then on the 25th, 26th and 27th September it’s time for “Prepare for Lift-Off!” – my big event of 2012, and one I can’t wait to run.

So September is all set to be the most amazing month, full of change and action and lots of packing and unpacking!

And then…

Then comes October and this is a huge month for me.

October 11th is when I turn 40. This is a big deal for anyone I think… Yes, yes, I know “it’s just a number” and all of that! For me personally, it’s been a very strange feeling to be coming up to 40 when I still look and feel so much younger. I honestly don’t know what age I would pass for these days, but I certainly plan to continue to look and feel even younger still.

I’m seeing 40 as a whole new doorway for me. An even wiser age, an age of being even more true to myself. An age of not compromising anymore. An age of being OK with being different, no matter what (and I mean REALLY different this time, I know it’s coming!!). An age of not worrying about relationships and people pleasing, an age where it’s all about being totally myself and fulfilling all of my most real and deepest needs, and putting that ahead of anything, because it’s time. (I’ve come a long way in this regard but I still have a long way to go…)

Laura-hollick-rainbow-bird-11 I want to pause at this point and extend a massive thank you to one of my favourite people on the planet at this time – Laura Hollick  (pictured). Laura’s concept of “Soul Art” is one of the most powerful tools I know of (at least for me) for getting in touch with oneself, and so I plan to be doing a LOT of Soul Art in my new home. I even have a secret attic room where I can do it where I won’t ever be disturbed. Not many people know this about me, but my childhood dream was to be a children’s book illustrator. I don’t want that now, but I do know that Soul Art is in my future, which is why I’m taking Laura’s training and plan to integrate that into some amazing new raw-related work in 2013.

As you can see it IS a magical year after all : )

And on the business side of things, here’s what’s coming up:

KK-LMOR-Binder-Flat New RFC web site launch (finally!) I’m so excited to reveal it. The wait will have been worth it, for sure.

Living Magically on Raw 12-month program starts – 3rd time around and it’s going to be AMAZING! (Stay tuned, details coming shortly)

Raw Coach Training Intensive starts – a new 100% virtual raw coach training – sign-up here to be the first to know more .

Rest of the year…

New (best ever) raw specific products launching just in time for Christmas

New business coaching/training opportunities – your chance to work with me to RAWK your raw online business at a seriously fun and impactful level. More details TBA.

To hear about ANY of the above, you will need to sign up to “Successfully Raw” – my weekly eZine, which will give you updates and special offers. You’ll also receive a gorgeous free eBook (“Go Raw for a Day!”) immediately. Opt-in HERE >

I think that’s covered everything, except to say a massive “THANK YOU”.

I am so honoured that such wonderful, loving, open-hearted people read my blog and eZine every week. You fill me up more than you will ever know… And I love you all. (I don’t say it often because I’m British after all LOL, but I am constantly heartened by the lovely messages we get here at the RFC.

Until the next instalment… Please,do let me know how 2012 has been for YOU, and what you are creating in the last quarter. Has your year been like mine or smooth, plain sailing? What do you feel has been the theme of 2012 for you and the planet as a whole? What do you think 2013 will bring, or what do you hope/intend for it to bring for you and your life and those that you touch?

I’d LOVE to hear from you!

And I also want to help you create as much magic as possible in what remains of the year and 2013, so hang fire for the big announcement about “Living Magically on Raw”, coming soon…

Until next time, much love xox

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