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Racquetball/Squash Tips - Strategy

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Back wall. Use the back wall!
Cover the pinch. In doubles, if your cross court opponent is shooting, move up toward the wall to cover short shots.
Hit deep. Hit high percentage, deep shots, to send your opponent to the back wall and control center court. Don't try to hit too many short shots.
No service. If you're playing doubles, stay out of the service box when your partner is serving.
Off the wall. If your playing doubles, get back off the wall when your parter is shooting.
Out of the way. In doubles, when your partner is serving, let your opponent stand in front of you.
Serve short. Aim at hitting your first serve short. If your serve is short, you get a second serve. If it's long, you give your opponent an easy kill.
Slow it down. If your opponent is better than you, slow down the game. Take time on your serves and play at your pace.
Stay back. Stay back whenever possible. The furthest forward you should be is the five foot line.
Stay centered. Stand in center court to give yourself the best chance of getting to any shot.
Use your time outs. Take all of your time outs to pace yourself. Make your opponent play one point at a time, at your pace.
Weak side. In general, try to hit to your opponent's backhand. It's usually the weaker side.
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