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Tea Tree Toothpicks

Posted by C.L. R.

Has anyone else discovered these? I think they are the most relaxing thing ever. You can buy them at Whole Foods, and they are toothpicks soaked in Tea Tree Oil. When you chew on them, it releases an intense Tea Tree flavor that freshens breath (and for me, soothes).

It's a nice way to give your mouth something to do that doesn't involve gum chewing (cause nobody likes the sound of that, do they?) during a stressful time. My boyfriend used them when he was trying to quit smoking and they helped calm him.

I don't know if Tea Tree Oil actually has any proven medicinal relaxing qualities, but the therepeudic scent is what draws me in. Try 'em and let me know what you think!

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I wonder, was your boyfriend successful in quitting smoking with the help of the toothpicks? Send me a message to let me know. I'm going to mention this to my friend, and I think I'll try these as well. I can get anxious at times and have a nail biting habit that these might help. Thanks for the suggestion!
they come in cinnamon and mint. you can get the at a whole sale price from (not sure how it relates to foot care but you can save atleast $12 per case.
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