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What are the benefits of being a non smoker?

Posted by Be Well

What are the benefits of being a non smoker?
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Although you may enjoy smoking, chances are you'll enjoy being a non-smoker much more. Imagine the freedom of not being a slave to your nicotine addiction.

You'll save money, time and ultimately, giving up smoking will reduce your stress. Your looks, relationships and love life will be on the up once you ditch the habit too.

Most importantly, giving up smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health, and for the health of your friends and family.

You will reduce your risk of developing lung cancer and heart disease, and also cut the chances of a loved one developing any health conditions as a result of breathing in your second hand smoke.

As soon as you quit smoking, you will start to see the benefits. Much of the damage done to your health will gradually be repaired.

Being a non-smoker has many advantages, for your health, and for your lifestyle.

Health and wellbeing

Smoking increases the risk of at least 50 health conditions. These include lung cancer, heart disease, dementia, and respiratory and digestive problems.

Some of these conditions can be fatal. In heavy smokers (those who smoke 25 or more a day) have about a 50% chance of dying from a smoking related illness by the time they are 69. Non-smokers can expect to live to 75 (men), and 80 (women).

Longer life isn't the only health benefit of being a non-smoker. Here are more reasons to ditch the ciggies:

  • Smoking can cause problems with fertility, so if you are planning to start a family, now is a great time to quit.
  • Smoking also increases the risk of impotence as it affects the blood supply to the penis.
  • You will have a better sex life as you are more physically able to perform (being out of breath too soon will be a thing of the past!)
  • You will feel much fitter and more able to enjoy sports and physical activity.
  • You will enjoy food more, as smoking reduces your sense of taste and smell.
  • You can find better ways to reduce your stress. Reaching for cigarettes every time you feel tense, unhappy or frustrated makes you dependent on them. Try other stress-reducing methods such as listening to your favorite music, exercising or talking things through with someone you trust. These will all help you much more in the long term.

Looks and lifestyle

Reasons why being a non-smoker will change your life for the better:

  • You will save money! Many people don't realize just how much they spend on cigarettes. Ditch the ciggies and you could enjoy less financial stress, and spend more money on the things you like. Think a new car, new wardrobe, or holiday!
  • Giving up smoking could also benefit your relationships. If smoking is causing tension at home because your partner, friend or family member wants you to give up, then finally ditching the cigarettes could make life less stressful all round.
  • You'll look much better if you give up. Smoking prematurely ages your skin, and don't even mention the stained tongue and yellowing fingernails.
  • You'll smell better too. Cigarette smoke clings to your hair and clothes, and hangs on your breath. Don't want to smell like an ashtray? You know what to do!

But the best reason of all to give up smoking is that non-smokers are more likely to lead a longer, healthier and all round happier life. Simple.

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