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Strings Break?

Posted by Kenna M.

When the strings on a racket break, it's virtually impossible to play racquetball. You can try but it's rather dim. Where do you get your racket restrung?
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Try a Tennis shop!. I imagine if they can fix the strings on a tennis racket, they can fix the strings on a racketball racket. I also would think that a health club with racketball courts they could do it. I mean they have so many rackets that they need to be able to fix them.
Try your local sporting good stores. Most of the big chains stores, and definitely smaller sports shops (especially those for racquet sports), restring racquets for a fee.
i string racquets. i have a stand up stringing machine that i bought off of craigs
list. anyways, it is recommended that you restring every 6 months to a year. your racket should make a pinging sound every time you hit the ball. if it sounds like a thud, it's time to restring the racket. it's best to go to a tennis pro shop. the big retailers have a very long turnaround. tennis proshops usually take half a day and also dpending on how busy they are. i can do mine in 90 minutes per stick.
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