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Day 4 of Chantix

Posted Jul 27 2008 8:10am 2 Comments
Four days ago I started taking Chantix, to help me quit smoking. I have tried everything to quit before with little to no results. From almost the first day on Chantix, the cravings were not as bad as they usually are. Yesterday, was my third day and I only smoked 15 cigarettes! One thing that I have noticed is, you really must eat before you take the Chantix otherwise it will make you nausanauseous. The other thing that I noticed is that it makes me a little sleepy.
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You are absolutely correct Mandy and you can and will quit on the Chantix if you really have the resolve to quit. I just passed my 10 month mark after 36 years of smoking - couldn't have done this without Chantix.
Debra ~ I sure hope that it works for me. I have tried everything. Congratulations on passing the 10 month mark!
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