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How did you quit?

Posted by bphifer

Just thought I would start a discussion about what methods are working for different people for all those that are trying to quit.
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That was really an great thought. The discussion would be more useful for the people to quit smoking. By the way I have quit smoking through  hypnotherapy sessions and techniques which I have found from After trying hypnosis I got a good control and confidence. with the help of the control and confidence I have completely avoid smoking.
With the help and support of many prayers, support from family and friends, chewing nicorette gum about 4-5 times a day, (hate the taste) and willpower.  Each day has been hard but tomorrow I get to reward myself with $20.00, the money I saved from not buying cigarettes.
You can help someone quit smoking by offering support and practical tips,  We make him understand how nicotine affects smokers.Most smokers don't succeed the first time they try to quit. If the person begins smoking again, don't be disappointed or make the person feel guilty. Instead, help him or her think about trying to quit again.
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