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The Effects of Nicotine to Human Body

Posted Feb 27 2011 12:34pm

There might not be any other situations where you can acquire a long list of harmful side effects than with smoking. This is not new information. Any person that has a significant amount of nicotine on the body can end up having serious illness from head to foot, may he be single or married, young or old. Smoking can be rude especially to your heart and lungs. Knowledge is power and in this case, your armor of protection by electronic cigarette.

A person inhales nicotine from cigar smoke each and every time you or another individual smokes. If you’re not aware yet, nicotine is really as addictive just like any other dangerous drugs. It functions swiftly to and quickly exits out of your brain bringing on what you perceive becoming a relaxing effect. This swiftness creates a craving effect in your body that lures you into lighting another stick after merely a while. It is hardly impossible for somebody to stay away from smoking only from the first stick. You’ll find yourself leaping for the next one even though you wish not to like the fact that was said in the Smoke 51 review and enough about that. Let us get to serious business.

There is barely any human organ left unaffected by nicotine from cigar smoke. The government has even imposed policies that aims for public awareness yet many people still go for the killer puff. Its short term relaxing effect has blinded people of the miseries it can result to in the long run. In your case, you are lucky since you have uncovered this piece of article. You are now few minutes away from the knowledge of which parts of the human body are directly affected by cigar smoke.

Probably the most vulnerable organs which can be gravely affected of cigar smoke are the heart and also the lungs. Smoking causes your heart to pump faster and consequently, elevates your blood pressure levels. These conditions will eventually result to stroke which definitely kills. Your lungs, alternatively will have its fine, hair like structure parts damaged which compromises its function of filtering unclean particles from entering your lungs. You may then start to develop emphysema, chromic bronchitis and United States.

On a lighter side, you surely would not be seen grinning a lot since smoking discolors your teeth. You will also find it embarrassing to speak to a stranger because of your appalling breath cause by cigar smoke. How about your immune system? It will be terribly compromised as well. You will be prone to all sorts of virus, infections and inflammation only because of the cigar stick. Hey, you can do something to clean your system. It is never too late to decide on it now; check out smoke 51 coupon. You can seek help from your doctor. You may even utilize some programs to help you get over this harmful and deadly habit. You may also learn more about the negative effects of smoking from Smoke 51 reviews. Good luck!

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