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Little History

Posted by Kenna M.

Racquetball is young. In 1949, a pro tennis player named Joe Sobek from back east wanted an indoor tennis game. He combined handball and tennis came up with paddle racquets, a duosport. Eventually the sport evolved into it's own niche -- racquetball.

About 10 years later the sport started catching on and became popular. By the 1970's racquetball's popular was an out of court ceiling shot that peaked out in 1987.

The sport declined as clubs converted courts to activities that fit 20 - 30 people versus 2 to 4. The old mighty dollar ruled decision and planning processes resulting in the demise of racquetball.

But, like any good sport, racquetball is on a comeback. A slower but more steady rate compared to it's inception. 6 million folks play all over the world -- that's a lot of racquetballs!

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