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Which kind of person are you?

Posted Dec 12 2008 7:08pm

I hijacked this from my Daughter-In-Law's Blog, thought it provokes thought.

Dreary or Cheery?
I tend to be dreary, always look at the worst something, someone can be. Nothing ever ends up as bad as I can dream it up.

Mellow or Mad?
Mad, I'd like to say screw it all and just go with the flow but that isn't me, not going to happen. Even though there isn't anything I can do about it now, I'm pissed off at what happened to me as a child growing up.

Calm or Crazy?
Crazy. I'm easily set off.

Loosey Goosey or Anal Retentive?
Anal Retentive. I expect perfection (in others but not myself).

Bold or Bashful?
Bold and Aggressive. I learned early in life to get out there or be swallowed.

Frozen - Cold - Cool - Tempid - Warm - Hot - Ablaze?
Cool. I don't like getting too involved and I think people are always feeling sorry for themselves. Life's tough, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward, tomorrow is another day.

Silly or Stoic?
Silly. Life is too short for laughter not to be the main ingredient.

Glossy, Satin, or Flat?
Flat. I don't like reflection.

Free-For-All or Fussy?
Free-For-All (most of the time). I think each day and circumstance is new and different and requires me to easily and quickly change gears.

Charging or Retreating?
Charging. Lets get it over and done. Why wait?

What kind of person are you?

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