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Help me quit Hi, I am   a 30 year old women. I had 3 miscarraige. I don’t have children. My doctor advi ...
Dec 08 2010 11:04am
What I have noticed that people smoke more in group of smokers. So, for quiting smoke... more
Sep 15 2014 4:51pm
Quit Smoking = Heartburn? Today is day 5 without a cig.  It's been easier this time than the last 2 times I tried to quit.  ...
Sep 09 2009 8:05am
i dont have any answer as such, but last week i brought an electric cigarette to cut... more
Jun 21 2012 8:24pm
Electronic Cigarettes Hello all, Has anyone had any experience with electronic cigarettes? I've seen a few, and they ...
Mar 25 2009 12:18am
When I am smoking electronic cigarettes, I am getting all of the nicotine that my body... more
Feb 25 2014 6:43am
Drug Warning My mother and father have recently given up after 40 years. They used chantix after failed attemps ...
Oct 01 2008 7:02pm
Thanks for sharing this information. That is very sad this kind of  a drugs are not good... more
Sep 30 2010 2:41am
Smoking can affect healing Smoking can inhibit the healing of wounds, including those related to plastic surgery, accordin ...
Sep 12 2008 3:49pm
Only quitters quit quitting Nobody said quitting smoking is easy. Like any addiction, the first s ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
I am QUITTING! I hate smoking with a passion! Will you sponsor me to help me stick to my goals? Hi, I se ...
Jul 20 2008 2:19pm
help quit smoking any feed back: Iam thinking of going to Alpha life style center of birmingham to quit smoking. ...
Jul 19 2008 9:43am
You can help prevent smoking by starting a good motivational activity just like... more
Sep 22 2009 1:13am
Quit Smoking Cigarettes?   I saw this post and thought it was great summary of how to get yourself read ...
Mar 19 2008 11:47am
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE... more
Mar 26 2009 9:08pm
Magnesium may lower risk of stroke for smokers A new study suggested that increased consumption of magnesium-rich foods like whole grains may red ...
Mar 11 2008 2:37pm