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Smoking stages, the story..(part 1)

Posted Jun 22 2009 12:15pm

I’ve stated about the smoking stages and give a little explanation on each stages in my earlier post.  Now I would like to explain it in a "story mode" so it would be easier for us to understand about the smoking stages. 

AS a start I would like to introduce my friend, his name is "CIGAR" (heck I don’t know why his parents give him that name :) ).  He’s 15 years old, he’s not smoking, he doesn’t even know what smoking is.

One day while doing his homework in his room, Cig heard a words "smoking" from the radio.  He stopped his homework and listen more carefully to the radio.   He is very interested with this new word.  He have heard it several times before.  Then he starts to ask to him self what is smoking? is it has something to do with smoke?is it means making smoke or playing with smoke?  So our friend cigar here has entered the first stage of smoking called "Precontemplation".

The next day cigar decided to ask his brother To about what is smoking.  He went up to his brother room and ask " To, what is smoking?".  With a smile o his face To look at his little brother and said "DO you really want to know Cig?".  "Yes!" Cig reply quickly.  Then To took a little box fill with some small stick from his pocket and pull out one of that small stick.  "Okay Cig, this a cigarette" said To, and then he use a matches to burn one end of the stick and put the other end to his lip.  He breathed deeply through his mouth and exhaled some amount of smoke after.  "This is smoking" he said to his brother.  "Hey! I’ve seen that before" said Cig, "dad’s usually do that. My friend Nico do that too.." "wow, I never knew it was smoking, thanks TO".  Then Cig went back to his room, very pleased that now he knew what smoking is.  Never realize that he already step his foot to the next step of smoking, "Contemplation" stage.

                                                               >>>>> to be continued

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