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Start Again?

Posted Jan 06 2010 12:06pm
I started blogging essentially when I quit smoking more than two years
ago - OMG, it's actually been that long, I'm amazed. I'm still quit
and finally at peace with not being a smoker anymore. The last year
however has brought health challenges to my husband and I and I have
not dealt with mine so gracefully. I was diagnoised with severe COPD/
Emphesema (thanks in great part to smoking all those years) and
started having panic/anxiety attacks both while I was in pulmonary
rehab and after I quit going (which by the way was a bad idea as it
was the best I've felt in probably 10 years). My doctors have played
with different medications trying to find the one best for me and that
trying didn't come without a fair amount of physical anguish on my
part. Then I've also experienced post menapausal issues that are the
most uncomfortable physical issues I've ever experienced. I pretty
much drew myself into a self absorbed shell.

I'm on the road (hopefully) to recovery and I'm going to try to
reconnect with friends. I'm trying mobile blogging for the first time
so bear with me.

To my blogging friends, thank you for your friendships and
encouagement, I couldn't be back here without you.

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