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My interest is in how our lifestyles, our state of consciousness and the state of the world we are in all connect. I have four wonderful children Bruce (20), Jazz (18), Bertie (8) and Lizzy (7). Bertie, Lizzy and I having been eating almost all our food raw since summer 2001. It has been a... Full Bio
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Foods and Vitamins that Improve Memory and Natural Brain Function

Our minds have a tendency to think they are above good nutrition and can function equally well whatever we eat - and this  is largely true of the...

Sunrise Celebration

Just to let you know that I will be speaking at 12:30 on Saturday 30th May in the Avalon Rising area of the Sunrise Celebration Festival.

Everlasting sunrise

Last night I properly watched the sunset  for the first time in a long while.  It’s such a profound experience and no doubt is intrinsically...

Little White Horses come galloping in.

Contrary to plans I have been hit by the blogging bug again.  It first swept over me when I glanced lovingly at my newly repaired vitamix - it has...

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mike s. wrote on Raw Cuisine's Whiteboard. Dec 31 2009
Raw Cuisine's Whiteboard
Dec 31 2009 by mike s.
Hey Raw, Just joined to try to find kombucha enthusiests! I've been consuming for two months now with 0 complications. Anyway, Happy New Year.

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