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There Are Actually Pros to Smoking?

Posted Feb 23 2010 12:00am

No, not really but many smokers will convince themselves that there are good things that come from smoking cigarettes even though non-smokers would disagree. If you think about it, these “pros” are really nothing more than excuses. You will hear many smokers say that:

  •     There is a bond with other smokers, especially in work environments
  •     They get more breaks at work if they are a smoker
  •     There is a calming feeling that they receive from smoking
  •     They enjoy the “ritual” of it
  •     Watching the cigarette smoke swirl around in the air is fun

Smokers “get” these reasons but non-smokers see these issues as cons:

  •     The cigarette smoke leaves a nasty smell on everything
  •     Smokers can’t breathe well
  •     Smokers have a terrible sounding cough all hours of the day and night
  •     Cigarettes leave skin, teeth and nails a yellowish color
  •     There is a sense of inadequacy when a substance is allowed to control your day
  •     Smoking causes lung cancer in the smoker and through second hand smoke
  •     Those who smoke are basically throwing away their hard earned money


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