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Smokers Enjoy Alternative E-Cigarette As A True Smoking Alternative

Posted Mar 20 2011 9:11am

The best e-cigarettes available today provide a surprisingly real smoking experience that often surprises those trying this tobacco alternative for the first time. The first products introduced were poorly made gimmicks with heavy batteries and thin, unsatisfying vapor. Even so, there was great interest about the new products throughout the smoking public.

Satisfaction for e-smokers depends on the volume of vapor produced by the product. It is this vapor inhaled by the e-smoker that determines if the e-cigarette will resemble the tobacco smoke it is meant to replace. The thin vapor of cheap e-cigarettes may not satisfy the need for nicotine while the best e-cigarette (s) such as Green Smoke are well known for the high volume of nicotine laced vapor they produce.

Ingesting nicotine is the reason for smoking tobacco – and for using e-cigarettes, too. That first hit of nicotine laced smoke in the back of the throat is a familiar feeling for smokers. The nicotine is quickly absorbed by the membranes and reaches the bloodstream satisfying the need for a nicotine hit. The best e-cigarettes deliver a dense vapor that provides e-smokers with that same throat hit of nicotine they are used to feeling when they light up.

E-cigarettes sold today are similar in appearance to the tobacco products they are meant to replace. Unlike cheap early versions of the product, the best e-cigarette has a balance and design similar to the smokes you are used to. New battery technology has solved the problem of unbalanced products weighted down by a battery at one end.

Longer lasting batteries used today hold a charge longer and aren’t nearly as heavy as those previously used. When the smokers draws a puff on the mouthpiece an LED light at the tip of the e-cig grows bright adding the appearance of a burning cigarette. However, unlike the product it’s meant to replace, this “fire” won’t burn a hole in your car seat if you drop the e-cigarette accidentally.

You can choose from vanilla, chocolate, coffee or strawberry flavors. New e-smokers traditionally choose either regular tobacco flavor or menthol but many become more adventurous when ordering refill cartridges.

The other choice to make when you buy e-cigarette (s) is the level of nicotine you prefer. If you are a heavy smoker with a preference for non-filtered standard cigarettes you may opt for the highest nicotine strength of 16 mg.

If full flavored is your cigarette of choice, a good comparison is the 8 mg nicotine level for your e-cigarette. Those who smoke Light or Ultra Light tobacco products prefer the 6 mg or 4 mg strengths of nicotine. There are also refill cartridges available that provide flavor only with no nicotine whatever.

Price is the one area where electronic cigarettes do not resemble the real product. Recent increases in tobacco taxes and an increase in wholesale prices by tobacco companies have driven the cost of tobacco cigarettes to $5-10 per pack. When you buy even the best e-cigarette such as the product produced by Green Smoke you will pay only about $2 for e-smoking that is equivalent to a pack of the tobacco product. The increasing consumer demand for electronic cigarettes is growing even more rapidly as budget tighten and smokers look for a safer and more budget friendly way to indulge their nicotine addiction.

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