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Tobacco’s Death in the Hands of Electronic Cigarettes

Posted Mar 04 2011 12:00pm

There are rumors that the death of real cigarettes is near as more nicotine lovers choose to use the battery-powered and electronic versions. This could be a fact in the future, particularly because people have thought how cigarette-smoking canbe hazardous to their own health and to that of others who cannot avoid inhaling second smoke.

Today when technological solutions are being set up to reduce the harm done to the environment and to people, it is undeniable that electronic cigarettes offer great benefits to both humans and the earth. Because of its relevance, the “fake” ones indeed pose as the better alternative to real cigarette sticks.

The best electronic cigarettes may just bring to an end fast those filled with tobacco. The e-cigarettes in fact have different cartridges with various levels of nicotine content. The user decides which cartridge to use based on the amount of nicotine he can take. For those who want to gradually overcome their addiction with nicotine, these can indeed help a lot. On a step-by-step basis, they can reduce their nicotine intake by just changing their cartridges from strong to milder ones. On a regular and gradual process, they should be able to get rid of their nicotine addiction soon.

Electronic cigarettes emit smoke as much as the real ones. However, a person may notice right away the huge difference just by the smoke alone. In the real cigarettes, a bluish or grayish smoke is given off, which is in fact filled with carbon from burnt tobacco. The smoke emitted by electronic cigarette, on the other hand, is white, telling people how safe it is. That white smoke is merely water vapor, which means that the user is not giving off more harmful carbon out in the air. Instead, he humidifies it while he uses the battery-operated cigarette.

Tobacco cigarette firms are hurt by many restrictions on cigarette smoking. It is not the case with e-cigarettes though. Due to this, smokers tend to turn to e-cigarettes instead if they like to continue their regular nicotine fix. The number of people who are searching for the best electronic cigarettes is increasing while tobacco smokers are decreasing in number. This is a clear indication that people have started to see the advantages of getting rid of tobacco and going for the electronic ones instead. This is in fact good news for both non-smokers and the environment.

Enjoy the benefits you can havefrom the best electronic cigarettes . Try reading more about electronic cigarettes for more information.


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