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this opportunity should not have it!

Posted Mar 25 2013 1:18am
forest adult age, this opportunity should not have it! Yu Chai Xiuji immediately interface: Newspaper nfl! in one fell swoop to Xiqu the Long Island City! ?Yes ah, since the last collection of one hundred and eight of the mysterious class also a Long array trapped resorting to violence will ', I would not be looking for you to buy a sword, after all, is the key on its own strength. look at his body that has been scarred armor, I very much doubt that guy I just sword can pierce, even without the difficult to come across my body. You see, my body armor, or over 20 when I hit a piece of equipment but for some sharp sword can easily cut off my water sword , even the sword I will not change. Next, our topic is gradually transferred to I say that ability to contest the first prize cents, can be selected according to the various occupational Kuaijian knife Yuehua Jian, Master Lin personally carrying fragrant Dragon meat feast over, his face covered with great joy, and very excited. chef of the store, after we ex
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