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The Adapted Life is a blog is for parents of children with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities who want to live a normal family life in a household likely filled with assistive technology (AT), paperwork and appointments. I am a parent of a teen with cerebral palsy who uses AT for... Full Bio
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iPods in the Classroom? A Primer for Parents

Parents, educators and assistive technology pros are abuzz about ways to use Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone to support special education...

Stray Thoughts About Motivators

I have recently started writing the Assistive Technology (AT) column for the Federation's Newsline newsletter. As a parent of a child...

Uphill (and Downhill) All the Way

When you live in New England, the cold winter is FAR more enjoyable if you embrace the outdoors. And we try to do that. My son and...

Cones for Kids with Special Needs

The Cotting School here in Massachusetts, one of the oldest private schools for children with disabilities, asks for your support of their...

A Short Poem

This is a short poem about chance, hope, reality and love. A Different Kind of Lottery one in a...

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