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2008 Election ~ The time for Real Change is NOW!

Posted Nov 03 2008 9:02pm

Hello Friends and family,
My  dear friends and family  I have been intently praying for ~ REAL ~ POSITIVE CHANGE ~ to occur in all of our lives personally and as a whole.  I now send out another prayer that your minds and hearts be opened here and now as you read below… 
I was hoping to avoid writing anything political to you in avoiding offending anyone, but it turns out that this ~ PEACEFUL ~ LOVING ~ voice is crying out from within me that can not remain  unheard.
We have so MANY families losing their homes, jobs and loved ones to wars, disease and other anger based tragedies.  We have for far too long elected greedy, ego driven, people that do not stand in the power of LOVE and PEACE but are out to fulfill their own selfish desires to be the heads of our so called united country.  
We are pumping BILLIONS of dollars a DAY into wars that are killing our family, friends and other innocent lives. All of this over oil reserves, not terrorism as we have been miss led to believe.  Terrorism against our country started because of our ignorant greed.

Our climate and planet are CHANGING for the WORSE wether you realize this or not and that is because of OUR neglect.  There are whole other countries being powered by non polluting means not oil, dirty coal or ridiculous nuclear sources ~ IT CAN BE DONE.  Through Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, power generated by the natural flow of Water… and by now you should all know my stance on our other sources of neglect through our chemical laden, genetically modified, processed foods, cleaners we use for home and body, drugs we take that contaminate our water and earth (that could mostly be avoided if we would take proper care of our bodies) all of this contributes to the neglect of the whole.

If all of you truly LOVE and care about the quality of life for your families, decedents, friends, and for your own time here on Earth…
Than I urge you all to vote on Tuesday and pray for the opportunity to achieve REAL CHANGE because my friends we CAN NOT any longer afford or tolerate more of the same.  The time for Change is NOW.  Please give PEACE and UNITY a TRUE CHANCE!  This election CAN be a MAJOR turning point for us if we choose it to be.

My vote and the votes of most of your  voting age children  will be for OBAMA.  When he speaks he looks into your eyes and speaks to your heart.  This can not be said for McCain. 

p.s. I ask that you continue reading below I have attached another letter that was sent to me by a Lovely woman that teaches in this area.  I completely agree with her as well.  Definitely worth reading!

I come in Peace.
Blessings to You on your Journey, 
Cathi :0)
Vibrant Living Coach

Dear Friend:

In the latest issue of “The Still, Small Voice,” sent to you two days ago, I wrote about how to surf the rising waves of change peacefully enough to make wise choices and decisions. 
Usually I steer clear of politics in the newsletter, as I don’t want to anger or offend readers. In fact, I created a separate e-publication ( ) as a venue for spiritual politics. But now, perhaps like you, I feel that it is time to speak out clearly–and heartfully–about the state of the United States, in the hope of moving you to act, if you are not already doing so, to bring about the change that Americans so deeply need and deserve.

In just the past few days, the outgoing  Bush administration  has stepped up its attempts to incite fear and divide people in order to maintain control and domination. U.S. planes have fired upon  Syria  and  Pakistan, killing civilians and increasing political tensions and hatred, possibly to shield the president’s last-ditch attempt to deregulate industries and erode environmental and consumer rights and protections.

While  Henry Paulson  cluelessly shoves billions of dollars at brokerage banks that use this bailout to pay shareowner dividends and executive bonuses (see today’s Washington Post), the rightful owners of that money–decent hard-working taxpayers–are losing their homes, jobs, retirement funds, families and futures.

The Bush administration is now coming to the end of its rope. But in the past eight years, the nation has changed dramatically and not for the better. There are more angry people, and everything from  infant mortality  and the school drop-out rate to drug abuse, poverty and gun violence has risen dramatically. 

What America is today is not what she was meant to be. A consciously destructive force has held this country in a death grip for the past eight years, but now we have an opportunity to reject it and everything associated with it. Knocking at the door of the Oval Ofice is a bold, young leader who can reverse much of the damage that has been done and set this country on a better course. 

Not since  Abraham Lincoln  and  John F. Kennedy  has such a brilliant, caring and compassionate leader emerged in U.S. politics.  Barack Obama  knows how to listen and seeks the counsel of others. His choices and decisions, made in the peace and calm of the quiet, incisive and fully awakened mind, are accurate and based on what is good, right and just. His inclusive background and track record tell us that his presidency will be based on what is good for the majority and not on political expediency, power or personal gain. 

If we miss the opportunity to elect Barack Obama because we were cooking for the kids, running a carpool, paying bills, playing ball or otherwise busy with some mundane task, and as a result,  John McCain  wins this election, we will pay a hefty fine for our lack of diligence. There is an old saying: If you’re a hammer, you’re always looking for a nail. If John McCain, a contentious, self-avowed fighter, wins the presidency, we can count on more wars being waged and an increase in the political divisiveness that conquers people while enriching the wealthy corporations that control and now own this country.

I risk offending you with this letter because of a more pressing concern. I want to see us reclaim the real America. The “greatest country in the world” would not make such a claim of superiority; instead, she would seek to uplift her hungry and poor, find homes for her homeless, comfort and heal the wounded, provide free education and health care for people–with their own money–and shine like a beacon on a hill.

First we must clean our own house, before we suggest that other nations clean theirs. Nations choose democracy not because it is forced upon them by military might, but because democracy led by responsible people can nurture and serve its own citizens and the world.

Barack Obama will do everything in his power–with the help of a like-minded Congress–to return America to these original, heart-based ideals.

If you support the Obama-Biden ticket, I urge you to stop what you are doing right now and telephone friends, neighbors and family members who are undecided. Speak to them from your heart. Urge them to go to  YouTube  and listen to the testimonials, songs, poems and prayers of people supporting this man, the hope of our nation and world.

We can take back this country, but not by watching events unfold on TV. Put up a yard sign, call the Obama office in your town or city, go there and make phone calls. Bring food to people working to get out the vote. Drive voters to the polls.

If your values are in alignment with great teachers like Jesus,  BuddhaMartin Luther KingMother Theresa, Ghandi and other great peacemakers, remember how each of these never counseled conflict or war, even in times of brutality and oppression, but urged peace and political unity, negotiation, reconciliation and socioeconomic equality. No matter what lies are told about Obama, we can see in his campaign, his wife and his excellent advisors, who have run a campaign of the people, the same healing heart as these great peacemakers.

I ask you to stand with Obama now, and not just to stand, but to walk and run alongside this banner to ensure a global future of peace, open diplomacy and good will.

Let us unite to speak out and help this leader help us. Let us build a new and better world with the energy we put into the next few days and this pivotal, life-changing presidential election.

Let us win peace, at last.  

In the spirit of Peace,


P.S. If you want to discuss any of what I’ve written above, please send an email to

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