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Raqcuetball or Squash?

Posted by John M.

Which is harder; Racquetball or Squash?
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It depends. If you are an avid tennis player, then squash is easier because both rackets are longer. I have met tennis players who play squash in the winter when outdoor tennis is on hold for better weather. If you prefer a faster game, then racquetball is easier. However, I have seen more injuries from squash than racquetball. Injuries like bruises and cuts in squash. Squash courts are smaller and the ball bounces slower than racquetball. Some prefer to switch back and forth -- play both squash and racquetball. I prefer racquetball. In the United Kingdom, squash is the preferred sport, by the way.
I prefer squash. I've played both and I like squash a whole lot better. I like that the ball doesn't bounce as much as in racquetball, so you have more options in terms of strategy. It also forces you to run to the ball.
I never played racquetball - only squash - and when I first learned we played with the hard green ball in winter and the softer black ball in summer.  Now most play with the black.  I always preferred the international game [black ball] as it provided much more exercise than the green and more than racquetball - something my racquetball playing friends agree with.
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