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10 Tips for a Greener Planet

Posted Aug 04 2013 12:50pm

A healthier planet starts at home. Making small changes in your lifestyle to reduce consumption, increase recycling and generate awareness about sustainable practices will contribute to the well-being of our communities and foster the long-term health of the planet. Here are some easy tips to get you started!

The greatest way to ensure the future health of the planet is to invite our children to participate. Get the little ones involved in making better choices to instill an attitude of gratitude when it comes to taking care of our beautiful Mother, Earth!

    Visit your local library. There are loads of resources available at local libraries and in this modern age these resources are entirely underused! Better yet, head to the library for a kid’s book about growing a garden and see how your family can get one started! Offer gifts that come from the heart. Make natural crafts and homemade cards for your loved ones and invite your whole family to do the same during gift exchange events. Compost! Teach kids the benefits of worms and what they do to help the soil! Start a donate pile in each bedroom; ask the kids to pick one item that they would love to give to another child. At the end of the month, bag them up and take to your local donation center! Eat more veggies! Especially locally grown produce, so that the growers in your area will also reap the benefits.
  1. Unplug electronics and appliances when not using them. (Many people don’t realize that even things like cell phone chargers are consuming power when not being used. Keep your sockets empty when not in use and reduce, reduce, reduce!)
  2. Avoid buying plastic water bottles and get your own re-usable water jug!
  3. Swtich to recycled toilet paper. We can save 5 million trees and 17,000 garbage trucks full of waste by replacing just one 12-roll pack in every household with tissue made from recycled paper!
  4. Cancel phone book delivery.
  5. The fuller your freezer the less energy it uses. Freeze those extra bananas!


Ask your children to tell you their favorite ideas about protecting the planet! We’ll post your comments in a future blog!

Spend more time outside! Being reminded of what we are working so hard to protect is maybe the most important step of all! So walk, run, hop and skip with your family and your pets and enjoy some sunshine today!

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