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Getting Hit By the Ball -- Ouch! Natural Remedy for the Bruise

Posted by Kenna M.

If you have ever played racquetball, you have been hit by the ball. Not intentionally but accidently it happens because the court is not a wide-open field.

Depending on how hard you get hit by the ball, the skin will bruise because, to me, it feels like a the ball hits the skin and then sucks the skin as it releases. Ouch!!!

Then, the ugly red, purple, blue blotch appears on your leg, back or arm.

That is why it is important to be safe, call a hinder before getting hit or hitting someone and play the rally over.

A natural way to handle the bruise is use the following herbs: Arnica as an ointment, oil or homeopathic; Calendula as a tea, oil and Comfrey as an extract. All should be organic and natural -- not altered. Use the Comfrey that is "pyrrolizidine-free."

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Getting hit, make that the fear of getting hit is the reason I could never embrace the sport. I know people who have gotten injured pretty badly, not only by the ball, but by slamming into the wall or falling on those hard floors. Ouch!

True. But it sure makes the game exciting!

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