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The joy of breathing!

Posted Oct 15 2009 6:32pm

This quit has been one filled with joy.  Not to say it has all been a bed of roses.  I have had my moments but they were rooted in fear and in an old way of thinking.  Once I realized what I was allowing my mind to do to me (not to mention those around me), I changed my thoughts and my whole outlook and perception changed.  I find joy in breathing deep without wheezing or getting caught up in a cough.  I went out with my friends and was able to sing karaoke and actually hit some high notes for the first time ever.  And the most joyful moments of all come when I am able to kiss or snuggle up next to my non-smoker honey and not have to worry about how I smell to him.  It's not even a concern anymore, whereas before I was always worried about did I have a mint?  It's a joy to not see that look on his face he had before whenever we hugged too soon after I came in from having a smoke.

By focusing on those moments, the physical desire to smoke has left me.  I am over three days quit now and any struggle now comes purely from within, from my own mind.  That is what I can control.  By changing my thoughts, I have changed my perception and I am not grieving for my cigs like I have so many times before.  Life is good.

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