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Stopping Smoking with a mantra!

Posted Jan 13 2008 10:19am

One of my students told me that he had finally been able to stop smoking. I asked him which technique had helped him get the victory in this long and dfficult struggle. He explained that it was the practice of the “guru mantra.”

What’s that? You may ask: basically it is a technique where, before each action that you do, you repeat a mantra that reminds you that all things are made out of Cosmic Consciousness. The philosophy of yoga holds that all the matter of this universe is just a transformed form of Cosmic Consciousness.That is, at their root, material things are actually spiritual!

The student who quit smoking explained that when he thought about this mantra, and its deep meaning just before lighting a cigarette, then it no longer seemed right to go ahead and smoke the cigarette.

The mantra that he used is part of the second lesson in a system of six lessons that I, and other Ananda Marga teachers, teach personally to students. In my ebook “Start Meditation, Stop Smoking I offer a more simple mantra and I believe that if someone uses this mantra before smoking then it can also have the same effect in helping someone stop smoking.

I asked my student whether he thought the simple mantra, Baba Nam Kevalam –Love is all there is, would have the same effect. He said, “if people repeat it like it is just some magic words, then it won’t work, but if they can understand the deep meaning of it, and feel it, then it could be effective.”

And to understand the significance of the mantra, and the deep underlying philosophy behind it, the best way is to start meditating and to begin realizing that behind the seeming diversity of this physical world, there is one underlying Cosmic Consciousness (God).

Try it out, start meditating today, it will not only help you to stop smoking but it will help you to find true bliss.

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