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FDA Rejects Reynolds Petition to Change Smokeless Warning by Brad R. Congress in 1986 legislated that smokeless tobacco products carry a warning label, “This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.”  In 2011, Reynolds Am ... Read on »
Scaremongering Tactics Against Smoke-Free Tobacco Could Also Undermine Nicotine Medicines by Brad R. Tobacco prohibitionists routinely cherry-pick data to put tobacco products in the worst possible light.  For example, crusaders have used calls to poison control cen ... Read on »
Memo to the FDA: Release Survey Data by Brad R. An update on the activities of the FDA Center for Tobacco Products was provided two weeks ago by Director Mitch Zeller at a meeting of the National Association ... Read on »
Breaking News: Snus Benefits Heart Attack Survival by Brad R. I reported in this blog 10 months ago that data from a Swedish study in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, actually suggested that sn ... Read on »
The Scientific Case for Regulating Menthol: Next to Nothing by Brad R. Ever since the FDA started regulating tobacco in 2009, a principal objective of tobacco opponents has been a menthol cigarette ban.  Congress could have banned ... Read on »
Reality Bites the Dust in New Smokeless Tobacco Study by Brad R. It’s surprising what passes for “science” in some journals today.  Chemical Research in Toxicology has published a study from the University of California’s Ber ... Read on »
FDA Must Correct Snus Warnings by Brad R. An FDA advisory committee is meeting this week to discuss a landmark proposal to correct federal health warnings that have been misleading the public for almost 3 ... Read on »
British Medical Association Misleads On E-Cigarettes by Brad R. Dr. George Rae, chairman of British Medical Association Northeast, made reckless comments about e-cigarettes in a March 31 BBC radio interview, available here ... Read on »
BBC Drops the Ball on Baseball & Smokeless Tobacco by Brad R. It’s almost baseball season, which means it’s time for anti-tobacco extremists to start grabbing easy headlines.  One especially zealous state lawmaker wants to ... Read on »
Do E-Cigarette Ads Promote Vaping? by Brad R. The National Cancer Institute is wasting taxpayer dollars on slanted e-cigarette research that didn’t ask or answer an obvious and important question. ... Read on »