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~ Japanese Australian living in South East Queensland, Australia. ~ Living with severe/moderate ME/CFS. Wheelchair user.  ~ Human Mum to a Fox Terrier.  
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Apr 13 2010 by devilal
i have a children. i m his father. his age is 12 years. he feels aftershoks & when he feel aftershoks, he falling on floor or land. he can not understand anything.he face the problem two or three times in day.please send answer what can i do for cell number is +919227456229
Jun 22 2008 by Nina B.
But I forgot to say that I loathe doing this.  I'm trying to start using nicer words than loathe, and hope that I can sneak up on what the problem is.
Jun 22 2008 by Nina B.
My ideal 15 min break is to do nothing.  Lie still w my eyes closed. No moving, no talking, no listening.  The more i can do it, the more energy I have.  How about you, my dear friend in San Francisco:-)