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Racquetball/Squash Tips - Gear

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Choose your shoes. Find a racquetball shoe that's light, with a gummy, rubber-like sole for quick stops and starts. Make sure it fits comfortably.
Find a glove. Look for a racquetball glove that fits comfortably, and has the ventilation you want. Bring your racket and do some test swings.
Find your racket. Try out different racquetball rackets to see what you like. Look for a comfortable one with a smaller grip to give you more flexibilty.
Go heavy for power. Buy a heavier racket if you want more power.
Go light for control. Buy a lighter racket if you want more control.
Goggles. Wear racquetball goggles to protect your eyes.
Inside shoes. Wear your racquetball shoes inside only - they'll last a lot longer.
No twisting. if you're looking for a good glove, try holidng your racket in your glove hand and twisting it with your other hand. If it twists, try a new glove.
One glove. You only need one glove for racquetball since you only play with one hand.
Racket grip. To test if the racket grip fits you, see if your middle and ring fingers can almost touch the bottom of your thumb.
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