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High School Seniors’ Post Largest Ever Single-Year Decline in Smoking; E-Cigs May Have... by Brad R. The Monitoring the Future survey shows that past 30-day cigarette use among 12th graders dropped from 16.3% in 2013, to 13.6% in 2014, the largest single-yea ... Read on »
“For Smokers Only” Audiobook & Video Interview by Brad R. If reading’s not your thing, you can now get the facts on smokeless tobacco and tobacco harm reduction via two new offerings – the audiobook version of my updated t ... Read on »
How Dangerous Is Snus? Don’t Ask New York Times Editors by Brad R. The New York Times has added more fuel to the anti-tobacco-harm-reduction fire with a December 4 editorial ( here ) rehashing the somewhat slanted reporting tha ... Read on »
How Dangerous is Swedish Snus? Don’t Ask The New York Times by Brad R. The New York Times has published ( here ) a reasonably accurate portrayal of the Swedish snus experience that I have chronicled for over a decade ( here ,  here ... Read on »
Britain: E-Cigarettes Almost Exclusively Used by Smokers and Ex-Smokers by Brad R. The British government has just released statistics on e-cigarette use ( here ).  The Office for National Statistics reports that e-cigarettes were used by 12% ... Read on »
Surgeons General Say the Darndest Things About Tobacco by Brad R. Acting U.S. Surgeon General Boris Lushniak recently tweeted, “@OxfordWords #Vape may be #WOTY but the increase in never-smoking youth using e-cigs is a not a tr ... Read on »
Dependence Level Higher with Cigarettes Than with Smokeless Tobacco by Brad R. As noted previously ( here ), Drs. Karl Fagerström and Tom Eissenberg have described a continuum of dependence among tobacco and nicotine products.  They conclu ... Read on »
Colorado State Smoking Ban: No Impact on Heart Attacks by Brad R. As early as 2004, various medical journals published articles claiming that small-community smoking bans resulted in nearly immediate reductions in heart diseas ... Read on »
Gateway Claims Aimed at E-Cigarettes: Counterfeit, Déjà Vu by Brad R. In their war against e-cigarettes, government officials often claim that the devices are a gateway to smoking.  CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden asserted ( here ) t ... Read on »
Snus Users’ Hearts Keep on Ticking, Not Fluttering by Brad R. Swedish researchers from several institutions document that snus use is not associated with atrial fibrillation (commonly known as AFib), the most common heart ... Read on »