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Racquetball/Squash Tips - Etiquette by RacquetballTeam .. Be courteous. Be courteous. Wait until your opponent is ready to serve the ball. Be punctual. Be punctual. Arrive on time, especially if you've reserved a court time. ... Read on »
Racquetball/Squash Tips - Gear by RacquetballTeam .. Choose your shoes. Find a racquetball shoe that's light, with a gummy, rubber-like sole for quick stops and starts. Make sure it fits comfortably. Find a glove. Look for ... Read on »
Racquetball/Squash Tips - Rules by RacquetballTeam .. Call a 'hinder.' If your opponent blocks you from getting to the ball, call a 'hinder' and the point is played again (or lost if the player failed to move). Coin toss. Be ... Read on »
Racquetball/Squash Tips - Strategy by RacquetballTeam .. Back wall. Use the back wall! Cover the pinch. In doubles, if your cross court opponent is shooting, move up toward the wall to cover short shots. Hit deep. Hit high ... Read on »
Racquetball/Squash Tips - Technique by RacquetballTeam .. Take lessons. If you're serious about racquetball or squash, take lessons from a Pro. The swing is not intuitive and it's important to learn proper technique. Turn your sh ... Read on »