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Wheeling into the night - Thursday night

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:43pm
Club ride from Hogan's fountain - 7:00 pm start - must have lights for the return. This ride normally goes Broadway, but Thursday was the Pegasus Parade and many road closures. Took Breckinridge to Third Street and out to Iroquois, came back to Broadway which was still closed to traffic, but they let us in.

First time I was the only female on the ride. Kept hearing that they go slow and won't drop anyone, typically 12 - 15 mph. Yeah, uh huh. Course I wanted to pull my weight and so worked to stay with front group. I was doing okay until 3 traffic signals from the park. They were staying between 18 and 20 at least all the way to the park and then back.

I think I burned too much trying to keep up. The hill at Iroquois was tough. I made it, though was huffing and puffing the whole way. Never did drop to my granny gear though. The way back down was so cool and breezy. We came out of the park and I was in front, booking. Damn computer stopped working so I couldn't keep up with mph, total mileage, nothing. Stayed up front until 3rd and Eastern Pkwy. They dropped me at the light. Tommy and I rode back together. Ran into the front group at Barret and stayed together until Shells where I had cold beer waiting. 25 miles on a warm, humid evening with the guys. It was a fun time. I was tuckered out. I slept so soundly, the cats didn't even wake me.

I have a long way to go, but felt good about my progress to date. Just want to get stronger and faster. I'd really like to fly down those roads and streets. A girl can dream :-)
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