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~ Japanese Australian living in South East Queensland, Australia. ~ Living with severe/moderate ME/CFS. Wheelchair user.  ~ Human Mum to a Fox Terrier.  
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Appointment with Gastroenterologist

I had a productive appointment with a Gastroenterologist. My treating doctor briefly explained to me that this specialist is...

Accepting the Reality…

Accepting the reality… Although, it feels more like surrendering to the reality. The reality of living with severe ME… I honestly thought...

ME Awareness Week & NCNED

12 May is International ME/CFS Awareness Day, therefore the week between 11 May and 17 May is ME/CFS Awareness Week.   ...


I wonder what will happen when I can no longer look after Basil… I fear that the time is getting near. My ME is...

My Personal Update of Severe ME/CFS Research

This is my personal updates about the severe ME/CFS research by National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases ( NCNED ) I...

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Apr 13 2010 by devilal
i have a children. i m his father. his age is 12 years. he feels aftershoks & when he feel aftershoks, he falling on floor or land. he can not understand anything.he face the problem two or three times in day.please send answer what can i do for cell number is +919227456229
Jun 22 2008 by Nina B.
But I forgot to say that I loathe doing this.  I'm trying to start using nicer words than loathe, and hope that I can sneak up on what the problem is.
Jun 22 2008 by Nina B.
My ideal 15 min break is to do nothing.  Lie still w my eyes closed. No moving, no talking, no listening.  The more i can do it, the more energy I have.  How about you, my dear friend in San Francisco:-)