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Jun 16 2012 by zonba78
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Jan 07 2010 by Viv

Hello Rajesh,

Thanks for adding me as a friend.  I hope you new year has started off great and I look forward to reading your site.

Nov 28 2009 by Sutapa.G
Hi Rajesh,
Thanks for adding me in your friend list.
You have very well written and informative site.
Voted for you and you can do same for me.
God Bless.
Nov 27 2009 by DR ATUL
HI rajesh i m ayurvedic doctor. i had voted for u.
Nov 20 2009 by Ng Peng Hock
HI Rajesh, thanks for joining as my friend. I can always vote for you if you will do the same for me too... Cheers...
Nov 19 2009 by Sharon LaMothe


If you vote for me I will certainally vote for you!



Nov 19 2009 by Carson B.



If you vote for me, I'll happily vote for you in return.  



Jan 06 2009 by See Kim W.

Hi Raj,


Why is a cool medical student like you not yet voting for me?

Dec 26 2008 by malargandhi

That sounds good, a whole blog dedicated to diabetes!! Hope many would find in informative and helpful, good job! can check it out my food blog for an idea, in case if you are interested in promoting /knowing more about blogging culture!

Wish you good luck.

Dec 26 2008 by Nancy A.
Thanks for the invite - I have been enjoying reading your blog.  Good information!