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Stop Cigarette Smoking Injection – All You Need To Know About The Injection To Stop Smoking!

Posted Feb 27 2011 10:24am

To begin with, what exactly is the quit smoking shot? Fundamentally, cigarettes are comprised of certain damaging materials, like the especially addictive material called nicotine. Studies suggest that nicotineis in reality more addictive than opium. The shots have atropine & scopolamine. These ingredients, which incidentally are also being found in other medications, basically act as nicotine receptor inhibitors. These injections so work thru precluding your brain from identifying nicotine while you are smoking.

A treatment Plan As a long term Option

While the give up smoking injection seems like a simple short-cut to quitting, it is crucial knowing that the process of quitting a long-term ciggie habit isn’t that simple. Together with these anti-smoking injections, you are encouraged to also choose testing and / or support sessions to help you in your battle against your smoking habit.

Ideally, the smoking conclusion treatment should incorporate some tests to judge your general health and your susceptibility to the injections. Subsequently, you may then seek in particular three injections, which are usually administered initially on the hip or arm, and then later behind your ear. Later, you will be needed to use a follow-up medicine and subsequently wear a patch right behind your ears for roughly two weeks.

How Much Are These Stop Smoking Shots?

A single injection of nicotine receptor blockers can cost approximately 300 to 600 bucks. Incidentally, a number of health insurance firms typically take on a good part of the expenses.

Success Rate of Stop Smoking Injections

Tests has confirmed a 80 percent success rate from the use of these shots. The drawback is that the efficacy appears typically only temporary, such that you would need to get further shots in the succeeding months. Comparable to recent treatment systems available, these injections have its equal share of skepticism and negativism. There are some individuals who claim that these injections have never helped them give up.

On the entire, these shots have good points and bad points. Before opting to get stop smoking injections or begin any treatment plan as a matter of fact you are advised to scrupulously consider all factors involved. Consider all probabilities for you to choose the best treatment plan for you.

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