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Stop Smoking Shot – Does It REALLY Help You Quit Cigarette Smoking Or Is It Just Nothing But Hype?

Posted Feb 24 2011 10:32am

Most smokers doubt the effectiveness and the safeness of quit smoking shots. How can this injection stop longings for cigarettes? Can this procedure address both physical and mental addiction? Quitting smoking not only involves kicking the physical nicotine addiction but also the smoking habit.

Quit smoking shots immunize smokers from nicotine addiction by obstructing the nicotine receptors in the brain. They can also relieve the physical withdrawal pains. However, this procedure must be done by a doctor. The most common ones you see on adverts is Welpex.

Welplex uses scopolamine and atropine, two dangerous substances. Both are removed from perilous Nightshade, a dangerous evergreen shrub. Although they’re lethal, scopolamine is a standard part in prescribed motion-sickness medication. Doctors use atropine, a well known eye-dilating chemical during eye examinations.

SMART Shot, an enhanced version of Welplex, has been in the marketplace for more than 10 years. Unlike Welplex which requires three shots, SMART Shot only needs one shot. instead of using atropine, SMART Shot uses atarax, an antihistamine.

Recently developing is quit 1-2-3, a new shot. Quit 1-2-3, also requires a doctor’s administration. Quit 1-2-3 is dissimilar than SMART Shot; it also treats the psychological factors connected with nicotine dependence. You have got access to continuing behavioral training and support to help remain smoke-free.

This treatment proves to be effective. Primarily based on medical tests of give up 1-2-3 involving 267 smoking men and 233 smoking women, 86 % did not smoke again after 60 days of treatment. 71 percent did not go into relapse after six months.

The nice thing about give up smoking injections is that you don’t rely on tobacco substitution products such as nicotine sticker and gum.

When the market releases a new treatment, smokers attempting to quit are likely to give it a try, particularly if they have attempted and failed before. As you know, to finally give up smoking, you may have to try several times. You may question whether give up smoking shots will work for you. The best move to make is to consult your doctor. Just give it the advantage of the doubt. You never can tell, it could be just what you want.

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