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Beats over-ear

Posted May 18 2013 7:59am
Beats by Dr.Dre Pro headphones White Black Want to turn your home PC into a complete Recording studio to record edit, and play back digital audio files, this article, describes how and what you need do it. Do you possess a multimedia PC with a sound card and speaker? All you require is an inexpensive recording and editing software to your PC, with this you can produce high-quality, effective voice and music recordings. beats by dr.dre The basic prerequisite to get a level of recording are a PC, Quiet recording space, Microphone, Speakers and headphones, recording software. Our aim is to record a clear, close voice track, so we need a Quiet recording space, which means keeping noise and the sound of the room out of the reach till the finished recording meets all our needs. Professional's records in closet specially designed to keep noises out and make their voice sound good. To get your voice or recordings into the computer, you need a microphone. Don't relay on the dull one that you got with your computer. Choose high-quality, inexpensive Microphone that sounds far better. Microphones are available from music or audio equipment suppliers. Beats over-ear There are microphones for the basic voice work. Choose the microphone that best suits for female voice and male voice. Choosing of computer speakers tends to be given importance because it impacts on getting quality output of recording. Computer speakers are adequate for recording, editing, and finishing basic recordings, but empower some decent powered speakers to get better quality output. The net result you get in recording apparently depends on the Recording software that is being used. Choose recording software equipped with all editing features such as with best bit rate, creating special effects adding music and/or sound effects and the software should present your recordings in the formats you desire. The music software that best suits for professionals as well as beginners are FlexiMusic's FlexiMusic Wave Editor, a software for recording and editing. Part 1: Getting Started Fasten up your equipment by plugging your microphone into your sound card's microphone. Be careful in this, since there are three plugs there, Beats in-ear choose the one that Is written as 'Mic'. Now launch the software that controls the sound card's recording source (for this you can use the 'Recording source' command in FlexiMusic Wave Editor). Then select your recording source (Mic) and adjust its volume at 100%. Start your recording program (say FlexiMusic Wave Editor), choose stereo, bit rates of 16 bits, 44kHz of sampling rate and at CD-quality. Start the recording command. Adjust the volume so that Digital level meters shows 3/4th volume, if it exceeds it will sound horribly distorted. To improve the sound of your recordings, get closer to the mic. The farther away you are from it, the more you pick up the room noise around you.
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