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Quit smoking Community - Questions & Answers

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Bit expensive, but very effective for people who are looking to quit smoking, especially... more
Aug 22 2014 11:51am
In recent times addiction of E-Cigarettes in teenagers is very popular.... more
Mar 11 2014 12:47pm
No, do not do that. What you are actually trying to do is equivalent to an addiction.... more
Sep 20 2013 5:24pm
Nov 22 2010 7:29am
If you are struglling  to getting back from addiction of smoking then it is the most... more
Mar 11 2014 1:04pm
Sep 26 2010 6:45am
I would like to suggest go and meet to doctor, because as a smoker myself i can say... more
Jan 15 2014 6:25am
Sit down and have a chat with him on the subject,he just might understand your... more
Sep 21 2013 6:06pm
I apologize for not having info to give for support groups, but I can offer some help... more
Nov 01 2010 1:30pm
Melcia, What's going on is that the smoking cessation programs are forcing people to... more
Jun 26 2010 9:43am
I used (actually, I'm still using) e-cigs. I would recommend them to everybody because... more
Nov 01 2010 2:11pm