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Racquetball at the Gym?

Posted by Dmitriy P.

how hard is racquetball? i've never played it, (but i'm usually pretty good at most sports: basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis...etc)... my gym has racquetball but i'm a bit hesitant to try it...
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Try It Out. Racquetball is a great way to workout and meet people. It is kind of its own little cult at the gym. Try it have nothing to lose.
Give it a try. Go ahead give it a try by hitting the ball around for about 10 minutes. See if you like the eye-hand coordination it takes to make it a worthwhile workout. Take your time. Even though you are in shape and love to play competitive games, give racquetball a chance by taking a moment to really grasp the strategy of this wonderful and rewarding game. Not to mention a great workout in an hour's time.
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